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September 2008

Between October 1, 2008 and January 14, 2009 I did not update the website. Continue to the 2009 Notes to pick up the story from there.

Tuesday, September 30th. The economy is in a real uproar now and nothing brings it home to me quicker than working with the poor in our parish. Calls for help are double over last year at this time. Yesterday, we processed 41 calls for assistance. A few years ago we didn't have that many requests in a month. People are just having trouble keeping jobs and paying their expenses. Tonight, we are having a Soup and Salad potluck at the clubhouse. Shirley and I are bringing a salad.

Sunday, September 28th. Shirley took me to breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning. Last night we had an impromptu call from friends Marion and Linda to have dinner and cards with them over in Sun City. We had fun and played cribbage until late. We enjoyed the final Diamondbacks game today. They won 2-1 with a "walk off" walk in the bottom of the ninth. It was probably Randy Johnson's last game for the D-Backs.

Saturday, September 27th. I haven't checked the site in about seven weeks. Where did the time go? My life has settled into a nice routine with Shirley. It seems like every day brings something new to do. Last night, Shirley and I went to see the Diamondbacks, courtesy of Shirley's daughter Kerri. This was the second time in a month that we had free tickets right behind home plate and valet parking to boot. I believe that we have gone to 6 games this season already, courtesy of either Chip or Kerri. We will be going tomorrow with Chip as well for the final game of the season for the Diamondbacks.

August 2008

Tuesday, August 5th. July was fairly busy and I never got around to updating the site. We went to see a few movies, played lots of cards with our friends, went to a birthday party for Brody and a baby shower for Lori's new baby girl who will be born in October.

July 2008

Saturday, July 5th. Another week gone. We had a busy week with SVdP activity. More and more people are needing food and financial assistance. I did get to see Wanted last Saturday. Also went and saw Ironman last night. There was a potluck lunch at the clubhouse yesterday. Lots of good food and about 30 people. Shirley comes back tomorrow.

June 2008

Saturday, June 28th. It's rather lonely around here with Shirley being gone until next Sunday. I did my wash at Mari's yesterday and Jon and I played some pool. He beat me soundly. He's getting very good at shot making. This morning, Chip and I had breakfast early at the Cracker Barrel. We met there before 6 his morning. I also visited the hospital this morning and delivered communion to those that wanted. I think that I'll go to the movies this evening and see Wanted which came out yesterday.

Wednesday, June 25th. As it turns out, the Celtics did win the NBA championship on June 17th in six games. The SVdP activity level has been very high this month. There is a heavy demand for financial aid due, at least partially, to the high cost of gas. People who have lost their jobs just can't ride around to interviews. Last Friday, Shirley and I went to see Get Smart. Very funny movie. On Saturday, we went to visit with Mari and Terry. We saw a really good movie there - A Walk in the Clouds. An oldie but very good. Shirley is going to Iowa for 10 days, starting tomorrow. I was very sorry to hear that Frank Goldie, a work colleague of mine, died in Massachusetts this week.

Sunday, June 15th. Fathers Day was really a treat for me. Bob and Mike made and hosted a breakfast for all of the family here in Phoenix. When I arrived, Mike started the Eagles Farewell I Tour DVD and it played all morning. I enjoyed it immensely and I hope everyone else did too. Mari, Terry, Jon, Emi, Chip, Craig, Lori and Brody were all there. We had the great news that Lori will be having a baby girl in October. In the evening, I went to Terry and Mari's for dinner and to watch the Celtics play the Lakers. Unfortunately, the Celtics lost and the series will hopefully conclude with a Boston win on Tuesday.

Thursday, June 12th. There's a pot luck lunch at the clubhouse this noon. I made a bean, tomato and hamburger casserole to bring. Tonight will be for pinochle at Liz and Larry's place.

Friday, June 6th. Shirley and I are going to Mari and Terry's tonight for dinner. Earlier today Shirley and I played bridge at the clubhouse. All of the usual people that play have now left for the summer so we will probably not be playing again until the fall. We have been playing cards regularly with our friends Liz and Larry and that has been fun. Last Sunday there was a birthday party for Ada at her son Rick's home. There were more than 50 people attending.

May 2008

Thursday, May 29th. There was a great pot luck luncheon at the clubhouse on Monday. Several people read articles about Memorial Day and the sacrifices that our armed forces have made for us over the years. Very well done. On Tuesday, Shirley and I played pinochle and cribbage with our friends Liz and Larry. That's becoming a weekly event which we all enjoy very much. Yesterday, we had an especially heavy request load for St Vincent de Paul. It seems that a lot of people have lost their jobs and with the high price of gas, they can't seem to get around to look for new ones. Shirley's relatives came into town last night for her sister Ada's 90th birthday celebration on June 1st. Shirley and I had a nice visit with Ada yesterday. Today is laundry day for me. I did my wash over at Mari's and Jon and I watched Broken Arrow together.

Sunday, May 25th. Shirley and I had a nice lunch with Mari on Friday at Chili's. Later that evening, we went to Jon's graduation, which turned out to be a very nice ceremony. Yesterday, Shirley and I went to Prescott to visit some old friends of mine. We got to see Elroy, Gary, Jack and Carol, Rita and Wayne, Betty, and Ken and Susy. We spent the afternoon with Ken and Susy and played some bridge. Susy fixed us a great lunch of shrimp salad with brownies and ice cream for dessert. We got back to Phoenix at around 7:00PM.

Thursday, May 22nd. After a series of misadventures, I got to Atlanta on Friday at 1:30PM. Jim met me at the airport and we went out to the concert site. We got a front row seat on the grass. What an awesome concert! The Eagles played for three hours. Because the flight to Orlando was full on Saturday morning, I came back to Phoenix. On Tuesday evening I had dinner with Terry and Mari and then went to Emilee's Honors Awards. Emilee made the Principal's Honor list. Yesterday was a sad day... Bunnie's birthday. She is greatly missed.

Wednesday, May 14th. Getting ready to go to Atlanta to see The Eagles in concert on Friday. Jim will meet me there and we will go back to Orlando on Saturday for the weekend. I'll be flying back to Phoenix on Monday. This is kind of exciting. Shirley and I will be playing cards with our friends Liz and Larry tomorrow night. That should be fun.

Sunday, May 11th. Mother's Day. This is a year of firsts for me without Bunnie. I miss her. Chip and I had breakfast together this morning at Cracker Barrel. I'm sure glad that we do this almost every weekend. It's been good for both of us to talk about our lives and share advice. Shirley went to church with me last night and we went to Applebees for dinner afterwards. It's the first time in quite a while that either of us has been out to dinner at a restaurant. We've also starting riding our bikes together in the mornings. Fun and good exercise as well.

Sunday, May 4th. Wow... May already. This past week flew by. Problems with the van occupied most of Thursday and Friday. I finally got the oil leak fixed and the air conditioning system recharged on Thursday at Fletcher's Auto. On Friday, I was doing my wash at Mari's and when I went out to get a haircut, there was antifreeze all over her driveway. It turns out that the radiator hoses had started leaking severely. Anyway, I took it back to Fletcher's and they replaced the upper and lower hoses. After mass last night, Shirley and I watched Juno on DVD. Today, I gave blood this morning and had breakfast with the St Vincent de Paul group at the Deer Valley Airport. They have a wonderful breakfast buffet.

April 2008

Sunday, April 27th. Mari and Terry invited Shirley and me over for dinner last night. We all had a great time. We watched a bit of James Taylor on DVD, and, of course, a bit of the Eagles Farewell I Tour. After a great dinner, we played a dice game called Farkel. Jonathan won by a decisive margin. I just spoke with Jim and Karen on the phone a few minutes ago and we are firming up our trip to Atlanta to see the Eagles on May 14th.

Friday, April 25th. Mike and Bob are off to New Hampshire for the weekend and I'm sitting with the pets. My friend Elaine invited Deacon Jack, his wife Anna and Margie Hoffer over for a house blessing lunch this afternoon. She laid out quite a spread.

Wednesday, April 23rd. Last night there was a training session for Lectors and Eucharistic ministers. Today will my first trip to the hospital as a healthcare Eucharistic minister. I finally finished painting the chickadees and you can see them below. They are not perfect but I like how the painting turned out.

Monday, April 21st. A link to the Eagles band website has been added to the entry page. Stop by and play a few of their tunes.

Sunday, April 20th. Last night, my friend Shirley and I went to see the Diamondbacks beat the San Diego Padres 10-3. Great game to watch. The Diamondbacks are off to a great start this season. After the game, we stopped by Mary Coyle's for some ice cream. There was a mass for Bunnie this morning at 7:30. Chip, Mari, Terry, Jon, and Michael attended with me. Lori had a barbeque for lunch for me and Michael. She made some nice ribs, beans and macaroni salad. On a different note, I finally got some black paint so that I can finish the chickadee painting. Just a little more touching up to do.

Saturday, April 12th. I met a very nice woman playing cards at the clubhouse. Her name is Shirley and I asked her out to lunch today. We were both very nervous and I talked all through lunch giving her my life story so I didn't get much to eat - but we had a fun time. I would like to see her again.

Thursday, April 10th. I'm sitting here wondering what to write about today. My days have been very busy but I realize that I'm not taking time for myself to just sit back, relax and reflect on what's important for me. I started a painting several weeks ago and haven't made the time to get back and finish it. Tomorrow should be a good day to take a breather and do that. Tonight I went over to John C Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital and went through their volunteer training indoctrination. I had to do this so that I can bring communion to the sick at the hospital. I actually did get back to the chickadee painting today after all.

Sunday, April 6th. Last night Mike, Bob, and I went to Chili's for dinner and then to see Leatherheads. It's a fun romantic comedy about pro football in the 1920s. I hope that the citrus blossoms pass away soon because the morning allergies are driving me crazy.

Thursday, April 3rd. We had a great time at Mari and Terry's last Saturday evening. First we had a great chicken barbeque and then enjoyed the Eagle's DVD until quite late. Slow getting up on Sunday morning. It's a good thing I went to the Saturday 4:00 PM mass. We may have made some progress on getting a storage space in the church for our SVdP pantry. The administrator is looking into renting us space until we can get back into our own pantry. He thinks that we won't get back in there for two months minimum. We did SVdP calls on Monday and Wednesday from St Luke's and it's been a bit frustrating. On Tuesday, I played pinochle with Larry, Liz and Nona over at Orangewood. Last night we had a great Men's club meeting at the church. We had two new guys that came for the first time. Today, I played cribbage again at the clubhouse. I haven't done that for a while. I also signed up to play bridge next Tuesday afternoon. Tomorrow night I've been invited for dinner at Lynn's home. She's a lady that I know from church. She likes to play cribbage as much as I do.

March 2008

Saturday, March 29th. Where did this past week go? Lots of SVdP calls to handle and we are still working out of St. Luke's pantry which makes it difficult because we have to transport our food there to pack the food boxes. I bought a webcam this week and got it working. Last night Chip, Mike, and I went to see the Diamondbacks play the Colorado Rockies. The DBacks got trounced 12-4. The real season starts on Monday in Cincinnati. Mari has invited the family over for a barbeque tonight. Not everyone is able to make it. I'm bringing my Eagles Farewell I Tour DVD to watch. I love the Eagles.

Monday, March 24th. After church yesterday, I went to Mike and Bob's to visit and watch American Gangster. Mike fixed Pastrami and Swiss sandwiches and they were great. They loaned me a DVD movie called Death at a Funeral which I brought home and watched. It is hilarious. We have quite a backlog of SVdP activity to catch up on today.

Saturday, March 22nd. Atonement was a bit too dark for me. I suppose it's OK if you like movies where everyone's life is negatively impacted. Rick arrived safely in Holland. We had a lot of activity with St Vincent de Paul today. It's sad that so many people are out of work and need help. The Suns are playing tonight, so I'm going to watch the game.

Friday, March 21st. Good Friday. Did laundry all morning and finally caught up on that. Tonight, I'll be watching a movie with Terry and Mari. We plan to watch Atonement. Rick is on his way to Europe for the rest of the month. He'll be stopping in Holland to see his friend Peter and then will go to Scotland to continue his art work in the castle.

Thursday, March 20th. Yesterday, I played cribbage with a friend from church all morning and then made some SVdP deliveries in the afternoon. Last night it was my turn to be the prayer leader at the Men's Group and that went fairly well. We had the meeting at one of the men's home because the church rooms are being set up for Holy Thursday and this weekend's Easter services. After the meeting, I stayed and watched the Phoenix Suns beat the Seattle Sonics. Also a busy day today... Went to the movies with my friend Barbara this afternoon. We saw the Bucket List (my fourth time). We both enjoyed it very much. I was supposed to go bowling with Mari, Terry, Jon, Mike, Bob, Lori and Brody this evening but Mari canceled due to a headache. Emilee is off camping for the next few nights and days.

Tuesday, March 18th. We had our biweekly St Vincent de Paul meeting last night. We are not sure when we will be able to operate out of our church pantry because the structural problem is not fixed yet. We are still operating out of St Luke's until it is fixed.

Friday, March 14th. Yesterday was a travel day and now I'm back home in Phoenix. Terry picked me up at the airport. The time with Jim and Karen was fun and went by quickly. Last night, Mari and Terry invited me to go out for dinner with them at a Mexican restaurant. It was great to see them and the grandkids.

Monday, March 10th. We went to Downtown Disney on Saturday and had lunch at Bongos. Later we spent a few hours in an Irish pub enjoying a few Murphy Red Ales. Spent the evening watching the Eagles Farewell Tour I. Everyone was a bit slow to rise on Sunday morning, so we had a quiet day. We went to the movies in the afternoon. Karen and Jim had not seen the Bucket List.

Saturday, March 8th. Arrived in Orlando on Thursday morning and Jim was there to pick me up. He gave me a big surprise by taking me to an exhibit of a B52, which was the aircraft that I worked on during my Air Force time. Later, we had dinner out and went to the movies to see Vantage Point (second time this week for me). Karen made us a great spaghetti dinner last night and we played cribbage until bedtime. Evan had never played before so we taught him the game and he likes it. I'm enjoying my stay with them very much.

Tuesday, March 4th. Last Saturday, Lori, Cody, Brody and I had an enjoyable lunch together at Luna Pizza. On Sunday, Chip, Bob, Michael and I went to see Vantage Point, which is a really good action movie. Yesterday was laundry day and SVdP deliveries. Cribbage and Shuffleboard today, and tomorrow, I'm off to Florida to see Jim and Karen.

February 2008

Friday, February 29th. Leap Day... I've been fairly busy since Tuesday - SVdP deliveries on Wednesday, as well as the Men's Club at church. I played Cribbage yesterday down at the clubhouse for the first time since living here. Today, after mass, I played shuffleboard and tonight I'll be doing the Fish Fry and playing cards with my friends Liz and Larry.

Tuesday, February 26th. Today seems better to me. I went to a Grief Support group session last night and, although it may seem odd, it was a comfort to be with them. Shuffleboard later today will cheer me up even more.

Monday, February 25th. Went to a fish fry and played cards with my friends Liz and Larry on Friday night. Then spent a quiet weekend around the trailer. Chip and I had breakfast together yesterday and I watched a few movies during the day and the Oscar Awards last night. It's terribly lonely without Bunnie here with me.

Saturday, February 23rd. This past Thursday was great fun. I went bowling with Mari, Mike, Bob, and the grandkids over at Desert Ridge. It's something we need to do more often. Yesterday was not great as it was two months since Bunnie's passing.

Wednesday, February 20th. Tonight I presented a talk at the St James Men's Club on my spiritual journey with Christ. It went well. I've decided to go to Florida next month for a week to see Jim and Karen. I'm also thinking about a trip to the northeast in May to see Rick and others.

Sunday, February 17th. Went over to Mike and Bob's last night to have dinner and watch a movie. We had some great Italian food and watched "We Own the Night". Good movie. Mike and Bob gave me a great surprise with a gift of the Eagles Farewell I Tour DVD. This is an awesome concert recorded in Melbourne, Australia with all of the Eagle's hits. This morning, Chip and I had breakfast together over at the Cracker Barrel. This is becoming fairly regular and I really enjoy our time together. After breakfast I came home and watched the Eagles. I'll probably do this once a week. I'm a big Eagles fan.

Thursday, February 14th. Happy Valentines Day to all who read this. This will be a difficult year with all of the year's holidays without Bunnie. I believe that she is in a better place but I sure do miss her. I've been keeping fairly busy with activities at the church. St James has a Men's Club that I've started to attend. It meets on Wednesday nights.

Monday, February 11th. Emi, Jon, and I had a great weekend. We saw some great acts at the Renaissance Festival - The Wylde Men, The Nuns, Don Miguel, Ded Bob and a few others. Yesterday, we were going to spend a quiet day at home but I had the opportunity to get three Phoenix Suns tickets, so we went to the game. Phoenix won the game 108-107 in a nail biter against the Washington Wizards. Tonight, we are off to the airport to pick up Mari and Terry.

Friday, February 8th. Mass this morning and another shuffleboard game after that. Later today, there is a Fish Fry at the church and then Stations of the Cross. The SVdP group will lead the stations for this first Friday in Lent. I'm going to take Mari and Terry to the airport tonight and stay with Jon and Emi over the weekend. Tomorrow, we will go to the Renaissance Festival with Lori and Craig. It should be a fun day and I hope that the kids will all enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 6th. Ash Wednesday. Lent starts today. I'm missing Bunnie a lot today. I'm fortunate to have my time occupied with some SVdP activity later today.

Monday, February 4th. Watched the Super Bowl with Chip. Very disappointing outcome for me although it was a good game to watch. The Patriots were definitely outplayed. Phil Mickelson lost the sudden death playoff at the FBR Open also. Not a good sports day for me.

Saturday, February 2nd. Had breakfast with Chip at the Cracker Barrel and then went over to the church to do some SVdP work. It is so great to see the look on a kid's face when they get a food delivery of something that they like.

Friday, February 1st. Last night I had dinner and played cribbage over at Liz and Larry's home. This morning I came across a note that Bunnie wrote when I was away on a business trip in 1986. Click the "Bunnie's Note" link on the Home page if you would like to read it. Today I went to the FBR Open with Liz and Larry. Very enjoyable day. We saw Phil Mickelson make birdies on Holes 6 and 8.

January 2008

Tuesday, January 29th. Another shuffleboard day today. I'm back on the schedule at church to be a Lector and Eucharistic Minister for the next two months. We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend but the weather has turned nice again. There is a chance that we will have rain on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sunday, January 27th. Mike and Bob are safely home and I'm back in the trailer. Had a great breakfast with Chip at the Cracker Barrel this morning. I went to Lori's to see her and the boys later. We watched "Dreamcatcher" together.

Friday, January 25th. Great news today. Our son Bill called to let me know that his daughter, Elaina, gave birth to a son on January 22nd at 10:12 PM EST. His name is Evan Allen Northcutt. He weighed 8lbs 9oz and was 20 1/4 inches at birth. That makes our third great grandbaby, all from Bill's children.

Wednesday, January 23rd. Volunteered with St Vincent de Paul today. It felt good to help a few people with food. Chip is coming over to watch "The Shooter" with me tonight. We are having Chinese food delivered.

Tuesday, January 22nd. Tough day today. It has been one month since Bunnie left us.

Sunday, January 20th. Mike and Bob have gone off to Mexico and I'm at their place taking care of the cat and three dogs. Rick gave me some great feedback on the barn painting and it is starting to take shape. There's so much to learn before I will feel comfortable with painting. I wish Bunnie were here with me to help. She was always great at pushing me to do better. I miss her so much and feel very melancholy today.
Mari received a Christmas card from Bunnie's sister Lois. I'm going to send Lois a note because she doesn't know about Bunnie yet. They had been estranged for many years, but I believe that she should know that Bunnie is gone.

Friday, January 18th. Went to see "Juno" last night. Cute movie. I've been working on a painting of an old broken down barn near Show Low, AZ. Terry took the picture many years ago when we were camping near Show Low. I've been meaning to draw or paint it since then. So far, it's not looking very good. I sent a picture of it to Rick to see if he'll give me some advice on how to proceed.

Wednesday, January 16th. Shuffleboard was fun. I had forgotten how much. You know that you're really getting on in years when you think that shuffleboard is fun. There's a bocce ball court here also. Wow! Bob and Mike briefed me on how to take care of their pets while they are in Mexico next week. I'll be pet sitting at their place.

Tuesday, January 15th. Went to a grief support group last night at the church. I'm trying to keep busy. Rick sent me a set of acrylic paints and associated tools. I'm going to start working on a painting or two. Today was shuffleboard day for the old timers (me). Also, going to Mike and Bob's tonight to spend some time with them.

Saturday, January 12th. My friends Liz and Larry called yesterday and asked me out to dinner and a night of pinochle. It was nice to spend time with old friends. Today will be my first time doing food box deliveries for St Vincent de Paul. It's been over four years since last doing that.

Wednesday, January 9th. It was nice visiting Prescott last Saturday. Ken and Susy fixed lunch for me and we had a nice visit. There's a good chance that I'll be going back there in April.I started doing some St Vincent de Paul volunteer work on Monday and attended their meeting that night. Many of the same people that were there when we left in 2004 are still active. Great to see them. This should be a good way to spend my time for now. It keeps me from dwelling too much on my loss. There was a hypnotist at the clubhouse last night. I went on stage with some others but didn't get hypnotized.

Saturday, January 5th. There's a church training class about protecting children to attend today in Cave Creek. Afterwards, going to Prescott to see old forest friends.

Thursday, January 3rd. There's a new link today to a small tribute that we are putting together for Bunnie. It isn't complete yet because all of the children want to contribute. Click here to see the tribute.



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