Remember that God allows U-Turns

Month List

December 2012

December 31st. New Year's Eve dance tonight at the clubhouse. We'll try to stay up until midnight. We've been watching a series of Pink Panther movies on Netflix over the past few days. After the New Year, we'll start some serious rehearsing for a play, Killer Reviews, that we are doing at the end of January. There is a Clouseau like character in the play.Inspector Clouseau
December 29th. Christmas Eve and Christmas were very nice. We spent Christmas Eve at Mari and Terry's and Lori, Mike, Bob and the grand kids were there. On Christmas, we had dinner with Jerry and Kathy and a lot of Shirl's family. Good time, good food and good company.
December 22nd. We are all still here after the end of the Mayan calendar. This morning our SVdP group delivered 49 Christmas dinner boxes to people in this area. We also had 49 families adopted by sponsors throughout the Phoenix area. After church this evening we went to a Christmas party at Norene and Rick's home. Lots of family for the holidays. Great time!
December 19th. We had a nice breakfast with Chip this morning at The Good Egg. Christmas is rapidly approaching and it's good to pause and remember that we are celebrating the birth of our savior. Let's hope that this coming year we can all be a little kinder and more loving to one another.
December 16th. Very busy week this past week ending with a horrendous tragedy in Newtown CT. Twenty innocent children, 6 and 7 years old, were massacred at their school along with 6 adults that tried to save them. The killer is also dead by his own hand.
December 10th. Shirl played Bridge this morning with her lady friends and for lunch we went out to Arribas for Mexican with friends Diane, Arlene and Marty. The park office gave Paul the go ahead to purchase the materials for the play that we will be doing next month, so we ordered them today.
December 9th. Shirl did a wonderful job as Lay Leader at the church service this morning. Afterwards, we went to breakfast with Kerri, Myron and Barb at Fast? Eddies. We had to wait a long time for our breakfasts to arrive but the waitress gave everyone a free muffin because of the delay.
December 5th. Worked at the food pantry this morning. Bible Study from 2-3 and the first play meeting for Killer Reviews. It looks like a fun play but we'll need at least one more male actor.
December 4th. Breakfast with Chip this morning, Cribbage at the clubhouse, lunch with friends Jim and Barb at Times Square Restaurant and Church meeting this afternoon. Still fighting a cold.
December 3rd. Shirl hosted the Ladies' Bridge group at our home this morning and they needed an extra hand, so I played. They call this group "The Water Gang" because all that is served is water during the games.
December 1st. We had a great "Thanksgiving" dinner at Mari and Terry's today. Mari wanted to have some Butternut squash, so she built her whole meal around it. After dinner we played Spades for the rest of the evening. Good fun.

November 2012

November 30th. We had breakfast with Chip at The Good Egg and lunch with Mari at Anzio's on Tuesday. Shirl and I went to see Lincoln yesterday. It's a great movie if you are a Lincoln fan.
November 24th. Since the last entry we have had Turkey Tuesday and delivered more than 125 Turkey dinner boxes to families in our area. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Rick and Norene's home. They hosted 37 people from the family. Yesterday we had an early breakfast with Juel, Patti, Ray and Delores at Fast Eddies.
November 19th. We had a nice weekend. St James had a Children's Mass on Saturday night with Father Robert and a very nice church service at the clubhouse yesterday with Rev. Ekleberry. Too bad that the Cardinals lost their sixth game in a row. I've started to paint again and am working on a painting with three bluebirds. Went over to Michael's Craft store this morning and bought some new paints.
November 16th. Went to lunch with my old pals from Honeywell Bull at Ajo Al's today. We had a good time and it was fun to see them all again.
November 14th. Went to see Bobby Freeman play at the clubhouse this evening. He is the organ player at the DBacks games during the baseball season. He and his wife put on a very nice show.
November 12th. Yesterday was Veterans's Day and I was Lay Leader at the church service here in the park. After the service, we went to brunch at the Paradise Bakery with friends Jim, Barb and Mary Lou. We had a few laughs. Our microwave quit working in the evening and today we went and bought a new one at Loew's which will be installed later this week. This morning I went to Home Deport while Shirl played cards and went through a Chinese fire drill trying to buy one there and get an installation scheduled. The people wanted to be helpful but proved to be incompetent in helping me out. This afternoon Shirl and I went and updated the paperwork at the SVdP pantry. We're starting to get a lot of names for the Turkey Dinner deliveries next Tuesday.
November 7th. The election was held yesterday and Obama won. A great disappointment for us. Maybe he can do a better job this time on the economy and reducing the tremendous debt that the country now has. Today we went to see Flight with Denzel Washington. Very good movie and we recommend it. Big Earl 2012
November 4th. Today is the beginning of the church season for the Desert Shadows folks. Shirl and I were greeters. We had a new low record attendance this morning; only 30 people. After church we went to breakfast at Fast Eddie's with Juel, Patti, Ray, and Delores. Later we went to see the Senior Charles Schwab Cup tournament at Desert Mountain golf course in Scottsdale thanks to tickets that Michael provided to us. When we got to the end of Pima Road, there was no signage telling us which direction to go for parking, so we followed the crowd and went the wrong way. We finally found the parking lot at the Carefree Airport. We stayed at the 18th hole and watched most of the players finish their rounds there. Tom Lehman won the event. After the tournament, we went to Big Earl's Greasy Eats in Cave Creek for a Hot Dog and soda, accompanied by flies and bees. Shirl said that it's a good thing that this wasn't our first date or it might have been our last.
November 1st. The day before Halloween, my friend Don invited me to play golf with his threesome (Ron, Don and Paul) on Halloween day. I was delighted and agreed to go. Unfortunately for me (and for them) I hadn't played golf in eight years so I decided to go hit a bucket of balls over at the Bell Air Golf Club. I bought a $6 bucket and went through all of the clubs in my bag and managed to get about three out of 100 balls up in the air more than 20 feet and probably 10 or 12 balls out beyond 100 yards. The guys picked me up at 10:30AM the next day and off we went. There were no carts available when we arrived, so we had to wait for a cart. We finally got one of the range carts, which had no brakes. The golf people warned us not to stop on any hills or we would be chasing the cart down the hill. We had a 10:56 AM tee time but they were backed up and we had to wait until 11:15 to tee off. My first problem was when I went to put the ball in the ground I couldn't bend over far enough so I had to get down on one knee to put the ball on the teeā€¦ and then I couldn't get up without the help of my golf club. This went on for the whole round. My first hit off the tee went about 30 yards and nicked a bird (a Coot I think). The guys behind us told me that was my first birdie of the day (it was not only my first, but my last as well). During the first nine holes we had to wait from 5 to 10 minutes before teeing off. Ron decided to drop out after nine holes and called his wife to pick him up. The rest of us trudged on. There was no waiting on the back nine, so we moved right along - I never did get the ball very high in the air or very far down the fairway. I must have averaged at least 6 strokes per hole and was getting pretty tired. We played seven of the last nine holes and decided to give it up. When I got home I was sweaty, aching and dragging. Shirl was waiting for me with a bottle of Tylenol, which actually helped a bit. The next day I woke up really achy and grunted a lot when I stood up. Not bad for my first time out in eight years. I need to go into a training regimen before I try that again.

October 2012

October 27th. We're just about into the best part of the Arizona season now. Halloween 2012 Most of the regulars are back here in the park and the rest will be arriving soon. Shirl won at Bridge yesterday. I finished last. The first dance of the season was held today. Shirl and I went as hippies, which we also did in 2008. Kerri came by to say hello on her way to a house party. She looked really great as a zombie.
October 24th. Cribbage is in full swing at the clubhouse for this season. Shirl and I played yesterday before my scheduled dental cleaning. The weather continues to be great.
October 20th. It seems like we are always eating out. Yesterday, we went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A and last evening we went to Cracker Barrel for the fish fry. At least we skipped the free donuts this morning at the clubhouse. We sliced a Butternut squash this morning for Dorothy. She has Carpal Tunnel and we are happy to help her.
October 18th. Mass this morning and then communion to the hospital. Later, Shirl and I took dry cleaning over to Zest Cleaners and stopped by Lamars for a donut and coffee.
October 17th. We went out for breakfast at Fast Eddies with Len and Ruth this morning. This evening we went to a performance of Broadway Under the Stars at Horizon High School. This was an excellent show put on by the high school students. This year Syd was in quite a few routines.
October 15th. We went to see Argo yesterday at Desert Ridge. Very good movie about the 6 hostages that escaped from Iran in the early 1980s. Afterward, we went to The Yard House for lunch. Shirl had her hair done in the afternoon by Kerri and I watched the Cardinals lose in overtime to the Buffalo Bills.Ford Focus Hatchback Here's a photo of our Ford Focus that we bought back in early March. We love the gas mileage. We went tom lunch at Arribas with Marty, Arlene and Diane. Shirl had Apple Chimis for dessert. Really good stuff.
October 12th. We had a good check up with the Urologist on Wednesday and don't have to go back until January. Yesterday, we had our first round of official Cribbage at the Clubhouse and Shirley won for the day and picked my number out of the hat for the consolation prize. This noon we went to lunch with Mari and Jon over at Culver's near the Metro Center.
October 8th. We took a trip to Dewey and Prescott yesterday to visit with our friends Paul and Louise. We had a nice lunch at Genovese's in Prescott. It was October fest around the courthouse and there were hundreds of dogs running around the square. We brought back a load of winter items for Paul and Louise. This noon, we went to Arribas for Enchiladas and to visit with Arlene and Marty.
October 5th. There seem to be three coyotes wandering around our park. We saw the big male yesterday running out of the front gate. Today we played bridge at the clubhouse. More and more people are returning and the park is getting quite active. This evening we went to Cracker Barrel and shared a Pork Roast dinner.
October 3rd. Senior discount day at Fry's Food today so we went shopping early. Later we played Cribbage at the clubhouse. Doctor appointment to review the results of the biopsy was postponed to next week because the Urologist had an operation to perform.
October 2nd. We went to the movies this morning to see End of Watch and had to walk out because of the unbearable amount of "F" and "MF" words being used. They must have been going for a world record. We can't believe what passes for entertainment anymore.

September 2012

September 30th. Last day of the month and people are trickling back in for the winter. It's good to see things picking up around the park. We hope that October is more fun than September.
September 23rd. We've been slowed down a bit this past week because there has been a Foley Catheter in me since last Wednesday. This was because of some bladder bleeding due to the cauterization after the biopsy. Things look pretty good today and the catheter should be removed tomorrow morning. September 18th. Had a biopsy check on the bladder on the the 13th and the Doc said it looks pretty good. He cauterized a few spots and will do a follow up check in three months. We picked up Mari and Terry at the airport on Sunday morning from their New England trip. They were supposed to arrive on Saturday night but their flight to Newark was canceled.
September 12th. Scheduled to have breakfast with Chip this morning but he was delayed up in Anthem and only had a chance to have coffee with us. We had a good breakfast and later worked over in the SVdP pantry updating records. This afternoon we went to see The Words. We really enjoyed this movie.
September 11th. Remembering 9/11/2001 today and we put out our flag. We had another downpour this morning while we took the "Little Gem" over for its 5000 mile service at Sanderson Ford. We had to wait a considerable amount of time for just an oil and lube service, so we probably won't be taking it back there again. There's another Ford dealer closer to us.
September 10th. We had a heavy downpour from a thunderstorm last night. The roof was leaking at Terry and Mari's. Terry contacted the landlord and he came over and put some tar on the roof, so all should be well. We've had a lot of rain here during this year's monsoon season - more so than in quite a few years.
September 9th. Started today with a church service at St James and then Shirl and I went out for breakfast at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant. Lots of airplane activity that was fun to watch. At 12:30 we went over to the Freeway Baptist church to pick up Len and Ruth and then went for lunch at Fast Eddies. Later we watched the DBacks get beat by the Padres and the Cardinals win their first game of this NFL season against the Seattle Seahawks. All in all, a quiet day.
September 5th. We went to dinner at the Olive Garden last evening and split the Peach Chicken dish again. We both love it. This afternoon we were supposed to play Bridge up at the Villages clubhouse but there were too many people signed up so we dropped out and headed back to Phoenix early. All in all though, it was a relaxing time, thanks to Paul and Louise. We were sad that Paul came down with a touch of Civilian Acquired Pneumonia and was laid up while we were there.
September 3rd. Labor Day. We had a nice breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning and then went over to Lynx Lake to read for awhile. There were a few families with their kids fishing and having a wonderful time together. dave, denise and belle Here's a great picture of Dave and Denise with Sheyla and Alex's newborn, Belle Marie. This evening, we went to a Casino Night event and won a an angel statuette that won't even stand up straight. We will probably give it as a white elephant gift this Christmas season.
September 2nd. Got stuck in a huge traffic jam going to Dewey this morning. We had a nice visit with Paul and Louise. We had lunch and played a few board games with them and then retired for the evening.

August 2012

August 22nd. We had breakfast with Chip this morning at the Good Egg. Always a good place to eat and good company as well. We discussed some changes to the Resort websites which I'll be working on later..
August 21st. We went to see the DBacks play for the last time this season. They lost. On the way home we went through a heavy thunderstorm which left a lot of rain around our place. We really needed it and it was a welcome site. We spoke with Jim on his birthday today. He had just finished a round of golf with Karen. Also spoke with Rick, who is in the Hamptons doing a cave mural. Great talking with all of them.
August 19th. Went to church at 7:30 this morning and did the bookkeeping in the SVdP pantry. Later, we went to see The Expendables 2 with Kerri and a friend.
August 16th. Busy week so far. We had breakfast with Mike and Bob last Sunday at near the Metro Center and, as usual, had a great visit. Then we went to see The Bourne Legacy over at Desert Ridge with Kerry and her friend. Lots of action in that one! We had lunch with our friends Jim and Barb yesterday at the Times Square Restaurant. They were back here visiting with family and then going back to Texas for awhile. We had lunch with friends Roger and Arlyss today at the Olive Garden at Arrowhead. Both lunches were really good. Tonight, we'll go to bible study at Terry and Mari's.
August 8th. Woke up at 4:00AM this morning with some changes in mind for the SVdP database. Worked on them until 6:30 and then after breakfast took the changes over to the pantry and installed them. We spotted the coyote running around the park again this morning. He acts like he owns the place. We think that he's getting plenty of rabbits for sustenance. We went see Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. Funny movie!
August 7th. Our friend Marty is still in the hospital. We stopped by to see him this morning. Here's a picture of Shirl at the last DBacks game we attended.wild shirl
August 2nd. We stopped to say hello to Janice's dog Molly this morning. She was in rare form. She was mad because her "mother" had put her "seat belt" on in preparation of going to the groomer. Molly would not come over to be petted and what's more, when Shirl said good morning to her, she absolutely turned her head the other way and snubbed her! So I said something to her and she did the same thing to me. We had a good laugh but we told Janice that this was a first, getting snubbed by a dog! At church this morning, I found out that our friend Marty was in intensive care over at Banner Thunderbird so Shirl and I went over to see him. He's doing better now and they were going to move him to a telemetry room.
August 1st. We woke up early this morning and took our usual bike ride and visited with Janice and her dog, Mollie, for a bit. We haven't seen the coyote for a few days. After our ride, we went to Denny's for breakfast and had a Belgian Waffle Slam. The eggs and sausage were OK but the waffle was terrible. Since today is the first Wednesday of the month, we also went shopping at Fry's for our normal weekly list. For lunch, we took a ride out to Fort McDowell Casino to meet with some friends of Shirl from back in Iowa. We also won six dollars on a slot machine.

July 2012

July 30th. Shirl and I took a ride over to Our Lady of the Valley's SVdP building this morning to see how it was laid out. St. James is putting together a five year plan which would include a new SVdP building for us. This noon we went to lunch with Arlene and Marty and had a nice visit.
July 28th. We saw a coyote in the park during our bike ride this morning. He was wandering all over the place with not a care in the world. We watched a bit of the opening ceremonies of the London Summer Olympics last night. It was OK, but nothing compared to the Beijing opening four years ago. Myron stopped by on Thursday as he was passing through and Kerri, Shirl and I went to lunch with him at The Bamboo Grille.
July 23rd. We've been busy over the past several days. On Saturday we went to a birthday party for Brody and Ella at Mari and Terry's home. wild shirl Here's a photo of Bob and Ella at play. Really Great time! Yesterday, we went to see The Dark Knight Rises at Desert Ridge with Kerri and one of her friends. After the show we went to The Yard House for lunch.
July 15th. Mari and Terry had a bunch of us over yesterday for a pot luck and to play Pinochle. We all had a good time. There was some rain in the afternoon after we returned home. This morning, after church, we went to breakfast with our friends Don and Verna at The Paradise Bakery on 67th Avenue. That was our first time there and we really enjoyed their breakfast.
July 13th. We had a little rain this morning while we were playing bridge at the clubhouse. The coyote that's in the park was seen again this morning up by the clubhouse and he seems to be getting bolder as one of the women that we play cards with had a small confrontation with him this morning. Nothing serious but it scared her a bit.
July 11th. We went to Cracker Barrel this morning for the usual - Shirl has the pecan pancake and I have eggs and bacon. Later this morning, we went to see Brave, the Pixar animated movie. We brought Panda Express after the show and, although we planned a visit to Chili's this evening, Kerri came over with an impromptu party. So we had a few beers, a margarita along with chips and dip; all in all, a great party! We also had a nice call from Rick earlier in the afternoon and lots of birthday greetings on Facebook. A really nice birthday!
July 10th. The DBacks ended up beating LA three out of four. Yesterday, we went to Arribas with Arlene and Marty. We told them all about our Sane Diego visit; probably bored them to death. We were reviewing our plans for today and found out that most of things that we are thinking about have to do with medical conditions - blood checks, blood pressure, thyroid levels, etc. This evening we watched the All Star game. The National League won 8-0.
July 8th. Went to breakfast this morning with Don and Verna at Fast Eddies. We were happy last night to see that the DBacks have beat the Dodgers two in a row and will play them again today.
July 7th. Quiet few days. Did the second reading at mass this evening and then dropped by the hospital to see one of our friends, Gert. She has Congestive Heart Failure. After a nice visit we went on to The Outback for coconut shrimp and a margarita. Very pleasant.
July 4th. Went to Chase Field last night and watched the Padres beat the DBacks. Chip and Di hosted a family barbecue today, which was absolutely great. We enjoyed visiting with the whole family. In the evening we watched the DBacks lose the final game of their series to get swept by the Padres.
July 2nd. Quiet day today. Bridge this morning at the clubhouse and a leisurely afternoon at home.

June 2012

June 29th. Went to San Diego for the weekend. Wonderful trip with visits to the Coronado Hotel beach area, gas light district and the Zoo. We stayed in Chula Vista at a Comfort Inn. Great spot and great free breakfasts. wild shirl As you can see from the picture, we met some interesting people along the way. We got up early on Friday, the 29th, and left for California at 4:15 in the morning. We stopped for a breakfast burrito at McDonalds in Gila Bend and fueled up in Yuma a bit later. We arrived at the Comfort Inn in Chula Vista just before noon and they allowed us to check in early. We took a drive over to Coronado and parked near the hotel. We chuckled at a sign that we saw which said Entering Tsunami Zone. We dunked our feet in the ocean and sat on our lawn chairs on the beach and did a little people watching for awhile and then drove back to the hotel. While sitting on the beach, several Navy jets flew over and landed at the NAS North Island. Jet LandingThat evening we went to the Gas Light area and passed a panhandler on the street that had an interesting sign, so we asked if we could take his picture. We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory and the food was passable. The next morning we went to the Zoo just after it opened and took a guided bus tour of the park. Then we took the Sky Ride over to the other side of the park. It was Shirl's first time on that type of ride but she did just fine. We went looking for BBQ for lunch but were not too successful finding a restaurant that was serving ribs, so we went to Denny's for a Steak and Cheese sandwich and a strawberry shake. In the evening, we drove down Harbor Drive and on to Seaport Village for dinner at the Edgewater Grille. They had really good fish and chips. We left for home on Sunday after having a really nice free breakfast at the hotel and arrived home at 1:30 in the afternoon.
June 27th. Had breakfast with Chip this morning and lunch with Mari at noon. This evening we went to Cirque du Soleil to see Kooza. It was fantastic. Hard to believe that people can actually do some of these acrobatic stunts.
June 26th. Quiet day at home this morning and bridge at the clubhouse this afternoon. This evening we watched a bit of the DBacks game with the Braves and then watched The Great Escape. DBacks lost 8-1.
June 25th. Interesting day at the Church pantry this morning and then a nice Taco Salad at Arribas' with Arlene, Marty, Marge and Armand. We're giving a Bridge lesson today and then coming home to watch the second game of the College World Series. UofA won last night's game and need one more win to take the National title. It's now after the game and the Wildcats won the championship.
June 24th. Spent Friday afternoon at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) with Shirl and Kerri. Went to Prescott yesterday for the Bluegrass Festival in the Courthouse Square. Fun days!
June 20th. DBacks win big yesterday against the Mariners with a franchise record of 6 home runs. Today was a dental visit day for me, which I was not particularly looking forward to. Fortunately, it didn't turn out to be a big problem and everything is OK for now. We stopped by Costco for a few items and then went Chick-Fil-A for lunch.
June 19th. We went to see the DBacks play the Mariners this evening. DBacks lost 12-9 in the 10th inning.
June 17th. Missing my Dad today. I would like to have been as good a father to my children as he was to me. We are going to breakfast with Mike and Bob this morning at Mimi's Cafe. We are looking forward to that. Rick sent me a beautiful card and three beautiful shirts for Father's Day. We spoke on the phone yesterday and it always good to hear his voice.
June 15th. We went to the Urologist on Wednesday and he indicated that there is a low grade cancer in my bladder but I shouldn't be concerned at all about it. No treatment is necessary at this time and he will recheck again in September and see if treatment will be needed then. It's a bit disconcerting but evidently this is fairly common with bladder cancer.
June 12th. Yesterday was the third anniversary of our wedding at St. James. We went out to lunch with our friends, Arlene and Marty, at Times Square, one of our favorites. We even splurged a bit and had a Creme Brule for dessert. I got ambitious in the morning and took my rear tire over to the bike shop and had a new tube installed. We'll see how long this one lasts. No one seems to have an explanation as to why the valve stem keeps slipping, other than to keep it filled with air. This afternoon we went to see Men in Black 3. It wasn't the best movie that we've seen in a while.
June 10th. Alleluia... two days in a row without a flat on a bike.
June 7th. Just getting over a urinary tract infection. Had a bit of a scare. We went out to breakfast with Len and Ruth yesterday over to a new Country Boys restaurant at 32nd St and Greenway. Food is good, coffee is weak. Kerri came over last evening and we took her bike up for a new tube. We'll see how long that this tube lasts.
June 5th. It's almost too sad to tell. The rear tire on the bike that Kerri loaned us has gone flat. It's probably just because of age but we sure have had a rash of problems with bike tires. We went to see the movie Bernie today. The movie is based on an actual murder and we probably shouldn't have laughed but it is very funny the way that it is presented.
June 3rd. We went to early morning mass today and then on to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Kerri loaned us her bike for awhile until I decide what to do about the situation with my bike.
June 2nd. June came in with a bang. Actually, it came in with two bangs. My rear bike tube blew the tire off the rim and then exploded again a few seconds later. Both sounds were like shotgun blasts. When the tire blew, it shattered a plastic chain guard as well. Good thing that neither one of was standing close. Yesterday was the hottest June 1st on record here with 111 degrees. We stayed in most of the day and watched a few movies.

May 2012

May 24th. Jon graduates from High School today. We wish him well. The DBacks lost the game with the Dodgers that we went to see on Tuesday. They were ahead 6-1 and blew the lead. Final score was 8-7. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and we all need to pause and remember those who have died.
May 22nd. Went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel today at Desert Ridge and then stopped at Panda Express for lunch. This evening, we'll be going to see the DBacks play the Dodgers. The DBacks have been in a terrible slump and are currently over 10 games behind the Dodgers. The Coyotes are playing tonight as well. They are in a must win situation, as they are down 3 games to 1 in their playoff series with the LA Kings.
May 21st. We celebrated Jon's high school graduation last evening at Mari and Terry's home. All the local kids and grand kids were there. Today, Shirl and I went to see Battleship. We enjoyed it. After the show, we went to see Len Roose in the hospital. He is having some heart issues and will likely be getting a pacemaker.
May 20th. After church last evening, we went to Chili's for our usual Saturday night date. We shared beef Fajitas for the first time in a while. We had been eating the baby back ribs for the past month or so.
May 19th. Shirl and I went to see the Improvanauts with Mari and Terry last evening at the Calvary Chapel on Bell Rd. Very funny show! This morning, we took two tires back to the Exhale Bike shop to be repaired. This is the fifth trip we've made over the past month. We are having a rash of tire stem failures. Fortunately for us, they are not charging us for all of the tubes that they have had to replace. In all the years that we've been riding bikes here in the park, we've never had this kind of problem. The guy at the bike shop said that we had to check the tire pressure every day before we ride to prevent the problem. That's funny, we never had to do that before.
May 16th. Rick Riley came over and took my bike to the Bike shop for a tire repair. Second defective tube in two months. Bike is now OK and Shirl and I went for a ride this morning. We went to Terry and Mari's last night for Bratwurst, Burgers, and Phoenix Coyote's hockey. The Brats and the Burgers were great but our poor hockey team got outplayed 4-0 in the second game of the Western Conference finals. They are now down by 2 games to 0. Today, Shirl and I are headed to the optometrist to have our eye exams.
May 13th. Mothers' Day. Wishing all of you mothers a wonderful day. Since the last entry, we have been to the movies to see The Avengers, which was pretty good. We've both had our semiannual dental cleaning and went to Syd's Spring Concert last Thursday in which she did a great solo. We've also been to the Bamboo Grille, Old Chicago, Chili's, and Denny's for dining out, which we obviously do a lot. Old Chicago has a great deal on Fish and Chips for $6 on Fridays. Shirl and I split one dinner and had plenty to eat.
May 4th. We spent last week in Florida with Jim and Karen during the early part of the week and with John and Deb during the latter part. What a great time we had with them all. We went out to Black Hammock for a beer and a look at the air boats that they have out there. They have several alligators stashed around the property, fortunately they are penned up. We were having difficulty finding a flight back to Phoenix from Orlando, so we decided to rent a car and fly out of Jacksonville after visiting with Deb and John. They gave us a copper colored Kube by Nissan which was a real conversation starter as we went out to dinner at the Boston Fish House near Jim and Karen's place. We are slowly getting back into the swing of things here at home. Last evening we went out to dinner with the Rooses and the Ulricks to Old Chicago which has really great pizza. We joined their beer club which will give us special rates on dinner specials.

April 2012

April 23rd. On Saturday evening, we went to Mass and helped celebrate the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Deacon Jack and Anna O'Connor. The auxiliary bishop came up to say the mass. We went to see the DBacks play the Atlanta Braves yesterday. After a five game losing streak, they finally won. In the second inning the Braves walked McDonald to an empty first base to load the bases, thinking that they would have an easy out with the pitcher, Kennedy, coming up. Then they walked Kennedy on four straight pitches to score a run. Then Parra came up and hit the first Grand Slam home run of his career. Great stuff!

April 18th. Shirl finished second in Cribbage yesterday, so we got our ante money back. The Phoenix Coyotes won the third game of the Stanley Cup playoff against Chicago. They lead the series two games to one. All games went to overtime. We finally got our new tags for the Focus. It only took six weeks. We stopped over to the Motor Vehicle Department and updated the park model title also. We picked up a couple of DBacks tickets at church for Sunday's game with the Atlanta Braves. For lunch we went to Chick-fil-a because we received some promotional certificates in the mail for a chicken sandwich and a cookie. They have great chicken sandwiches.

April 16th. After watching the Suns, DBacks and Coyotes all lose on Saturday, it was good to see the DBacks finally win 5-2 over the Rockies yesterday. The following quote came from Our Daily Bread this morning. I kind of like it and it's so true. O God, what a world of beauty hast Thou made for man! And yet how poorly does he requite Thee for it! He does not even repay Thee with gratitude. - Davy Crockett

April 15th. We got through Friday the 13th unscathed. That's always good. Yesterday there was an End of Season luncheon put on by the Activities Office. Lots of good food and friendly goodbyes for the season. We are having our annual Non Food Drive at St James this coming week where we collect hygiene items for our clients.

April 9th. Easter Sunday yesterday. We went to a sunrise service at St. James and then to the 9:30 service at All Saints Lutheran. The Saint James service was disorganized and hard to understand but the Lutheran service was very good. The dinner at Oscar and Niki's was very good. The ham melted in your mouth. Shirl had made a really good Green Bean Casserole, which didn't last very long, and Norene made this really great dessert cake. Rick called from New York in the late afternoon and it's always good to hear from him. We didn't hear from anyone else on the Jordan side as I imagine that they were all having their own family time. Shirl played bridge this morning with her regular Monday group and Rick R. took my bike over to the bike shop to have the rear flat tire fixed. We had a nice lunch and conversation with Rick at the Native New Yorker.

April 7th. Quiet day at home today catching up on a lot of reading. We and Kerri will be going over to Niki's tomorrow for Easter dinner and time with Shirl's side of the family.

April 4th. Very tragic news in the past week. Two members of our St. Vincent de Paul Conference passed away - Ray A. and Lynn O. Both were very young compared to the rest of us. Two more parties since the month began - a cast party over at Shirlene and Lynn's on Sunday and a Circle Coffee and Breakfast on Monday at Tony and La Vina's. Today, after a great breakfast with Chip at Mimi's, we did our first Wednesday of the month shopping at Fry's to get the senior discount. This month it was more than $47 in savings.

March 2012

March 31st. We had a great farewell party for Myron and Barb at Rick and Norene's last night. Lots of good food and company. Today, we are resting up and relaxing. The park is really starting to get quiet now for the summer. Most people will be gone by the end of next month. Hopefully, they all will return safely in the Fall.

March 27th. Finished third at Cribbage this morning and we had our final church meeting of the season this afternoon. The Fall church services will start on November 4th.

March 24th. Jim and Karen called yesterday morning while they were on the way to the Arnold Palmer invitational tournament in Orlando. We are hoping to make a trip to Florida soon to see them and Deb and John. The weather here has turned to beautiful, with clear blue skies and temperatures in the mid 80s. Paul and Louise took us to Sweet Tomatoes yesterday for a great lunch. Kerri is coming over this morning to give us haircuts.

March 22nd. We had a really nice block party with lots of good food and visiting. Yesterday morning, we took the new Focus out on the highway up to Dewey and it ran like a dream - nice and comfortable. This morning we went for a walk around the park and stopped at Don and Verna's for coffee, fruit and a roll.

March 20th. Last night Shirl and I attended a parish mission at St. James. There are two more nights to go and it is very interesting. Tomorrow afternoon there is a block party on our street to celebrate the end of the season. These are usually very fun events. Shirl and I finished second and third today at Cribbage.

March 13th. Our neighbors put on a Dreamsicle party yesterday afternoon. Everyone had a wonderful time . This is the third annual party that they have done. There must have been at least 50 people attending. Today is Cribbage day up at the clubhouse. We are trying to get back in the normal swing of things after the play and the talent show.

March 11th. Spent yesterday and today stuffing envelopes with Kerri. Shirl got really sick yesterday with what appears to be the flu. We aren't having buyer's remorse yet and we like our new little Ford. We are looking forward to taking a trip in it. Here's a link to this year's Foster Brooks Skit at the Variety Show

March 7th. We had breakfast with Len and Ruth this morning and later went looking at new cars. We decided to buy a Ford Focus SE Hatchback. After several long hours of negotiation, we made a deal.

March 2nd. Our friends Paul and Carla stopped by this morning to show us pictures of their new home in Maine. It's a beautiful house in the Federal style built in the 1800s. We also had our carpets cleaned today and got a call from the DBacks wanting to know if we wanted some tickets to this year's games. We do like to see about five games per year.

March 1st. We got our bedroom back together today because the laminated floor is complete. We also had a really nice block party this afternoon with good friends, beer, brats and Hors d'oeuvres.

February 2012

February 29th. Leap Year - we get an extra day this year. We spent the day indoors today while a new false wood floor was installed in our bedroom. We heard from Joe and Carol that they had arrived home safely and are enjoying a nice snowfall. Last night, we watched The Way with Martin Sheen. It is a pretty good movie. Tonight, we watched Hugo. It was quite a strange movie but held our interest.

February 27th. Well, Joe and Carol are on their way back to Massachusetts. meerkatsWe had a really nice week together. Shirl and I had lunch today at Arriba's with our friends Marty and Arlene. trioWe had our usual shredded beef taco. The price of gas continues to climb at an alarming rate. Greed is a terrible thing.

February 26th. We went to the Phoenix Zoo yesterday and walked around for a few hours looking at some of the exhibits. Today was Joe and Carol's last day in the area and they came over this afternoon and we played the card game Hand and Foot. They are all packed and ready to leave early in the morning to return home.

February 24th. We went over to Old Scottsdale on the 22nd to do some shopping and Carol found a nice turquoise ring that she has been looking for. Today, we drove up to Sedona to visit with Tony and Judy D. What a great couple. We had a nice lunch at L'Auberge de Sedona and then we rode around town so Tony could show us all of the great rock formations. We capped it off with a great view of Cathedral Rock and stopped off at the Church of the Holy Cross on the way out of town and got home by 6:30..

February 21st Today we went to the Musical Instrument Museum. What a great place, with instruments from all over the world. We all enjoyed our visit. This evening, we had our first night of the Talent Show and it was received well. Here's the skit

February 20th. We had lunch with Roger and Arlyss Withee yesterday. They are wonderful spiritual people and we like them a lot. I also won my Bocce ball game yesterday, so I'm still alive in the tournament. Our friends, Joe and Carol,have arrived for a visit and we'll get to see them tomorrow. We are having a dress rehearsal this evening for the talent show to get the final kinks out of our skits.

February 16th. We've spent the last week or so getting ready for the annual talent show in the park. Shirl and I will be doing another Foster Brooks skit. We have friends coming in from Massachusetts next week and it will be very good to see them again. trioThis morning we had breakfast with Chip over at Mimi's Cafe in Desert Ridge. We also played bridge and this afternoon I played Bocce ball. I'm still alive in the tournament. There sure are a lot of activities here for people.

February 10th. We had coffee and a donuts with Terry and Mari this morning at Lamar's Donuts. That's always a treat. Today is Mari's birthday. This evening, we went to a free show up at the clubhouse. It was a traveling singing family called Amber Waves from Colorado. Their specialty is Bluegrass and Gospel. They have an 11 year old son, Sean, who plays the fiddle like an adult.

February 9th. We went to my first series of Estate sales in Sun City this morning and it was an interesting experience. We visited three or four sales and ended up buying a baking pan and an old beer glass for a total of $1.50. For lunch we went to Furr's Cafeteria for a great meal.

February 2nd. Our friends, Bobbi and Warren, arrived from Iowa yesterday and we played a few games of Hand and Foot. In the evening, Kerri and they went to see the final night of the play. Michael and Bob came as well. It was good to see them there. Shirl and I are very relieved that the play is over. Now we must get ready for the talent show (Echoes of Talent Lost) which will be held in a few weeks.

February 1st. Well, we had the first performance of the play last night and it seemed to go over very well. We missed a lot of lines but we got through it and the crowd laughed a lot. Chip, Di, Syd and her boy friend came to see the show. Also quite a few of my friends from St Vincent de Paul came.

January 2012

January 28th. Wow! That oil change was expensive. The master brake cylinder was leaking and had to be replaced, as well as a solenoid on the transmission and a new brake light. It cost over $700 to get the car out of hock.

January 27th. Feeling much better today. Dropping the car off for an oil change and playing Bridge this morning at the clubhouse.

January 24th. The play date is rapidly approaching and we have several full rehearsals this week. To top it off, I have come down with a cold and have not been feeling great the past few days.

January 22nd. After church this morning, we went to The Place for breakfast and then went to the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction show. Wonderful collection of the finest cars in the world.

January 19th. Birthday party for Shirl over at Kerri's this evening and we are looking forward to a good time. She received lots of cards and phone calls from friends. This morning, I had a nice visit with the Urologist and we decided on a tune up plan for the near future.

January 17th. We had breakfast with Chip this morning over at Mimi's Cafe in Desert Ridge. Afterwards, we played Cribbage at the clubhouse and Shirl finished last and I finished next to last. Church meeting at 3:00PM and play practice right afterwards. Then we went out to dinner with friends Paul and Carla at Anzio's. Busy day!

January 16th. Shirl and I took a trip up to Prescott on Saturday to see if we could get the last list of prescriptions for the tax audit. We were successful and now have everything that we need to respond to the state. We stopped at the Iron Springs Cafe for lunch before heading home. Liz and Larry came over last evening to play pinochle and cribbage. They are going back to Springfield on Thursday. There's a fashion show for the park ladies that Shirl is attending today, so I watched Inception on the DVR.

January 13th. Friday the Thirteenth. It should be a busy day today - Bridge this morning and lunch with friends Paul and Louise at Sweet Tomatoes. This evening, a little party at Rick and Norene's. We had play practice yesterday afternoon and I think that I'm regressing. Hopefully, it will all come together before we actually perform in front of an audience. Mari called last night and told me that the WalMart pharmacy in Lake Mary Florida had sent the receipt that I had requested for the 2007 tax medical deductions to her home. It's a good thing that she still lives there. The Lord is kind. It was a year ago yesterday that they removed my bladder cancer. Thank God that, so far, I'm still OK.

January 9th. Got a letter from the AZ Department of Revenue wanting proof of my 2007 Medical Expenses. Not too happy about going through all of those old painful memories of doctor visits, hospitals and prescriptions. We're making good progress on getting all of the receipts together and have most of the information. I'll be calling around today trying to find out additional information about the prescriptions. Shirl is going to the dentist today for a few minor fix ups. This afternoon, there's a church meeting and play practice. I had my yearly physical last Thursday and checked out fine.

January 3rd. For the second day in a row, we went to eat at the Deer Valley Airport. Last night it was with the SVdP Group from St. James. We had not been there for a few years and then, all of a sudden, we went twice. The food is a lot better than it used to be. The weather has been very mild for the past few days and will continue to be so for the rest of this week. Busy day today with Cribbage this morning, church meeting and play practice this afternoon.

January 1, 2012. Started this morning with a beautiful church service at the clubhouse. The choir was fantastic and the sermon was excellent. Afterwards, we went to brunch at the Deer Valley Airport with most of the people from the New Year's Eve party. This afternoon we watched the Arizona Cardinals win their final game of the season in overtime against Seattle.



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