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Our Forest Years

This is a brief recap of our life from June of 2004 to April of 2007.

We left our mobile home at Orangewood, in Phoenix, in June of 2004 to go to Prescott just for the summer. We had lined up a volunteer hosting job at the Wekuvde day use area at Granite Basin in the Prescott National Forest. We had a wonderful time there and met some very interesting people. We made some long term friends with people in the Forest Service and had a ball hosting. We liked the lifestyle so much that we sold our home in Phoenix and went full time RVing. We stayed at Wekuvde until April 2005, when we decided to go east for a visit with our friends and family back there. We had never been to New Orleans, so our plan was to go there first and then on to see some friends in Illinois.

We had a bumpy ride through Texas but arrived safely in New Orleans at the Bayou Segnette State Park. What a beautiful place. They honored our Golden Age passport card and we stayed there for $6 per night. All of the lots there had grass, asphalt pads, electricity and water. There were also showers, laundry facilities and a dump station on site. Our son Rick met us there and we had a great time for the week or so that we were there. We were so happy that we got a chance to visit New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit.

After New Orleans, we headed north to visit our friends Larry and Liz in Springfield, IL. We had a great visit with them and played lots of pinochle. We also went to the new Lincoln Museum while we were there. Then we headed east to Indianapolis, IN to see Seth Williams and his family for a few days. We had a great visit and did some reminiscing of our times in Massachusetts. At this point the gasoline prices had risen above $2.00 per gallon (which seems low now) and we decided to return west. We spoke with our son Chip who was hosting in California in the Inyo National Forest. He thought that we might be able to work with him at French Camp. We spoke with his bosses, Steve and Irene, and they offered us a job for the summer. We had a few problems on our way back west - first, I went into a WalMart lot that had a 9 foot barrier at the entrance. Unfortunately our trailer is about 9 and a half feet high and I damaged our air conditioning unit. This happened near Oklahoma City. We stayed overnight and had our AC replaced. We went on to Flagstaff and found that our slideout would not come out. We had it fixed after finding a great maintenance facility there. We picked up Cody in Phoenix on Bunnie's birthday and off we went to California to start our new hosting adventure.

We had a great summer there in the eastern Sierra range between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes. We hosted at French Camp, which is in the Rock Creek Recreation area of the Inyo National Forest. We made some great friends there. In early June, Mike and Bob met us in Anaheim for a few days at Disneyland. Cody and we had a blast there.  Cody went back to Phoenix with Bob and Mike after our Disney adventure.

The scenery near Rock Creek is absolutely awesome. It is some of the finest scenery in the country. We made a few trips to Carson City (150 miles) to visit the closest WalMart. We made contact with the Prescott Forest Recreation folks in August and were offered a volunteer position as campground hosts at White Spar. In early October we left California and returned to Prescott.

We enjoyed our stay at White Spar from October 2005 to the end of April 2007. Bunnie was in a lot of pain with her right knee for most of 2006. She had a full knee replacement in late November. During her rehabilitation, she was having a lot of back pain, so we decided to find out what was wrong. After two months of various tests, she was diagnosed with lung cancer in February. We commuted to Scottsdale for radiation and chemotherapy during February, March, and April. This was causing quite a strain on us and Bunnie wanted to be closer to the children, so we moved back to Phoenix at the end of April. The Forest Service people are like family to us and we miss them very much. We were hoping to get back to the forest in November but Bunnie's illness continues and we need to stay in Phoenix for treatment.

It's 2008 now and Bunnie is gone. I truly miss her.

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