I was going through my bible and came across this note from Bunnie to me while I was on a business trip to Belgrade, Yugoslavia in April 1986. It was started on Wednesday, April 23rd and was very hard for me to read again.
It reminds me so much of the love we shared and how precious she was.

It is 4 am on Wednesday - either late or early however you look at it - my body says sleep but my mind is ever active so here I am -

Tuesday morning there was no celebration of either Arizona mornings - no waking - no coffee chat -no one to help with my morning crossword puzzle - no hug!!!

Tuesday night there was no laughter in our bed - no late whispers of goodnight honey - I love yous - no gentle touch - no hug!!

Wednesday morning at arising time there will be no waking comfortably with you there to lie beside - no smile with your warm voice saying - coffee's ready honey - no soft kisses - no hug!!

Realizing I miss your voice - this is not the norm for us - no morning or night calls - I do remember how softly you said "I love you very much honey and God bless you" when you called from the airport - you do remember the last contact - perhaps you can feel me loving you across the miles that separate us - I never want to be free of that demanding love we have for each other - can you feel my hug??

It's Wednesday night and you've just kept me going - you're safe - knew you were but it was wonderful to hear your voice - tried to call our kiddos but they must be in bed - no answer - haven't watched the news or read the paper except our page since you've been gone - foolish I know but this trip has been a hard one for me - I love you -

1:40 Friday morning and you are now on your way home to me - to us - the heart and mind is a lot lighter tonight - our Mari has called twice to see how things are going so I called her today to tell her about your call and make her heart feel better - called Chip also - couldn't talk to Karen as she was off on a field trip but knew she'd call Chip upon coming home and he'd give her the good news - am anticipating your smile and your "hug" - it's strange when you are away from the one you love it really isn't your sex life you miss but all of the things that say I love you - the soft things like a smile, a call, a whisper, a touch, a back door opening "hello, I'm home" - this trip has certainly stirred a lot of my senses and feelings - hurry!!!