Remember that God allows U-Turns

Month List

December 2007

Sunday, December 30th. It's been difficult to write anything this last week. She is missed so much. They tell me that each day will be easier but that isn't happening yet. I've moved back into the trailer where we have shared so many memories. It is comforting in a very big way to be here. I am grateful to Mari and Terry for making Bunnie's last few months more comfortable by giving up part of their home for us. Click here to see Bunnie's obituary.

Saturday, December 22nd. My dearest Bunnie passed from this life today at 12:30 PM. Her last moments were peaceful and she had no pain when she left us. We are all going to miss her deeply. She was a wonderful wife and mother. All of our children were with her either physically or spiritually at the end.

Friday, December 21st. Thanks to all of you who are praying and sending your kind thoughts. I haven't been too good about responding but please know that I appreciate your concerns very much. Rick is coming back to Phoenix today and should arrive by noon. Bunnie continues to be unresponsive, although she did move slightly this morning. We have had a continuous care nurse here for the past two nights. The focus has shifted to comfort care. I've taken some pictures off the website. Yahoo shuts down access when the access rate per hour for the site is too high. My hope is that the reduced size of the page should help that.

Thursday, December 20th. Bunnie now has round the clock hospice nursing care. They are taking very good care of her. Hospice changed out her mattress again to give her an air cushion. With that and the nursing care, she is much more comfortable.

Wednesday, December 19th. Bunnie was restless all during the night. She is becoming very unresponsive.

Tuesday, December 18th. Rick arrived safely home to New York. Bunnie has been sleeping all day. She does not look well. A few new pictures have been added to the Flickr site.

Monday, December 17th. Rick will be heading back to New York later today. Rick read to Bunnie from the gospel of John. Lori came over in the afternoon. The hospice nurse also came by to check on Bunnie.

Sunday, December 16th. Bunnie slept well during the night but is not feeling well this morning. Rick and I went to mass this morning. Frank, Angela, and Pat came by this morning to see Bunnie. It was good to see them. Mari is making meatball subs for everyone today.

Saturday, December 15th. Bunnie was very restless all night. She is getting so thin. Rick arrived from New York today for a weekend visit. All of the local grandkids are here today. Mari arranged the materials for them to build gingerbread houses. They have done a great job. Chip, Mike, and Amy also were here today. Quite a houseful.

Friday, December 14th. Today is pretty much like the other days this week. Bunnie is sleeping most of the time. It is so disheartening to see her this way. We have an appointment with the pain specialist for next Friday.

Thursday, December 13th. Bunnie slept well last night. Chip came by last night after work and visited with us. The hospice nurse came by today to check on Bunnie. They adjusted her pain medication again and are making an appointment with a pain management specialist.

Wednesday, December 12th. Bunnie was restless all night. Hospice came by and checked her vitals yesterday. Her feet are swelling again, so hospice prescribed a diuretic to get her swelling down. The hospice social worker came by today to check on us.

Tuesday, December 11th. Bunnie slept most of the day yesterday. She was in a deep sleep and hard to rouse for her medicine. She was easier to wake this morning for her 4:00 AM scheduled medicine.

Monday, December 10th. Bunnie's condition hasn't changed much in the last few days. Although she is more alert, she still sleeps most of the day. Mike is working from here today. Dawn called this morning and we had a nice talk. Bunnie got to talk with Dawn also. We were both glad to hear from her.

Sunday, December 9th. The new pain medication cycle is working much better. Bunnie is more alert and seems to be in less pain. Chip and Mike came over today to visit.

Saturday, December 8th. We had a quiet anniversary at home yesterday. Mike spent the day with us. Bunnie slept all night in the recliner. The hospice nurse came by and Bunnie's pain medication has been adjusted again to reduce the amount of morphine and still control the pain.

Friday, December 7th. Our 51st anniversary. Bunnie slept all night again.

Thursday, December 6th. Hospice replaced the mattress on Bunnie's hospital bed and she had the best night's sleep since the bed arrived. They also changed her pain medication to Delaudid from Morphine sulfate and she seems more alert and talkative today. Later in the day, however, she is feeling poorly again. Mike was here all day to provide support to me and Bunnie.

Wednesday, December 5th. Another early rising day at 3. Bunnie has been very restless this morning. Rick sent some flowers yesterday for our anniversary. We spoke with him later in the day and it turns out that they weren't what he ordered, so he is taking care of that. Bill called last night to check on us and we had a nice talk. It was good to hear from him. We are planning to take Bunnie out for a ride tonight to look at Christmas lights.

Tuesday, December 4th. Bunnie woke at 3 this morning. Hospice came by yesterday and increased her pain medication. She did take part of a grilled cheese sandwich and some milk yesterday.

Monday, December 3rd. Bunnie had a restless night. She was in a lot of discomfort from 2 o'clock on and couldn't get comfortable. I'm going to have hospice come by and check her.

Sunday, December 2nd. Bunnie is not doing well. It is very difficult for me to see her this ill and not be able to make her well. She sleeps almost all of the time now and is refusing food.

Saturday, December 1st. Father Robert from St. James came over yesterday for a visit. Bunnie was able to sleep in the bed last night. We are still trying for an optimum pain management plan.

November 2007

Friday, November 30th. Hospice has adjusted Bunnie's pain medication again and her pain level seems to be reduced. She slept well in the chaise lounge last night. Rick sent his Thanksgiving pictures and I loaded them onto Flickr under the "Our Family" set.

Thursday, November 29th. Bunnie had a very bad night. About 1:30 this morning, I woke up to find her lying on the floor next to her bed. Mari and I were able to get her back in bed after a while but she was restless for the rest of the night. I called the hospice nurse this morning and she will be coming out this afternoon to see what we can do to improve on Bunnie's care.

Wednesday, November 28th. Bunnie slept well last night. Bob came up to install the gas range this morning. It works very well. He came back later with Mike and brought a screen door for the back patio. We played Spades while they were here. Bunnie enjoyed it a lot.

Tuesday, November 27th. We woke up at 3:00 this morning. Bunnie was uncomfortable in the bed.

Monday, November 26th. Bunnie had a restless night but seems to be doing better this morning. DirecTV service was installed today and she is pleased with that. The Hospice nurses came by to check on her today. They gave her a good checkup.

Sunday, November 25th. Rick stayed on an extra day and will be leaving this evening. It was really good for Bunnie to see all of our children over the past week. We are grateful to them all for making the effort to come out here to see us.

Saturday, November 24th. The new pain plan is working better. We took Bunnie out for a ride and went to Costco and Jack in the Box.

Friday, November 23rd. We had a great Thanksgiving with lots of good food and family. Mari did a great job hosting and cooking. Bill was a great help with the cooking. Bob and Mike brought some dessert. Rick arrived safely bringing lots of wine. Lori and Chip rounded out the day with their great company. Jim and Karen made it safely back to Florida. Bunnie was tired and went to bed early. She woke up in a lot of pain this morning. The hospice nurse came by and we discussed a different pain management plan.

Thanksgiving Day 2007. Jim and Karen left last night. Even though this is Jim's busy work time, they were able to share some time with us. It was great having them here for a few days. The rest of the kids will celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Rick is arriving this morning.

Wednesday, November 21st. Bunnie had a sleepless night and is in pain this morning. Bill is out doing the Thanksgiving meal shopping. Jon and Emi went along to help him find things.

Tuesday, November 20th. The Hospice doctor and nurse came by today and reviewed all of Bunnie's medications, They are adjusting some of them to make her more comfortable. Jim and Karen were here for the visit. Our son Bill arrived last night and is coming over this afternoon. Preferred Healthcare came by and picked up their wheelchair.

Monday, November 19th. The Hospice nurse and social worker came by today and stayed for two hours. Valley Respiratory also came by and picked up the old oxygen equipment. Jim and Karen spent the day with us.

Sunday, November 18th. Bunnie slept well for the second night in a row. The hospital bed is a Godsend. Jim and Karen will be arriving later today for a visit.

Saturday, November 17th. The last few days have been very hectic. We saw the doctor on Thursday and the CT scan from Wednesday showed an increase in Bunnie's cancer growth with several bone fractures in her vertebrae and ribs. This is the reason for her increased pain. We discussed options with the doctor and we decided that Bunnie should go into hospice until we get her pain under control and provide her with an improved quality of life. We selected Hospice of the Valley and a nurse came to the house on Friday morning to get her started. They provided a complete set of medical equipment including a hospital bed. It was all delivered last night and Bunnie had a good night's sleep. This is all new to us but we will learn as we go. We are expecting all of our children to be here for the Thanksgiving week.

Thursday, November 15th. Bunnie woke up in a lot of pain this morning. The medication doesn't work as well as it used to. We will see the doctor today. We need to find a better way to manage her pain.

Wednesday, November 14th. The chaise lounge was delivered yesterday and Bunnie slept in it last night. It seems to be helping her comfort level. Mari rearranged our room so that the chaise fits in better. Bunnie has a CT scan scheduled for later today.

Tuesday, November 13th. We didn't get a doctor's appointment for today but we did get some good input from the doctor. He has increased the breakthrough pain medication to 30mg, stopped her Ritalin, and recommended a bag balm treatment for her feet. We have rescheduled the CT Scan for Wednesday and will be seeing the doctor on Thursday.

Monday, November 12th. Bunnie had a CT Scan scheduled for this morning but we are canceling because she is not well enough to travel. She has been really sick for the last few days. We are going to see if she can get an appointment with her doctor for tomorrow.

Sunday, November 11th. We got confirmation from JC Penney that the chaise lounge for Bunnie will arrive on Tuesday. We watched Transformers with the family last night.

Saturday, November 10th. Bunnie and I took a ride up to Cordes Junction today to see Melanie and get our Christmas tree and Nativity set. We had a nice lunch at the CJ Diner.

Friday, November 9th. We started Bunnie on Ritalin and it seems to make her more energetic.

Thursday, November 8th. No plans for today. We did get out and play cards with our friends Liz and Larry yesterday afternoon.

Wednesday, November 7th. Doctor visit today. The X-ray showed that there was no fluid increase in Bunnie's lung. The doctor prescribed Ritalin to improve Bunnie's energy level. He has also ordered a CT Scan to check the condition of the cancer. We had a good time with Mike and Bob when they came over last night to visit and play cards.

Tuesday, November 6th. We went over to the hospital yesterday to get an X-ray for Bunnie. The X-ray is just to check that there is no fluid buildup in her lungs. Mike and Bob are coming over to see us later today.

Monday, November 5th. We went shopping yesterday for a new bedroom chaise lounge for Bunnie. We found a nice one at JC Penney's Home Store. They will be delivering it a week from tomorrow. This should make it much easier for her to get a good night's sleep.

Sunday, November 4th. Bunnie had a good night's sleep. She slept on the couch and was able to get a great deal of support from the corner of the couch. We are still trying to find the best approach for keeping her comfortable at night. We listened to Pastor Mark's Sunday service on the internet.

Saturday, November 3rd. Bunnie is not feeling well today. Lori, Cody, and Brody came over for a short visit.

Friday, November 2nd. We went over to the Happy Valley WalMart store to check on chairs. No luck but we did pick up a few items.

Thursday, November 1st. There weren't too many trick or treaters that came by last night so we had a quiet evening. We went over to Costco this morning to have an eye exam for Bunnie. Her current prescription is correct, so we had her glasses adjusted and that seemed to improve the situation.


October 2007

Wednesday, October 31st. Halloween. Bunnie slept in the recliner for the third straight night. The doctor increased Bunnie's pain medication to 130mg twice per day. She also had her chemo today. After the doctor visit, we went to Costco and WalMart. Bunnie walked all around both places pushing her wheelchair. That's the most exercise she has had in quite some time and she felt really good about it.

Tuesday, October 30th. Another recliner night for Bunnie. The increased pain medication is helping.

Monday, October 29th. Bunnie slept in the recliner last night and slept fairly well. We called the doctor's office this morning and he has increased her pain medication dosage. We were both happy to see the Red Sox sweep the Rockies.

Sunday, October 28th. Chip and I went to see "Michael Clayton" last night. Lori and Judy came over to see Bunnie. Today, we watched two additional movies as a family. Mari made a nice spaghetti dinner.

Saturday, October 27th. Bunnie was in a lot of pain overnight. We got it under control this morning and she is resting. She played a game of Scrabble with Mari and Jon. I took Emi and her friend over to Thunderbird Park for a church youth group hike. Also got the oil changed down at Jiffy Lube.

Friday, October 26th. Bunnie slept until 6:00 this morning. She needed a pain pill when she got up, but has settled in for the day. The redness of her feet is fading but there is still some swelling. It's seems to be less than when we were at the doctor's office on Wednesday. We were happy to see the Red Sox win their second World Series game last night.

Thursday, October 25th. We both woke up at 5:00 this morning. Bunnie is settled into her recliner and reading a novel. We're planning a quiet day at home.

Wednesday, October 24th. Doctor's appointment this morning. He gave Bunnie a new prescription for an infection in her foot and raised the level of the diuretic to reduce the swelling of her feet. Bob came up this afternoon and put in a screen for our bedroom window. Lori came by to watch the Red Sox win their first game of this year's World Series. Great win for the Sox! Largest margin of victory in World Series history: 13-1.

Tuesday, October 23rd. We both woke up at 5:30 this morning and had some coffee together. Bunnie is feeling good this morning.

Monday, October 22nd. The Red Sox are American League champions. They won last night's game 11-2. Bunnie slept until 8:45 this morning. We got a nice email from our friend Joe in Massachusetts. It was good to hear from him. Our son Rick called from Scotland this morning. He will be returning to the U.S. at the end of the month. Bunnie wanted some fresh air this afternoon so we went to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream. It was so nice later today that we sat out on the back patio until after dark.

Sunday, October 21st. Bunnie had some severe swelling in her feet last night. We got some elastic stockings and her feet were noticeably better this morning. What a great Red Sox game last night: 12-2. If they win again tonight, they will be in the World Series later this week.

Saturday, October 20th. Mari and Terry are having a yard sale today. Bunnie slept all night. I ran over to Best buy and bought some additional RAM for Mari and Terry's computer. Prayers are going up for the Red Sox to win their game tonight.

Friday, October 19th. We got up at 5:15 this morning. Our friend Anne came over this morning to give Bunnie communion. We had a good report from the doctor yesterday. Bunnie's lungs seem clear. The doctor gave her some new medicine to remove the fluid from her swelling feet.

Thursday, October 18th. We're off to the doctor today. Bunnie slept well last night and didn't get up until 6:00 AM.

Wednesday, October 17th. Bunnie slept in the recliner last night. She woke up at 4:30 needing some pain medication.

Tuesday, October 16th. Bunnie slept well last night. Chip came and bought lunch for us today. Craig brought some pretty flowers for Bunnie and also had lunch with us. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the great weather. It was sad to see the Red Sox lose their playoff game tonight.

Monday, October 15th. The heating pad helped quite a bit yesterday. This morning, however, her whole body seems to be sore to the touch. We will be going over to the hospital to get an Xray in preparation for her doctor visit on Thursday.

Sunday, October 14th. Rough night for Bunnie. She woke up at 4 with back pain and hasn't been comfortable yet today. Stopped by the trailer and picked up our heating pad to put on her back and that seems to help a little.

Saturday, October 13th. Bunnie woke up with moderate pain this morning. We had it under control by 8:00 AM. We went shopping together yesterday and Bunnie bought two books. This is good news because she hasn't been interested in reading for many months. Bob and Mike came up this afternoon and we played Hand and Foot. Mari and Terry got the makings for BLTs and lettuce wedges with blue cheese crumbles.

Friday, Ocotber 12th. Bunnie hasn't had any nausea problems from the new chemo yet. The main side effect from the new chemo is fatigue.

Thursday, October 11th. Bunnie received her first infusion of Alimta today. She felt fairly well afterwards, so we went and played pinochle with our friends Liz and Larry.

Wednesday, October 10th. We are spending a quiet day at home and Bunnie is resting well.

Tuesday, October 9th. The surgeon and the oncologist came by this morning. Bunnie came home today and is enjoying her new recliner that Rick bought last weekend. She will start a different chemotherapy drug on Thursday - Alimta. This chemo will only have to be administered once every three weeks.

Monday, October 8th. Bunnie slept well last night. The drain tube was removed this morning. We should be in the hospital for at least another day.

Sunday, October 7th. The amount of fluid draining from Bunnie's lung tap is decreasing. Once the fluid stops, and they remove the drain, she will be able to go home. The pain is a bit less this morning. The doctor has removed the vacuum from the tap and it is possible that the drain may be removed tomorrow. Rick will be going back to NY tonight.

Saturday, October 6th. Bunnie woke up this morning at 4:30 in a lot of pain. They were able to get her pain under control by 6:00. She felt well enough to have a muffin and some fruit later in the morning. Everyone came by at various times during the day and visited. Our kids and grandkids are all so loving and giving.

Friday, October 5th. Rick came into town today. Bunnie slept well and is fasting until the surgery. Our nephew, Bob, also came in from NY and visited with us at the hospital. Later in the day, all of the kids came by to see Bunnie. They brought her down for surgery at 1:30 but the surgeon wasn't available until 6:00 PM. The surgery went well and the surgeon told us that she would be in the hospital for two or three days until the drain is removed.

Thursday, October 4th. We went to see the doctor this morning and he decided to admit Bunnie to the hospital to seal her pleural cavity. She was admitted to the hospital late this afternoon and met with the surgeon who will be doing the operation tomorrow. We both liked him. This surgery should prevent the fluid buildup from recurring.

Wednesday, October 3rd. They drained 1.1 liters of fluid from Bunnie's right pleural cavity this morning. She is back home now and we will go to see our regular doctor tomorrow morning to discuss the next steps.

Tuesday, October 2nd. Bunnie had a sleepless night and dozed all morning. Our friend Carol called from Prescott to see how we are doing. We had to go to the emergency room at 3:00 PM because Bunnie was having shortness of breath. The fluid buildup is not as bad as before but they are keeping her overnight and draining her lung fluid tomorrow.

Monday, October 1st. Bob and Mike dropped by yesterday to show us their pictures from the July visit back east. Mike also brought us a 5x7 framed photo of the Jordan clan taken in April. Bunnie is quite pleased about that.

September 2007

Sunday, September 30th. Bunnie has been on a new chemo pill for one month and it seems to be working well. Lori, Cody, and Brody came over last night for a visit.

Saturday, September 29th. Bunnie's drain procedure is scheduled for October 9th. Everyone is home today and we'll be working around the yard. The weather is nice.

Friday, September 28th. No word from the doctor's office yet on when the drain procedure will be held. Bunnie's breathing is still OK though.

Thursday, September 27th. We went over to WalMart for a few items and had lunch at McDonalds.

Wednesday, September 26th. We went to a doctor's appointment this morning. He is setting up an appointment for Bunnie to have more fluid drained from her pleural cavity. He also prescribed an antibiotic for her cold and a diuretic for the swelling of her feet. He wants to see her next week to check on her cold.

Tuesday, September 25th. Bob and Mike came over this afternoon and we played "Hand and Foot". We sat out on the patio after dark and enjoyed some ice cream. Bunnie had a banana split.

Monday, September 24th. Bunnie had a good day today. We just relaxed at home.

Sunday, September 23rd. The weather was so nice this morning that we were able to sit on the patio and play games for over an hour. Chip came over later in the day and we had a nice visit.

Saturday, September 22nd. Bunnie's new pain medication is working very well. Everyone is home today and working around the house. It's nice to have all of the activity. Candace called from back east and we talked awhile. It was good to hear from her. We celebrated Terry's birthday early. Jason and Jeanine brought dinner and a cake. After dinner we played a board game called Imagine-if

Friday, September 21st. Melanie came by for a visit today. We had a nice lunch at the Streets of New York.

Thursday, September 20th. We increased Bunnie's pain medication last night and she slept well. I've come down with either allergies or a cold. No call from the doctor today, so we think that there is no fluid buildup showing in the X-Ray.

Wednesday, September 19th. We went to the hospital today to get an X-ray of Bunnie's lungs to see if there is additional buildup of fluid. We didn't get a report but we should hear from the doctor if there is a problem.

Tuesday, September 18th. We've ordered some additional oxygen tanks and they should be arriving today. The weather has finally turned nice. This morning it was very pleasant on the patio.

Monday, September 17th. Bunnie is resting well this morning.She stays on oxygen most of the time now. Her cough has loosened up a bit. I went out for a haircut. We have a few errands to run later today. Jon stayed home for school today.

Sunday, September 16th. Another quiet day at home. No doctor visits are scheduled for this week, although we will have an Xray taken on Wednesday to check for fluid buildup in Bunnie's pleural cavity. Our grandson Jon is running a fever today and his asthma seems to be acting up.

Saturday, September 15th. Bunnie wanted some chinese food today, so we picked up some Panda Express fast food. Jon came home sick from his friend's home.

Friday, September 14th. It was nice enough this morning to sit out on the patio for awhile. We called Chip to wish him a happy birthday.

Thursday, September 13th. We spent a quiet day at home. We finally got past the Medicare "donut hole". Bunnie's chemo pills which cost $3000 per month now cost $150.

Wednesday, September 12th. We spoke with the doctor about Bunnie's breathing problem and he wants her to have an X-ray every two weeks to keep track of the fluid buildup in her pleural cavity. If necessary, he will put in a port to allow tapping the fluid periodically.

Tuesday, September 11th. We did a small shopping at WalMart. Bunnie seems to be settling into the new chemo. It was nice to get her out and about for awhile.

Monday, September 10th. Bunnie slept well last night and had a good breakfast this morning. Today was good overall. She had a slight nausea problem late in the day, but it passed quickly.

Sunday, September 9th. Bunnie had a severe case of nausea and vomiting last night but seems to have that under control this morning. These are side effect symptoms of her new chemotherapy drug and we will check with her doctor to see if this is the right drug for her. She's feeling much better this morning but she is still very tired. Chip came over for a visit and so did Mike and Bob. We watched Roger Federer win the US Open Tennis Championship. The Patriots won also. I called Jim to share some thoughts on the good opening game.

Saturday, September 8th. Bunnie was discharged from the hospital at 5:30 PM with a prescription for full time oxygen. Her saturation level without oxygen was 89% and it needs to be 92% or higher.

Friday, September 7th. Bunnie woke up with a breathing problem again, so we took her to the emergency room at John C Lincoln, Deer Valley. They drained 1.5 liters of fluid from her right lung sac and are keeping her overnight for observation.

Thursday, September 6th. Bunnie had some trouble breathing last night so we called the doctor this morning to try and find out if it is due to the new chemo. He sent us over to the hospital to get another CT Scan to check for fluid buildup around her lungs. We don't know the results yet but we checked in with the doctor when we got home and were told that it is OK to continue using the Tarceva. Hopefully, we will get the results of the scan tomorrow. Meanwhile Bunnie is breathing better than she was last night.

Wednesday, September 5th. Bunnie is on the second day of the new chemotherapy drug.

Tuesday, September 4th. Today was very disappointing as far as Bunnie's medical treatment goes. We went for the CT Perfusion this morning and in the process of signing the consent forms for the clinical trial, we were told that Bunnie is not eligible because she has been treated with Avastin. This is the second time that our doctor has offered Bunnie a trial for which she is not eligible. We called the doctor's office to express our disappointment. Bunnie started on her Tarceva today and will see the doctor next Wednesday.

Monday, September 3rd. Labor Day - Terry and Mari are off work today and finishing up the back yard. I brought the printer over from the trailer and got it working. We are looking forward to starting the new therapy after the tests of the next few days.

Sunday, September 2nd. Bunnie got a call from her cousin Isabel this morning. That was a nice surprise. Pastor Mark gave an inspirational sermon this morning. Bunnie and I are watching the US Open Tennis matches off and on. Mari is fixing up the patio in preparation for the fall. It's still very hot today though.

Saturday, September 1st. Another month begins. We are looking forward to cooler weather.

August 2007

Friday, August 31st. Mike and Bob came over last night and brought some excellent Chinese food. Bunnie will have a series of tests next week in preparation for taking the new chemotherapy drug. She will have a a CT Perfusion, Rubidium perfusion, and a PET Scan. These tests will form a baseline for progress of the new treatment.

Thursday, August 30th. We got the results of the CT Scan yesterday. The news is not as good as we had hoped. There are new small scattered nodules that have shown up in Bunnie's lungs. They are fairly small and the doctor thinks that he can get them under control by changing the chemo plan. We are stopping the current infusion therapy and starting a pill therapy (Tarceva) which the doctor thinks will be effective in treating the changes. The good news is that there is no new growth in the bone involvement and that seems to have stabilized.

Wednesday, August 29th. Got up early and went over to the trailer to do some yard work. The weeds were growing strong. Bunnie has a chemo and doctor visit today at 10:45.

Tuesday, August 28th. Bunnie had a CT Scan today. We should be getting the results tomorrow.

Monday, August 27th. Quiet day at home watching game shows. Bunnie is still feeling well. That's always makes for a good day.

Sunday, August 26th. Terry and Jon came back this afternoon from their retreat. They had a great time. Bunnie is feeling better today. She ate a good breakfast.

Saturday, August 25th. Terry, Jon, and Chip have gone to Williams for the Calvary Men's Retreat. Bunnie is feeling a bit off today - nauseous and not hungry.

Friday, August 24th. Last night, we started watching "The Ultimate Gift" DVD with Mari, Terry and the kids. Bunnie was feeling very well. Bob and Mike came up and we played cards until bedtime. We finished watching The Ultimate Gift. Great movie.

Thursday, August 23rd. Bunnie only received one chemical today because the doctor wanted to give her body a rest. She will get the other two chemicals next week. Her throat has been bothering her for a while so he gave her a prescription for the ulcers in her throat. The CT Scan is now scheduled for next Tuesday, 8/28.

Wednesday, August 22nd. Bunnie is feeling a bit better today. She got up and had an orange and some juice. Today was chemo day but we didn't go because my van wouldn't start. Lori came over and gave me a jump start and I went over to WalMart and got a new battery. The chemo is rescheduled for 9:30 tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21st. Bunnie is still not doing well. She has been very fatigued for the past few days and doesn't want to get up. We need to speak with the doctor tomorrow about how to deal with this fatigue better than we have been so far.

Monday, August 20th. Bunnie was really sick today and didn't go for her CT Scan.

Sunday, August 19th. We have a CT Scan scheduled for tomorrow and will get the results on Wednesday.

Saturday, August 18th. Everyone was home today. Jon and Emi have finished their first full week of the new school year. I made a quick trip to Prescott to update some Forest Service files in preparation for the new fiscal year which starts in October. We watched the Diamondbacks beat Atlanta on TV. The Cardinals lost to the Texans.

Friday, August 17th. Cut the grass today and watched a movie. Bunnie was quite tired, so she rested.

Thursday, August 16th. Bob Bradley called to let us know that our niece Bonnie's surgery was today. She came through it well and we pray that she is on her way to a full recovery.

Wednesday, August 15th. We heard from our son Bill today that our granddaughter Elaina will be having a baby boy this coming January. This will be his third grandchild and first grandson. This will make three great grandchildren for us, all of them from Bill's family. We pray for a safe delivery for Elaina and the baby. May they both be happy and healthy.

Tuesday, August 14th. The doctor told us that the bone scan showed no new tumors; just the ones that were there before. The chemo went well today, although Bunnie was very tired afterwards. She slept most of the afternoon. I spoke with Elroy of the Forest Service and told him that I would be coming to Prescott this coming Saturday to install an update for the Usage Tracking spreadsheets. Bunnie doesn't want to make the trip.

Monday, August 13th. We got a call from the doctor's office this morning scheduling a CT Scan for next Monday.

Sunday, August 12th. Another quiet day at home. We watched Tiger Woods win the PGA Championship.

Saturday, August 11th. Big shopping day today. We returned some shams and a valence to JCPenney up in Arrowhead.

Friday, August 10th. Terry, Jon, Brody, and Emi went to a Diamondbacks game tonight. The DBacks won 11-4 over the Washington Nationals.

Thursday, August 9th. Bunnie's bone scan went well. The technicians allowed me to stay with her during the scan and that helped Bunnie be more comfortable with the procedure. We won't know the results until we see the doctor on August 22nd. We are sad to learn that our niece Bonnie has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Hopefully, it has been caught early enough and that the removal of the lump will solve the problem. Our prayers are with her.

Wednesday, August 8th. Bunnie had her chemo treatment today. We also saw the doctor and he is setting up a CT Scan. Bunnie will also have a bone scan tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 7th. Emi is off to bible camp for the next few days.

Monday, August 6th. We are pretty well settled into our new home. The days are becoming pretty routine as we continue Bunnie's treatment.

Sunday, August 5th. Pastor Mark from Calvary did a healing service and we participated from home.

Saturday, August 4th. We cleaned the yard today in preparation for the quarterly trash pickup. Tonight, we saw the "Bourne Ultimatum" with Mike, Bob, Jon, and Emi. Very good action movie.

Friday, August 3rd. Bunnie has been eating a lot better for the past week or so. She is still very tired every day and needs a lot of rest.

Thursday, August 2nd. We bought a new mattress covering to help make our backs feel better and it seemed to help. Emi and Jon got home safely from camp last night. I took Cody for his orthodontist appointment today.

Wednesday, August 1st. Bunnie has a Zometa infusion scheduled for today. She has been waking up with backaches for the past few days, so we will try to find something to help that today.

July 2007

Tuesday, July 31st. Cox Cable came by today and upgraded the cable system to include DVR. We checked it out by watching The DaVinci Code. We had a great surprise today with two phone calls from friends in Prescott (Jack & Carol and Ken & Susy).

Monday, July 30th. Nothing specific planned for today. Dropped off a prescription for Bunnie which won't be ready until tomorrow.

Sunday, July 29th. We went down and visited with Mike for awhile. Bob was called into work. I borrowed a few of Mike's movies. Bunnie got really tired so we came home and she took a nap. Later, we watched "First Knight" with Terry and Mari.

Saturday, July 28th. Jon and Emi are off to California for camp. Bunnie is doing well for the past few days.

Friday, July 27th. We spent the first night in our new home and are thankful for Mari and Terry. Our friend Milt's funeral occurred today. Very sad. He was a good friend and a good man.

Thursday, July 26th. We spent the day moving our things and at getting things at WalMart. The bed was delivered at 5:00PM and we are all set up. We watched "Premonition" with Mari and Terry. It was interesting but strange.

Wednesday, July 25th. Chemo went well for Bunnie today. The doctor gave her an appetite stimulant sample. He is going to have another CT Scan done after the next chemo session. We came home and had some tomato soup.

Tuesday, July 24th. We bought a mattress and box spring set today. It will be delivered on Thursday. Mari and Terry have the bedroom almost ready for us. Bunnie is anxious and we'll probably move in this Thursday.

Monday, July 23rd. We went to our friends, Liz and Larry's, to play some pinochle. When we got home we had a thunderstorm with some heavy rain. The monsoon is finally here. We went to Mari's and Terry's for pizza. They have offered to have us live with them while Bunnie continues treatment. She is getting claustrophobic in our trailer and it will be nice to have more room and more people around, so we will be moving in with them.

Sunday, July 22nd. We went to Craig's Lori's for Brody's birthday today. He got a Nintendo Wii game for a gift and, of course, all of the adults had to play "golf" with it. It's a fun game. Mike, Bob, and Chip all came over, along with some of Lori's friends from work. Bunnie is doing well today.

Saturday, July 21st. We spent most of the day with Terry and Mari just being with them and doing our wash. We watched "Samson and Delilah" together.

Friday, July 20th. We called Mike this morning to wish him a happy birthday and then went to Scottsdale for another infusion of fluids to keep Bunnie well hydrated. She was given a different nausea medicine to try. Mari and Emi came by after work to see how we were doing.

Thursday, July 19th. Bunnie is still not feeling well. This has been going on for three or four days now. We canceled her bone scan for today and have rescheduled it for August 9th, We went to Dr. Kato's office today to get a blood booster shot and an infusion of fluid to offset her dehydration.

Wednesday, July 18th. Bunnie has been quite ill for the past few days. We went over to do her chemo but her white blood cell count is low. They did give her an infusion of Avastin but not the other two chemicals. They gave her a shot to boost her blood count. She has to go back for each of the next two days for booster shots. The doctor also gave her a prescription for the antibiotic Levaquin, which is used to treat bacterial infections.

Tuesday, July 17th. The rains finally came last night. Although we didn't get a lot, it was a welcome event. We got a call from the doctor's office yesterday to schedule a bone scan for Bunnie. That will happen this Thursday. Bunnie has been having quite a bit of pain in the back of her hip and the doctor wants to check it out. Our friends, Larry and Liz, are back in the area and we got to play a few games of pinochle at their place. We had to leave because Bunnie became sick.

Monday, July 16th. We went over to see Mari late today and she fed me some chili. It was very good. We stopped at Fry's on the way home and picked up a few groceries. I borrowed the "Inside Man" DVD from Mari to watch this evening. The monsoon season is late this year. We still have no rain.

Sunday, July 15th. Woke up to a little thunder this morning with a rainbow in the western sky. No rain though.

Saturday, July 14th. Bastille Day... We had a quiet day at home. Elaine called us with that sad news that Vicky Jones died early today. She was a friend from our St. Vincent de Paul days.

Friday, July 13th. The neighbors here have been really nice about dropping by to cheer us up. They have been bringing us food, books, and most of all their friendly selves. We are still waiting for the monsoon season to start. The weather service has been teasing us all week about the possibility of rain but there has been none yet. Bunnie was supposed to see the eye doctor today but her vision has been better, so we canceled the appointment.

Thursday, July 12th. Today was chemo day. Bunnie tolerated it well but was really fatigued afterward. We learned more about controlling her pain level from the doctor. We met Chip for lunch at the Claim Jumper afterwards. The rest of the day was quiet.

Wednesday, July 11th. We had a quiet day at home. Mike and Bob came up in the evening for a visit.

Tuesday, July 10th. Bunnie had an appointment with the optometrist at Costco this morning. The doctor said that her prescription hasn't really changed since her last exam. The problems that she is having are likely caused by the chemo treatments (or maybe even too small a TV). We'll be going back on Friday for a recheck after she has her Thursday chemo appointment. Elizabeth K this evening. Bunnie had a nice chat with her.

Monday, July 9th. We went out for a short while to get groceries and stop by the cleaners. We picked up some donuts at LaMars because we felt the need for a sweet. Then we rested for the rest of the day. Last week was very busy.

Sunday, July 8th. After church this morning, Bunnie and I went down to Mike's and Bob's to do our laundry. We watched Roger Federer win the Wimbledon's Men's Final. We got a note from Rick letting us know that he arrived home safely very early this morning.

Saturday, July 7th. We all went over to Mari's and Terry's for a big breakfast this morning. Afterwards, we played "99" again and Rick won. Rick's flight won't be going out until after 6:00 PM. That won't put him home until very early tomorrow morning.

Friday, July 6th. We started out with breakfast at the Wildflower, did a little shopping and came home for a rest. In the afternoon Rick, Bunnie and I went over to visit with Mike and Bob. They treated us to dinner at Tico's. Then we went over to Mary Coyle's for some great ice cream. We were all tired after that (not to mention full), so we came home.

Thursday, July 5th. Bunnie started her second cycle of chemo today. Rick came with us to the treatment center and met Bunnie's doctor and the other medical staff. We had a great lunch at McGrath's afterwards. Later in the day we got together at Mari's and Terry's to have pizza and play "99", a card game that we hadn't played since we lived in Massachusetts. Lot's of fun.

Wednesday, July 4th. Independence Day! Rick arrived safely from New York and we all gathered at Terry's and Mari's home to spend time together. We had a batch of "Clam Casinos" and a great barbeque. Mike and Bob brought Bunnie a classy egg slicer. Rick brought a blouse and scarf for Bunnie and a shirt for me. It was Christmas in July. We had a wonderful time but Bunnie was hurting and tired so we came home early.

Tuesday, July 3rd. Shopping day! We went to several places today (Linens N Things, Bed Bath and Beyond, JC Penney's Homestore, and Walmart) and had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants - Mike's Rigatoni Grill. It was good to get Bunnie out and about but it did tire her out.

Monday, July 2nd. We hope that Bill had a great birthday today. We had lunch with our friend Maureen at the Black Angus. The makings for the "Clams Casinos" were ordered today. We will pick them up on the 4th.

Sunday, July 1st. Another quiet, restful day at home. Bunnie had a good day. I donated blood after mass this morning.

June 2007

Saturday, June 30th. Today is the last day of June and we are half way through the year. Bunnie woke up feeling poorly but felt much better as the day wore on. Chip came by this morning and we visited with him for awhile. He seems to be doing well. Mari and Terry had us over for an excellent spaghetti supper. After we came home, Bunnie went to bed and I watched "The Green Mile" which I had always wanted to see.

Friday, June 29th. Bob came early this morning to glue down the carpet on the patio. He also clipped the shelf holding our satellite receiver and DVD player so that it would lie smoothly. He did a great job on both. Lori and Cody came over for pizza and a nice visit. Bunnie got nauseous in the evening and went to bed early. I watched the movie "Breach".

Thursday, June 28th. Bunnie hasn't had any nausea for a few days and is feeling fairly well except for some back pain. Elaine came over to play some pinochle. We each won a game. Jim called and we spoke with him for quite a while. It was good to hear from him.

Wednesday, June 27th. Bunnie had a Zometa infusion today. This is a bone strengthening chemical and not part of the normal chemotherapy treatment. We saw the doctor and he wants to start the next round of Chemo on July 5th. This will be a three month plan with three treatments each month (3 weeks of Chemo and one week off for a total of 9 Chemo infusions). This plan will be completed by the end of September. After the office visit, we went to Mike's and Bob's to do our wash and share some lunch. We also played some three handed bridge with Bob while Mike worked. Bunnie was tired when we got home so she took a nap and I watched a movie that Mike had loaned me ("Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg). Great movie if you like intense action, which I do.

Tuesday, June 26th. It seems to get warmer every day. We spent most of the day inside. Bunnie is feeling pretty good today.

Monday, June 25th. We were up early today and watched Roger Federer win his first round Wimbledon tennis match. Bunnie felt well enough to do a little shopping. She picked out a few new tops and some house dresses. I bought a new DVD player that would fit in the space over our DirecTV box, so now I can watch the movies that we borrow from Mike, Mari, and Chip. We went to Terry and Mari's for dinner and looked over and talked about some old family pictures. That brought back a lot of memories.

Sunday, June 24th. Quiet day at home after church. Went for some Dairy Queen in the afternoon.

Saturday, June 23rd. We went over to visit with Mari and Terry this morning. Mari made some pancakes and we played the "Baseball" card game.

Friday, June 22nd. Bunnie woke up feeling well today, so we went down to Mike's to do some laundry. We picked up some Pei Wei food for lunch. Lori and Brody came by our place later in the afternoon for a short visit. All in all a pretty good day.

Thursday, June 21st. Another quiet day at home. Phoenix is under a heat advisory, so we didn't go out. Bunnie is feeling well today, just a bit fatigued. No pain and no nausea though. That's a good thing.

Wednesday, June 20th. We had a great start to this day when Mari and Terry came over and prayed with us. Later, we had some fairly good news when the doctor told us that the CT scan shows that Bunnie's cancer is not growing, so the Chemo is helping. He feels that she needs a few weeks off but will continue Chemo treatments after a brief rest. We had a nice short visit with Michael in the afternoon. A little later, Bunnie was quite fatigued, so she went to bed early.

Tuesday, June 19th. Today was probably the worst day that Bunnie has had so far. She spent most of the day in bed with an upset stomach and nausea. We are not sure if it had anything to do with the dye that they put in for the CT scan yesterday.</>

Monday, June 18th. Bunnie had her CT scan today. She was not able to drink the pre-scan fluid that they gave her so they injected her with some dye for the procedure. After the scan, we went over to Mike's to do some laundry and had a short visit with Bob. Bunnie was nauseous for most of the day and went to bed very early.

Sunday, June 17th. Another quiet day at home. Bunnie wasn't feeling very well all day today. Tomorrow we will be going for her CT scan. Chip came by this morning and visited for awhile. Rick, Mike, Mari, and Lori called to wish us well. We watched the final round of the US Open Golf tournament. Angel Cabrera from Argentina was the winner by one stroke over Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk.

Saturday, June 16th. We went shopping with Mari for a metal egg slicer this morning. We bought a plastic one the other day and it broke while we were fixing up some strawberries. We tried thrift stores and antique shops with no luck at all. Bunnie did find a nice red blouse. Good color for her. It was a tiring day for Bunnie but she was glad to get out and about. We watched a bit of the US Open golf tournament in the afternoon. Our neighbor came over in the late afternoon and told us about a water leak that she noticed on our hose. Loose connection, probably due to the heat. I fixed it.

Friday, June 15th. We spent a quiet day at home today. Did a little yard maintenance with our new Hula Ho. Also drilled a hole in the shed and ran some power into it. Played some pinochle with Elaine in the afternoon.

Thursday, June 14th. Bunnie had a very good day today. Father Robert came over for a nice, long visit and anointed Bunnie. We talked about his home in Kenya, our kids and grand kids and had a great visit overall. We went shopping later in the morning for a patio rug, shed shelves, stair treads and a few other odds and ends. We went to lunch with Mari at our favorite Italian place, Anzios. Later in the afternoon we went over to Mike's and spent the rest of the day there. They provided a great fish and chips dinner. We played some dominoes, Hand and Foot, and Parcheesi. Bunnie sends her love to everyone.

Wednesday, June 13th. Bunnie had her Chemo today. We had a later appointment than usual and the traffic wasn't as bad getting over to the cancer center. We were hoping to go see Mike afterwards but it was too late in the day and traffic would have been heavy getting over to Mari's for Jon's birthday cake. We had a nice visit with them. Chip also came over for some cake. It was nice getting out for a while.

Tuesday, June 12th. Another day at home. We've gotten into the habit of watching game shows in the afternoon from 3 to 5 PM. We tried watching "America's Got Talent" in the evening. There were a few good contestants this week and as usual some not so good. Tomorrow is the next to last Chemo scheduled. It's also Jon's birthday.

Monday, June 11th. The day started out not too bad for Bunnie. She had a bit of fatigue and rested in the afternoon. Mari invited us over for tacos but we weren't able to stay because Bunnie became nauseous and we had to come home. We were supposed to get a thunderstorm today but it didn't happen. It did get a bit windy this afternoon and evening.

Sunday, June 10th. Another quiet day at home. We watched the men's French Open final this morning and the Law and Order marathon for the rest of the day. I made some meat sauce for lunch. For dinner we had some chicken strips from Kentucky Fried Chicken and Bunnie fixed a baked potato. Rick called to see how we are doing.

Saturday, June 9th. We spent a quiet day at home today. We watched the Women's French Open Final this morning. Mari had loaned me her "Firewall" DVD and I watched it this morning. Bunnie is still doing well except for fatigue. No nausea for the past few days.

Friday, June 8th. Bob put on a railing for the stairs yesterday and I painted it this morning. It's another good day for Bunnie. We watched Roger Federer win his semifinal match at the French Open. Nothing else on the agenda for today.

Thursday, June 7th. Bunnie woke up feeling well this morning. We went over to Mari and Terry's for dinner. Pork Ribs, Baked Potato, Corn, and Salad with Strawberries on Angel Food cake for dessert. We had a nice visit and stayed until after 8 o'clock, which is unusual for us.

Wednesday, June 6th. Today was Chemo day. We saw Dr Kato before the session because Bunnie was feeling nauseous this morning. We decided to go ahead with the Chemo session and he gave her a new prescription for nausea. He also ordered that a CT scan be scheduled soon so the results will be back by the time of Bunnie's final session. After the doctor, we went to visit with Mike and watch "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee". Lori, Craig and Brody came over for a while also.

Tuesday, June 5th. Big shopping day today... We stored up on groceries for the week. Bunnie had a good day today. We picked up some pork ribs at Fry's Marketplace and had them for dinner. Tomorrow is Chemo day, the start of the last three that are planned. We are looking forward with mixed feelings to learning the results of this Chemo cycle. A lot of people, including us, are praying for a good result.

Monday, June 4th. Bunnie woke up feeling well today. We played our morning set of games for the first time in a while. Elaine came by and gave Bunnie communion. We went to Mari and Terry's for a while this evening and they fed us some dinner. While we were there we got a call from Candace in Prescott. Sad to hear that they will be moving on this weekend. They will be missed. Candace told me that the new hosts at Thumb Butte will be Greg and Alice.

Sunday, June 3rd. Bunnie wasn't feeling well today so we stayed home. We were both disappointed that we weren't able to get down to visit with Michael this weekend. Our neighbor gave us a set of TV dining tables and two outdoor chairs which we will give to Lori. We had wanted to get Lori a set of TV tables for her birthday but weren't able to get the ones that we wanted, so now we have a nice set to give her.

June 2nd. Chip called this morning at 6:30 and asked if we had the coffee on. He was hitting some golf balls this morning and came by to see us afterwards. We had a nice visit and he helped me put up the dining canopy in the backyard. He did most of the work.

Second surprise was Mari and Terry. They were going up to Prescott to pick up Emi at camp and stopped by to bring us some breakfast of corn bread and yogurt. We had a nice visit with them also.

We were supposed to go down and visit with Michael this afternoon but Bunnie had a headache and was really fatigued, so she went to bed for a nap.

June 1st. Went to mass early this morning and then down to Costco to buy our new shed. We got the shed back here by 11:00 and had Bob had it installed by 1:00. He's a great friend. The shed is really nice and holds all of our stuff. Bob had lunch with us and then went home to figure out what other chores he could do today. We talked about getting a shelf for under our TV so that we could stack a DVD player on top of our satellite DVR box. It may get up to 105 today so we stopped working for the day.

May 2007

May 31st. We went to Scottsdale this morning to have some blood work done on Bunnie. Her white count was low last time, so they needed to check to see if it's OK for her to have Chemo next week. It was on the low side but good. They also gave her an infusion of Zometa while we were there. This is the chemical to prevent bone problems. Afterwards, we went to Mike's and Bob's to do our laundry.

May 30th. Nothing scheduled for today so we will be staying home and watching a bit of TV. All of the regular season shows are off for the summer. We started watching a summer show -- So you think you can dance. There were some good dancers and some very strange ones. We won't watch again.

May 28th. We visited with Lori, Craig, Cody and Brody yesterday and spent a quiet day together today. Bunnie is in a bit of pain today with her back and has taken some pain medication.

May 26th. Bob had made us a set of stairs for the trailer and I painted them white this morning. Bunnie and I went around to a few spots to find stair treads but no one seems to carry the old fashioned rubber ones anymore. Mari and Terry invited us for hamburgers this afternoon and we had a nice visit with them and the grand kids. Bunnie got nauseous after dinner, so we came home early.

May 25th. We had a nice visit with Bob and Mike this morning while we started our wash. Bunnie, Mike and I went to lunch at the Golden Phoenix and then went over to Costco to check out a 6 X 6.5 shed. It looks good. We went back with Mike to his house and watched Cars. Cute story. We finished the day with a trip to Wal-Mart for groceries.

May 24th. Bunnie had her Chemo today and she tolerated it well. We stopped by Safeway on the way home to pick up some Root Beer and Vanilla ice cream so that she could have a root beer float. There won't be any Chemo next week, but the week after, on June 6th, she will start her final month before getting her CT Scan. Jordin Sparks won the American Idol contest.

May 23rd. We did a little shopping today at Target and Michaels Craft store. Bunnie is having a good day and it's always good to get her out of the house when she is feeling well. We had lunch at the Souper Salad restaurant near us and then came home. Today is the final vote on American Idol and we are hoping for a win for Jordin Sparks, the local girl. She was awesome with her songs last night.

May 22nd. We had a nice day yesterday for Bunnie's birthday. We went to lunch at Cracker Barrel and did a little shopping. It was nice that she felt well enough to be able to get out and about. Today has been a quiet day. Cooler than yesterday, which is a welcome change.

May 20th. We spent a quiet day at home today. Bunnie is feeling well and she spent some time having her breakfast on the patio. It was cool enough to enjoy the morning. We checked with the park management and we will be able to put a small shed on the lot. That will make things a bit easier for storing our stuff. Bunnie made some excellent goulash for lunch.

May 19th. We went down and fed Mike's and Bob's dogs this morning. The dogs were fine but it looked like Zack isn't long for this world. We stopped and got a hot fudge sundae for Bunnie and then came home. Chip called and we had a nice visit with him this morning. He stopped by after practicing his golf swing. It was great to see him. We went over to Lori's at noon for lunch and had a nice visit with Lori, Craig, and Brody. Brody is really into Star Wars characters.

May 18th. Bunnie woke up this morning hungry and wanting to play our morning games - Acey-Deucy, Spite and Malice, and the Phase Ten dice game. She hasn't felt that good in months and we are both very happy about that. We checked on our Medicare prescription coverage and it seems that we are in the "donut hole" where Humana pays nothing for the next $2,600 that we pay out of pocket. We will pay full price for all of her prescriptions. I'm not sure what the "geniuses" in Congress were thinking when they set up this plan.

Mike and Bob have headed up to the Grand Canyon overnight to show Bob's son the sights. They have asked me to feed the dogs in the morning. We will also be going over to Lori's for lunch tomorrow. We are looking forward to spending some time with Lori, Craig and family.

May 17th. Bunnie is doing well today. We went over to Mari's for a while and played some cards with her while a dead pigeon was removed from her chimney and the chimney was cleaned.

May 16th. There was no Chemo today because Bunnie's white cell count is low. They gave her a shot to boost the white count and scheduled her for Chemo on Thursday of next week. Instead of having next week off, she will not have Chemo during the week of May 29th. She will get her Chemo treatment next week and have the following week off. We did have some good news. The MRI showed no evidence of cancer in her brain. Also, her lungs are clear of fluids so we don't have to worry about that. We were concerned because of Bunnie's cough and chest pain.

Mothers Day. Mari hosted a lunch for Bunnie and all of our children and their mates were there. We had some good food and a nice time. Unfortunately, Bunnie was not feeling well so we came home early. These Chemo treatments are knocking the heck out of her. We had a nice phone call from Dawn while we were at Mari's. It was good to hear her voice.

May 12th. We went over to see Mari, Terry and the kids last night. We had a nice visit and it was really nice for Bunnie to get out and about. Today hasn't been a good day for her.

May 11th. Bunnie is going for an MRI today due to some problems that she had focusing her eyes yesterday. She is having a good day today.

May 8th. It's been a really bad week for Bunnie. At the last Chemo, on the 2nd , they administered 4 chemicals and it's just too much.

April 2007

April 30th. We completed our move to Phoenix yesterday. It was very sad to say goodbye to all of our forest friends. Chip helped us move down. Lori, Craig and the boys came over to see us. So did Mike and Bob.

It's Friday, the 27th and we are in the process of breaking down our site. The Mobile RV guy will come tomorrow to replace the awning. Chip will be coming up on Sunday to pull us down to Phoenix.

Our last few days in the forest are interesting. We had to call the sheriff to handle a few out of control campers. It must be getting close to a full moon.

We are moving back to Phoenix at the end of this month. The trips to Chemo are getting too hard for Bunnie and we want to be closer to our kids and grand kids.

All of our children were here over the last weekend (April 13-15). It was so great to see them.

Bunnie had her second Chemo on the 11th. So far she is feeling well. Our kids from back east will be coming in over the weekend and we will have our first get together since 1983.

On Easter Sunday, we had to take Bunnie to the Emergency Room because she was having nausea problems as a result of starting her Chemo. The ER people got her hydrated and eased up the nausea. Bunnie is resting at home now.

This weekend is Easter weekend and the campground is full. The weather is gorgeous.

Bunnie started her Chemo on the 5th. On the 6th, she felt better than she has in a long while. Unfortunately on the 7th she is having a bad day. Hopefully, she will start feeling better soon.

Spring is finally here. The campground is in full operation.

We will have a new awning installed on the 28th of this month. The current one was damaged by hail last August.

March 2007

All of the campgrounds in the Prescott Forest opened today, March 30th. We had snow last night for about an hour. My awning was very heavy with the wet snow but I got it rolled up OK.

We heard from Francy that our friend Claude in France had a heart attack last Friday and is in intensive care. Our prayers are with him. Both Francy and Claude have been good friends over the years.

We went to Scottsdale for an infusion of Zometa on Monday. Bunnie tolerated it well. We stayed at Mari's overnight and had a series of 3 generation pictures taken with Bunnie, Mari and Emi.

March 25th and the campground was mostly full this weekend. It's sunny but cool today. Yesterday was the first volunteer meeting of the season. Due to the weather, it was held at the Forest Service office conference room. It was good to see everyone again. Bunnie wasn't feeling well enough to go to the meeting. Everyone has been so great with their prayers and good wishes.

We opened up the new toilet today, March 23rd. It's been raining for a few days.

We came back in Prescott on Wednesday the 21st. Someone had stolen our Honda 2000 generator while we were gone. They must have used a bolt cutter to cut the chain that was securing it. On top of that, I found that the camper in site 3 had died in his sleep. Bunnie's Chemo will start in two weeks.

Bunnie was in the hospital overnight on Friday, March 16, due to nausea problems. We are stopping radiation treatments.

Today is March 14th and Bunnie has 4 more radiation treatments scheduled. Next Tuesday, she sees Dr. Kato to discuss the Chemo plan.

Wow... today is the 8th and Bunnie has slept through the night for at least three nights in a row. It appears that the radiation is finally starting to work. We had lunch with our friends Elaine and Milt yesterday at the Claim Jumper. It was good to see them.

March has started off with a continuation of the radiation treatments. Bunnie was in a great deal of pain on the way home from treatment on Friday March 3rd. Today, March 6th, has been better. Bunnie slept all of last night for the first time in a while.

February 2007

When will it all end? We are asking God for healing. We have an appointment for a needle biopsy at Scottsdale Healthcare Center for Friday, Feb 9th. The Mobile RV service guy, Larry, came and replaced the blower motor on our furnace.

Bunnie had her biopsy on Friday the 9th. We went down and stayed with Mari. The biopsy was done on her rib instead of her lung. She was in no pain until Saturday morning and then the pain came back with a vengeance. We had tried a Fentanyl patch with no luck.

The results came back today, Monday the 12th. The report is not good. It is definitely cancer which needs to be treated with Chemo or radiation.

Melanie O'Hara called today (2/13) and set up an appointment with a radiation oncologist for Friday at 8:30. Everything with this illness seems to occur on Friday.

Today is February 27th and we have done three radiation treatments. Bunnie is very tired and still in a lot of pain. The radiation is supposed to make the bone pain subside but it has not done so yet. Bunnie got an infusion of Zometa today to prevent further bone deterioration.

January 2007

January was a difficult month for us. After the first of the year, Bunnie had some back pain which we needed to check on. She had an Xray and a tumor was detected in her lung. After a series of tests, we went to see a pulminologist and we think that it may be very serious. We are going to have a needle biopsy done to determine if it is cancer. Also, there appears to be a spot on her rib which is giving her serious pain.

Forest Years


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