Remember that God allows U-Turns

Month List

December 2013

December 31st. New Years's Eve. We had a great weekend with all of Shirl's children in for a visit. We had a Memorial get together for Denny at Kathy and Jerry's last Friday to share memories. His family were here from Oregon and Iowa. On Saturday, Myron and Barb prepared a biscuits and gravy brunch for us and it was delicious. In the afternoon Larry and Marianne came to our home for a visit and then in the evening we had pizza and beer here. On Sunday after the Church service, we all went to breakfast at Bill Johnson's Big Apple restaurant. In the afternoon we celebrated Kerri's and Shirl's birthdays at Kerri's home. Shirl's (on the left) and Kerri's First Grade Photos are shown here. Yesterday, everyone left for their respective homes and we took a nap.
December 26th. Well, we have had a really great past few days. On Christmas Eve we went to see Philomena in the morning. Really good movie. Later we went to mass with George, Audrey, Paul and Carla and had wine, pizza and dessert afterwards. Still later, we went to Terry and Mari's for family time with them, Emi, Jon, Chip, Di, Mike, Bob, Lori, Brody, Jaidyn and Ella. Yesterday, we had a really nice Christmas dinner at Rick and Norene's home with family from here, Oregon and Iowa.
December 22nd. Today is a sad day because it has been six years since Bunnie left us. I have fond memories of our life together and deep love for our children. She is missed. At the Desert Shadows Church service this morning, Dr. Wright became ill during his sermon and we had to call 911. He was determined to finish his talk and did but then he was taken to the Emergency Room. We are praying that it is not serious, possibly dehydration.
December 21st. Today was the day that we delivered the Christmas Dinner boxes to our SVdP clients in the area. We did about 50 deliveries and we also had 47 Adopt-a-Family sponsors that will be providing gifts and dinner to needy families in our area.
December 18th. Went to see The Book Thief at Desert Ridge. Excellent movie set during the late 1930s in Germany. Inspiring story about a family with decent caring values.
December 15th. Our SVdP conference got together for a pot luck at Mike and Chris' home north of Happy Valley Road. Lots of good food.
December 13th. The SOL Group from Bull got together for Christmas lunch today. We had a great visit with a few laughs. There was a Christmas Block party later in the day and we went to dinner with friends Louise and Paul at the Outback. Yesterday, we heard from Dave that someone had run over his foot with a fork lift. We're very concerned that he will be off work for quite some time.
December 11th. Today is a sad day for Shirl because it has been six years since Howard passed away. Our friend Emma was nice enough to take us to lunch today for helping her get her computer running when she got back from Colorado.
December 10th. A resident returned from Minnesota today and I hooked up what I thought was her battery terminals but weren't. When did they start putting Cadillac batteries under the rear seat?
December 7th. Rick sent out a note with pictures of Bunnie and I on the day we were married 57 years ago today. Sad and happy memories... Shirl and I went to the dance this evening and sat with George and Audrey. Music was good and we had a nice visit.
December 6th. Took Mari to work this morning and then went to play Bridge at the Clubhouse. For lunch, we went with Mari to Sweet Tomatoes.
December 4th. Shirl and I went to the Phoenix Theatre to see Irving Berlin's White Christmas. It was a great show with very good actors and dancers reprising the roles of Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby from the movie of 1954.
December 3rd. We had breakfast and a nice visit with Chip this morning at the Good Egg north of Carefree Highway.

November 2013

November 28th. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with dinner at Barb and Myron's, as well as Mari and Terry's. Enjoyed both the dinners and the time with family. We are so thankful for the blessings that God has provided for us.
November 26th. Today is Turkey Tuesday and we delivered 111 Thanksgiving dinner boxes to people in our neighborhood during the morning. In the afternoon we played Bridge at the Clubhouse.
November 23rd. Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the assasination of President Kennedy. We had lunch with Mari at Times Square Restaurant. It was Mari's first time there and she enjoyed the meal very much. This evening, we went to the dance at the clubhouse. Bobby Freeman, who plays the organ for the AZ Diamondbacks, was doing the entertainment.
November 21st. We had an enjoyable coffee party this morning for all of the residents of L Circle. Later, we had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with Paul and Louise who were down from Dewey for a few days.
November 13th. An extremely touching memorial service for June Sundin was held at Orangewood last Saturday. Many people from Desert Shadows attended. Unfortunately we were not able to have the service at Desert Shadows where June did most of her volunteer work. This past Sunday was Patriotic Sunday for the church service here at Desert Shadows. On Monday, the park put on a very nice Veterans' Day program with cake and coffee. Today, the park is hosting a Welcome Home dinner for returning residents.
November 8th. We had the sad news last Sunday that Denny passed away during the night. Most of his family had a chance to be with him during the preceding days. He will be sorely missed by all of us who knew him. My knee has been a bit troubling lately so we saw a doctor on Monday and got an Xray on Tuesday. No results yet. We had a nice breakfast with Chip on Tuesday and went to Syd's Broadway Under the Stars concert on Thursday evening with Chip and Diane. Today, after Bridge, we had lunch and had a pleasant visit with Mari at Anzios.
November 1st. We had the first official Bridge session of the season this morning. Marianne, Larry, Kathy and Jerry have gone to Oregon to be with Denny during his final days.

October 2013

October 31st. The Red Sox won the World Series 4 games to 2 over the St Louis Cardinals at Fenway Park in Boston last night.RedSox This is the first time since 1918 that the Red Sox have won the World Series at their home park.
October 29th. The Red Sox won last night and now lead the World Series 3 games to 2. They'll play Game 6 tomorrow in Boston. We had our first church committee meeting today for the 2013-14 season here at the park. There was confusion about who would be our first pastor this year but it got straightened out.
October 23rd. Shirl and I went to see Captain Phillips today and had lunch at Panda Express after the show. Good movie and very intense. The Red Sox won the first game of this year's World Series 8-2 in Boston tonight. Go Sox!
October 21st. Worked at the SVdP Pantry this morning. It's sad to see the predicament that some people are in these days. Jobs are scarce for many. We went to lunch with Marty and Arlene at Times Square. As the last part of lunch we ordered a Creme Brulee and a Canoli to share. We had to waddle out of the restaurant.
October 20th. We went to a brunch yesterday with much delicious food over to Barb and Myron's home. Lots of local family were there. The Red Sox clinched the American League Championship series beating Detroit 5-2 in Game 6. The World Series starts on Wednesday against the St; Louis Cardinals. Today after mass, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and someone, unknown to us, picked up the tab for our breakfast. We have no idea who did it, but plan to pass it forward.
October 18th. Well, the congress finally got its act together at the last possible moment and prevented a default. We'll be going through this again in another three or four months. People continue returning to the park for the season. We had our first official sanctioned cribbage match yesterday. Neither Shirl nor I won anything. We'll be going to lunch with Mari today at the Olive Garden.
October 16th. We got a call yesterday that Shirl's favorite turquoise ring is ready to be picked up. The stone had fallen out of it and we had it repaired at the shop that originally sold it to us a few years ago. We went and picked the ring up this morning and it looks great. We also saw a matching bracelet that went very well with the ring. The mess in Washington continues unresolved. Congress seems unable to pull a plan together to keep the USA out of debt default. We are rapidly becoming a second class nation under this team of so called "leaders". Common sense does not appear to be very common.
October 13th. We had a great party yesterday in celebration of Jaidyn's 5th birthday.Jaidyn Lots of good food and a terrific cake. After the party we went to a soup supper pot luck up at the clubhouse. There are quite a few people returning to the park for the winter.
October 6th. Went to see Gravity today - quite a ride.
October 4th. The catheter has been removed. What a relief. Now we have to wait for three to six weeks to see whether or not the treatment was effective. We got to play Bridge again this morning.
October 2nd. After staying awake all night, we went to the Urologist this morning for an in-office procedure to improve traffic flow through the body exhaust system. The procedure turned out very well.

September 2013

September 30th. Some days we do nothing but eat. We had a good breakfast this morning and then went out for a Mexican food lunch with our friends Arlene and Marty. In the evening, we went to The Texas Roadhouse to celebrate our friend Len's 94th birthday with Don, Verna and Ruth..
September 28th. After donuts this morning, we made the rounds of Costco, Kohl's and Zest Cleaners to run a few errands. This afternoon we went to a very nice birthday party for Myron at his and Barb's home. Kerri, John, Nancy, Rick and Norene also attended. We had a nice lunch and some great desserts.
September 27th. Today is the nicest day that we've had here since June. High temperature in the mid-80s with very low humidity. We stopped for coffee with Don and Verna this morning on our bike ride.
September 25th. Played Bridge at the clubhouse yesterday. Was able to help friends install a printer at their home. Today was errand day as we got haircuts, returned a library book and got haircuts.
September 23rd. Worked at the SVdP pantry today and made three home visits with Cesar. Later we had lunch with Marty and Arlene at the Times Square Restaurant. Our street was covered with Slurry Seal today and it looks very nice.
September 22nd. We had a follow up visit with the Urologist on Wednesday and were told that he was able to get all of the bad stuff out of the bladder. He'll recheck in three months. On Friday, we had lunch with Mari at Wendy's.
September 17th. We had Mexican food with our friends Marty and Arlene on Monday and had lunch with Chip today at Denny's near Carefree Highway. It was very good to see him. Lunch wasn't bad either.
September 15th. We are getting back in the swing of things. We worked at the SVdP pantry yesterday and are resting up from our trip. Went to Ronnie's Cafe for breakfast and over to Barb and Myron's in the afternoon to visit with them, Rick and Norene, and Jerry and Kathy.
September 13th, Friday. We are back from the trip to the Northwest. Victoria is a fantastically beautiful city with friendly, helpful people and we enjoyed it the most. When we got home we found that Kerri had really made sure that no one could get into the house while we were away. She had locked the deadbolt on the security door, which we didn't bring a key for. Here we are at 10:30 in the morning, hadn't had breakfast, and locked out with no way to get in. We couldn't go anywhere because the car keys were in the house. We did eventually get in and found that Kerri had left us a few candy treats and a meal in the freezer. We thought that that was very nice.
September 11th. Drove back to Seattle and stopped at Pike's Marketplace for a more in-depth walk around. We had an early evening because we had to be at the airport the next morning at 4:30 to catch the plan back to Phoenix.
September 10th. Took the Sky Train up to Vancouver for another look around. The whole system is fully automated with no train driver.
September 9th. Took the ferry to Vancouver. We weren't happy with the Econolodge that we had in Surrey. This was the first place that didn't have a complimentary breakfast and the attached restaurant was very poor. We drove up to Vancouver city and it took us over an hour to get there from the hotel. Maps for the area didn't have enough detail for us and there weren't many signs that were helpful. We had a nice drive through Stanley Park and really liked Prospect Point with a view of the Lion's Gate bridge. We had dinner in the Gastown district and then drove back to Surrey.
September 8th. Walked around the downtown area in the morning and checked out the totem poles near the government building. Toured Butchart Gardens in the afternoon. It's a beautiful place. Shirl was particularly impressed with the Sunken Garden.
September 7th. Drove to Port Angeles and took the Black Ball Ferry to Victoria, BC. These ferries are amazing and hold many, many vehicles. Victoria is a fantastic city with hanging flower baskets all over the downtown area. Checked out a pub and a downtown restaurant for dinner. We had a beautiful hotel room.
September 6th. Spent most of the morning touring the Museum of Flight near the Boeing facility. It's a wonderful exhibit of aircraft through the 20th century.
September 5th. Went to Seattle to share a one week vacation with Joe and Carol. Planes were on time and we had a nice first day checking out Pike's Market.

August 2013

August 25th. Good news and Other news: The biopsy on the bladder was negative but the surgeon wants to proceed with the operation. Unfortunately, our HMO does not allow us to use John C Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital, which is just a few blocks from our home, any longer. So we had to cancel last Wednesday's procedure. We now have to drive 40 miles to Gilbert to have the procedure done at Banner Gateway Hospital. The procedure is scheduled for this coming Tuesday at 7:30AM. We had a family dinner last evening at Terry and Mari's to wish Emilee well on her new adventure. She is going to Bible College in California and will be leaving for the school tomorrow.
August 15th. We spent last weekend with Jim and Karen and had an excellent visit. Yesterday, the Urologist checked my bladder out and decided that we need to vaporize a small section of my bladder, which looks too red. That will happen this coming Wednesday.
August 4th. We went to see 2 Guns with Kerri and her friend Charlene at Desert Ridge. Lots of action and a few twists. It didn't get very good reviews but I enjoyed it. The coyotes are still in the neighborhood.
August 3rd. We stopped to pick up the donuts at 7:00AM and wouldn't you know that they messed it up again. It was totally different from what we had ordered. Fortunately we had the receipt and a copy of the order. Not only that, but the donuts were a day old and stale. No more chances for Dunkin Donuts. I sent a note off to the main company expressing our displeasure.
August 2nd. We took Dorothy over to Dr. Skelly's office for a blood draw and told her afterwards that we were taking her to Paradise (Paradise Bakery that is). We all had a good breakfast there. Later, we decided to give Dunkin Donuts another chance to supply donuts for the Saturday morning coffee at the clubhouse.

July 2013

July 7th to the 20th. Went on a car trip to Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska and finally back home after 3694 miles.
On Sunday, the 7th, we left at 5:30AM and drove to Santa Rosa, NM where we had reservations at a Rodeway Inn, which unbeknown to us had recently been a very old local motel. We're not sure how they ever got a listing as a Rodeway. The room had an odor of fumigation, dead bed bugs on the floor, dust on the windowsill and the top hinge on the bathroom door was pulled out of the door jamb. Needless to say, we didn't stay there, got our money back and stayed at a Quality Inn just down the road.

Next day we drove to Oklahoma City and found a very nice Quality Inn and then on to Springfield, MO where we met Barb and Myron at Jim and Carol Kern's home. We had a nice lunch there and went on to Branson to see the Haygoods show at the RFD.TV Theater. Roy Rogers' horse, Trigger, and Dale Evans' horse, Buttermilk, are in the lobby stuffed and lifelike. We also had dinner at Charley's Steak House where we met Rebecca Dawn, who has entertained us here at Desert Shadows in the past.
That evening we had a bit of trouble locating our hotel in Springfield but finally found it at 12:30AM after getting onto the freeway towards Branson by mistake.

The next day after breakfast at Billy Gales in Branson, we saw the Pierce Arrow show. Good comedy and good music. For dinner that evening, we ate at Lamberts in Springfield where they throw dinner rolls at the customers. Check Lamberts out!.

On the morning of the 11th, we drove on to our friends Liz and Larry's home in Springfield IL where we had a wonderful visit with them on Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday.

On Friday, the 12th, we went to the rehearsal dinner for Cody and Katie's wedding. They were married in a fantastic ceremony on Saturday the 13th. The bridal party had pictures taken at a mansion before the wedding and the reception after the ceremony was well done. Later that evening, everyone adjourned to Diane's parents place for dancing and fireworks.

We stayed at a Super8 near Tremont, IL that night and left for Des Moines on Sunday morning to go to Larry and Marianne's home. All of the local relatives were invited there and we had a super visit with them all, including a pontoon boat ride with Captain Larry on Lake Panorama.

On Monday morning we went to western Iowa to visit family there. We had lunch with Art and Andy McWilliams and stayed with Barb and Myron for three nights. Shirl hosted a coffee and rolls event at Staci's restaurant which was well attended by old friends. Cousin Duane came for dinner at Barb and Myron's that evening.

On Wednesday after breakfast with Carroll and Jeanne we spent some time with Ray and Lois. We also got to play Hand and Foot with Bobbie and Warren and had a nice short visit with Nola. It was great for us to see all these wonderful people, especially for Shirl.

On Thursday, we met for lunch in Onawa with Shirl's coworkers and friends from Monona County Mutual and then on to Omaha where we had a short but nice visit with Shirl's good friend Kay. That evening, we drove to Salina, KS and stayed at a Quality Inn there. Then on to Albuquerque and home on Saturday, the 20th.

We spent the next three days recovering from the exhaustion of the trip.

July 6th. We had a well attended and enjoyable pot luck lunch at the clubhouse on the Fourth. Thanks to Cliff and Char for organizing it and cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs. Granddaughter Emi is heading for Belize today on a mission trip with a Calvary Church group. Shirl and I went to Kerri's this morning for haircuts. Kerri treated us to a delicious apple streudal as well as giving us both great haircuts.
July 3rd. There was a terrible loss of 19 fire fighters' lives at a forest fire in Yarnell this past Sunday, June 30th. The whole state is in mourning. I borrowed a cane from Dorothy Rockwell so that I can get around a bit better. Although the knee is better, there is still some discomfort. Some portions of Obama care implementation have been delayed until after the 2014 elections - Gee, I wonder why? Shirl went to a 100th birthday party on Monday for one of our park residents, Vivian.

June 2013

June 29th. New record temperature for this date of 119°F. The knee is feeling much better but I still haven't been out and about.
June 28th. Twisted my knee yesterday and am homebound for a few days. It's evidently a sprain. Today the temperature is 118 degrees and one of the hottest days on record for this date so I don't feel bad about staying inside.
June 25th. Well, the Bruins lost the Stanley Cup series. They lost in Chicago on Saturday but were ahead 2-1 with a minute to go in the Monday game in Boston but allowed two goals to lose the game 3-2 and the series 4 games to 2.
June 21st. It has been a quiet week. We played Bridge twice and had a few good laughs. Sorry to see the Bruins lose the fourth game of the series on Wednesday, 6-5 in overtime. They will now play in Chicago on Saturday tied at two games each. We had lunch with Mari, Emi and Simone today at Sweet Tomatoes.
June 17th. We had a nice day at Chip and Diane's for Father's Day and received phone calls from Rick, Jim, Karen and Mari. We were all rooting for Phil Mickelson to win the US Open Golf Tournament but he finished second for the sixth time. This evening we went to Terry and Mari's and watched the Bruins play the third Stanley Cup Finals game. Boston won 2-0 and lead the series two games to one.
June 15th. We had a few laughs yesterday playing Bridge at the clubhouse. The second game of the Stanley Cup Playoff was tonight. The Bruins bounced back to take this game 2-1 in the first overtime period. The series now goes back to Boston tied at one game apiece.
June 13th. It took twelve innings but the DBacks won last night after four straight losses. When I was printing the crossword puzzles this morning, an error message for low ink came on, so I went to Office Max to buy some new cartridges and discovered that Office Max is closing its doors and they were all sold out of ink. I went to Target and bought the ink and while I was there, decided to buy an amplifier antenna so that we could set up a TV in the bedroom. As usual, nothing ever goes according to plan so after three hours and a trip to Costco, we finally got it working after rearranging the bedroom. Don and Verna picked us up for pizza at Old Chicago where we had our usual individual Chicago7 Style thin crust pizza and some chocolate cake for dessert. Later, we stopped at their home for coffee which kept me awake for a long time..
June 12th. We had breakfast with Chip yesterday morning at the Good Egg. Always an enjoyable experience. On the way back we stopped at Ace Hardware and bought a Hula Hoe and some Insecticide for spraying around the park model. We watched an old Alfred Hitchcock movie in the afternoon - Jamaica Inn, which is a very very old movie made in 1939. There are quite few events coming up in Prescott this month. The Mile High Brewfest this weekend and the Bluegrass Festival the following week. The DBacks lost to the Dodgers again last night. We had meatball subs at Terry and Mari's while we watched the Bruins lose to the Blackhawks in the third overtime period of the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Next game is on Saturday the 15th.
June 10th. The Diamondbacks lost again last night so the Giants took two of three games in that series. The DBacks play the Dodgers today and hopefully will get back on a winning streak. This morning, we went to the dentist for an early appointment for Shirl. There was concern about a spot on her palate but it turns out that it is not a problem. Jim and Karen called this afternoon and we had a nice visit. We had called them after the Bruins win on June 7th and he told me that he would have gotten back to me sooner but he just got home today from the celebration party. Looks like some young guy ate my old B-52. The summer TV series are back on the air (Glades, Major Crimes, Longmire ) and it's fun to catch up on them. We also started watching a new series call Graceland.
June 9th. The Chicago Blackhawks clinched the Western Division Hockey Championship last evening and the Diamondbacks lost 10-5 to San Francisco. The Stanley Cup Finals start on Wednesday against the Boston Bruins. We woke up early to go for a bike ride this morning and we stopped by to give our favorite 95 year old lady a hug. It's going to be a scorcher today but it was pleasant at 6:30 this morning. We went to 7:30 mass at Our Lady of the Valley and listened to a good homily about having the compassionate heart of Jesus. It's not fashionable to be pleasant or compassionate these days. We were almost run off the road after mass trying to merge onto the I-17. We had a breakfast of Swedish Crepes, Eggs, Bacon and Sausage at the IHOP on Happy Valley Road and then went over to the Wal-Mart and did some shopping.
June 8. Last evening, we went to Terry and Mari's for pizza and to watch the Bruins sweep the Pittsburgh Penguins for a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals as the Eastern Champions. The Bruins won 1-0. The Chicago Blackhawks are playing the LA Kings today. If the Blackhawks win, they will be in the cup finals with the Bruins. After our bike ride this morning we went up to the clubhouse for Saturday morning donuts. Later, we went over to Kerri's for haircuts. Kerri told us about yet another Reality Show called Giving You the Business on the Food network. We're going to check it out.
June 5th. It seems as though every time we turn around this year, someone that we know is passing away. I suppose that is to be expected in a senior RV park but it's still painful. We heard today the Jerry Hiskey passed away unexpectedly in Dewey yesterday. Jerry had been married to Shirl's niece who passed away quite a few years ago. He had not been feeling well and wanted to go to a cooler climate. He and Janie just left one or two days ago. We're not sure what the cause was, but he had been having serious heart problems this past winter but seemed to be doing OK from that. Shirl and I went to see Now You See Me this afternoon and enjoyed it. Lots of special effects.
June 1st. We had a very nice time at Emi's dinner party last evening. It was great to visit with the family and have a meal and enjoy a trivia game, which incidentally, Emi won.

May 2013

May 31st. Signed up for VA Health Benefits yesterday at the VA Administration Office. This morning we had breakfast with Cliff and Char at Fast Eddies. Later, we ordered donuts for the Saturday morning social at the clubhouse and stopped by church to do the SVdP paperwork. This evening, there's a dinner party for Emi in honor of her high school graduation.
May 27th. Memorial Day. We stopped at Don and Verna's this morning and had a great visit and some fantastic pastry which looked like a Beehive but tasted like a croissant.
May 26th. After 7:30AM mass this morning, we went to Paradise Bakery at Norterra Mall for breakfast. It should be on the Dirty Dining report - dirty coffee cups and unclean tables. Shirl went shopping this afternoon and bought some nice clothes for the upcoming trips. I stayed home and watched a few movies.
May 21st. After the memorial mass this morning we updated the SVdP database at church. There was a lot of activity to catch up on. May 20th. We went to breakfast this morning with Len and Ruth over to Ronnie's Cafe. This was their first visit there. There is a memorial mass scheduled for Bunnie at St. James Church in honor of her 77th birthday.
May 18th. You know that you're getting old when you get advertisements in the mail for cures for bowl leakage and sales on hearing aids. This morning we went to the clubhouse for donuts and had a good visit with several people.
May 17th. There was a really nice memorial service for Terry's mother today at the Calvary Chapel. All of Wally's family was there and it was very touching as they remembered her life.
May 15th. Terry's mother died last night quite unexpectedly. She hadn't been feeling good on Mother's Day and declined a dinner out that her children had planned for her. There will be a memorial service at the Calvary Chapel on Friday at 3:00PM.
May 13th. We got back home at noon today from a trip to Denver to visit Dave and Denise. The Focus got 39.1 mpg on the trip. On the way to Denver we stopped in Rifle, CO at the Comfort Inn, which is a very nice place. We had dinner at a great baby back ribs place there. We had a very nice visit in Denver. We went to see The Great Gatsby while we were there. Sensory overload at the beginning but it was a very good story and well done towards the end. On the way home we stopped in Durango, CO at The Adobe Inn, which is really not that great a place. We had a nice meal at Francisco's Restaurant.
May 7th.We had a report that June Sundin died this morning in Michigan. She was the organist at our Desert Shadows Church and a very talented lady. She will be greatly missed.
May 6th. We had a great brunch and visit over at Jerry and Kathy's home yesterday. Today, Shirl and I went to Arrowhead Mall to get me a new pair of tennis shoes. My knee has been bothering me and we needed a shoe with better support.
May 4th. We had the car serviced at Brakes Plus yesterday. After playing bridge in the morning, we walked up to McDonald's and had lunch and picked up the car. After this morning's walk, we went to the clubhouse for doughnuts. Kerri, Shirl and I went to see Iron Man 3 today. We all really enjoyed it.
May 1st. The first Wednesday of the month is Senior Shopping day at Fry's. We loaded up for several weeks. I had my yearly physical yesterday and all systems are functioning as well as can be expected.

April 2013

April 28th. Last night we had a really bad time at the St. James festival. Six of us went to enjoy a supper and the dance. When we got there, the procedure for buying food was elaborate and annoying and when we sat down to drink a beer when we finally got our meal we were told that we couldn't drink on that side of the covered tent. Now I understand that there are rules about drinking beer in a public place but these rules were not clearly posted and it put a damper on the whole evening. This morning, we went to Our Lady of the Valley for the 7:30AM service. Really enjoyed the music and homily. After church, Shirl and I went to Cracker Barrel where she had her usual breakfast of a Pecan Pancake and I had the Eggs and Meat breakfast. We had a very nice luncheon at Chili's in honor of Jonathan's departure for the Navy tomorrow. Terry, Mari, Jonathan, Emilee and Chip were there and we had a nice visit.
April 27th. We went to the clubhouse this morning for donuts. First time this summer season. This afternoon Shirl, Kerri and I went to see the Jackie Robinson movie 42. It's a really good movie. Afterwards we went to Coldstone for an ice cream and this evening we will be going to the St. James Festival for dinner and dancing.
April 22nd. Everyone is getting back to normal today. Rick's back in NY and Jim and Karen are in Napa, CA for a business conference. Lots of praise goes to Terry and Mari for being great hosts to the family! We did a shopping at Walmart this morning and got in a week's supply of groceries. We also worked over at the SVdP pantry doing book work from over the past week.
April 19th. We were all happy to know that one of the Boston Marathon terrorists was killed and another captured. They were two brothers, 26 and 19. The police did an excellent job in finding these two quickly. Jim, Karen and Rick are in from out of town and we had a great party for Jon at Mari and Terry's this evening. Jon will be leaving for the Navy in a week.
April 17th. We went to see Olympus Has Fallen today. This picture was very disturbing for Shirl, especially in light of the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon. There are news reports today that there is a suspect identified.
April 15th. A terrible terrorist attack happened in Boston today at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two bombs were exploded. Three people were killed, including a little 8 year old boy. More than 170 people were injured. I had a routine checkup with my cardiologist today. I'm good for another year.
April 11th. Dr. Benson did a scope of my bladder today and for the second time in a row, it is still clear. That was quite a relief. In the evening, we went for pizza at Old Chicago. Shirl and I have been sharing an individual pizza that is quite good.
April 10th. Shirl had a physical checkup today and had a good report. She's in good shape.
April 9th. We just returned from a trip to Florida yesterday. We left on our Fourth anniversary last Thursday, the fourth. We visited Jim and Karen in Orlando and Deb and John in St. Augustine. We had a great time with them. Our travel went very smoothly all of the way until we were about to land in Phoenix yesterday. There were high winds and blowing dust, so we had to circle a bit before we could land and it was pretty bumpy. We went to see GI Joe with Jim and Karen and we went to a dinner theater musical comedy presentation of Crazy over You at the Alhambra Theater in Jacksonville with Deb and John .

March 2013

March 31st. Easter Sunday. Shirl and I went to the 5:45AM Sunrise Service at St. James this morning and then I was Lay Leader for the 9:00AM service here at Desert Shadows. Afterwards, we went to Kerri's home for Easter dinner of Ribs and lots of other good stuff.
March 29th. Good Friday. We remember today what a wonderful thing that Jesus did for all of us by dying on the cross for our sins. We fall so short of being the kind of person that he would want us to be.
March 26th. The Sunday Church Service went very well. Shirl did a great job as Lay Leader. Last evening we went to Carraba's for dinner with Paul, Carla, George and Audrey. We had a good meal and then went to George and Audrey's for dessert. A very enjoyable evening with lots of laughs.
March 23rd. We just got a call this morning from our friends Liz and Larry. They are staying at a trailer park in Lady Lake, FL for a month. We told them that we would get to see them in July in Springfield. Shirl will be Lay Leader at the Church Service for Palm Sunday and I will be Lay Leader for the Easter Service with Reverend Withee. We went to a Luau at the Clubhouse this evening. Everyone was very colorful in their Hawaiian outfits. The food was good; entertainment and dancing were fun.
March 21st. We had breakfast with Chip on Tuesday at the Good Egg. We'll be doing a bit more work on the websites for Chip. Barb and Myron came over for coffee and cake this morning and we had a very nice visit. Shirl added strawberries and whipped cream to the cake... Yumm.
March 18th. On Saturday, the DVD of the Talent Show came out and I uploaded our skit to You Tube. You can see it at Foster and Shirl Routine. On Sunday, we went to visit Mari and Terry. Jaidyn was there and Mari had bought her a bike and a play kitchen set at a yard sale for a good price. Went to lunch today with our friends Arlene and Marty at Arribas. Shirl actually enjoyed the Chimichanga that we shared. Jake and Jayne stopped by our table to say hello. Afterwards, we updated the database at SVdP.
March 15th. We went for a short walk this morning and helped Paul B. put out some furniture for the movers to pick up to bring back to Boston. I got to speak with Rick about his birthday and his upcoming trip to St. Maarten. Later, we played Bridge at the Clubhouse and I came in third. This evening, we went to dinner with Don and Verna U. at Old Chicago for the fish fry.
March 14th. Today is National Pi (p) day in celebration of the mathematical constant (3.14 et cetera).Pi We're having a block party on our circle today. Lots of food to share. This morning, Shirl and I went to the Good Egg and had breakfast and then went on to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohl's and Christopher and Banks. Shirl got some nice clothes for our Florida trip.
March 12th. Our neighbors put on a Dreamsicle (Orange cream and Vodka) party this afternoon. We had a turnout of over a hundred people. Really great time. On Sunday, Michael came up and connected Kerri's stereo system up to her speakers and then we went to Olive Garden for lunch. They have a great Apricot Chicken dish that Shirl and I shared.
March 9th. We had Pasta Fagioli at Mari and Terry's last night and then went to a Mystery Theater and Dessert event at Calvary Church. I guessed who the killer was and won a T-Shirt. On a very sad note, we had a good friend, Janice Turner, die last Monday evening. She went to the hospital with a neck problem and got some sort of infection which turned out to be fatal. She will be missed in the park.
March 3rd. Went out to breakfast with Myron and Barb at Cracker Barrel and then went to visit Mari and Terry for a bit. . Later, we went to see Lori and the kids.
March 2nd. Kerri came over this morning, did some landscaping, picked some grapefruit and cut my hair. Shirl and I went over to the University of Phoenix stadium to see if we would get picked for the Wheel of Fortune. No luck, but we had a nice time watching the contestants try out. After church in the evening, we went to Len and Ruth's home for a turkey dinner and then on to the dance at the clubhouse.

February 2013

February 28th. We had a nice breakfast with Chip on the 26th and survived two nights of the Talent Show. It seems that most people enjoyed the show and said that it was one of the best overall shows that Desert Shadows has had. The whole crew shared pizza together after the Wednesday night show. On Thursday, we went out for crepes with Paul, Carla, George and Audrey at Le Chalet. We had a nice time together but that is probably the last time going to Le Chalet. The food was so-so.
February 25th. Yesterday, I was Lay Leader at the Desert Shadows Church service with Dr. Wright as the pastor. Tonight was the dress rehearsal for the Talent Show which starts tomorrow night.
February 22nd. We were down with allergies for part of this past week and are getting ready for the Annual Talent show. We have a new Foster Brooks routine worked up and hopefully it will go over well. We went out to dinner on Wednesday at Carraba's with friends Paul and Louise to celebrate birthdays and their anniversary.
February 15th. Paul and Carla hosted a cast party for members of the Theater group. Wonderful selection of food and drink and lots of laughs.
February 13th. Went to see a western show this evening, Missouri Opry and bought two of their CD's.
February 10th. We went to Mari and Terry's today and fixed 48 Clams Casino. This is becoming an annual event on Mari's birthday.
February 8th. Wednesday we had dinner at George and Audrey's place and reminisced about the play. Paul and Carla were there as well. Lots of laughs. Yesterday, we had a block party with way too much food. This evening, went to dinner with Len and Ruth at Old Chicago. It seems as though all we do is eat. We are beginning work on our skit for the Talent Show and have a pretty good start on it. This will be the fifth year that we have done a "Foster Brooks" skit.
February 3rd. The play went very well this past Tuesday and Wednesday and we received quite a few favorable comments. It took three days to unwind. We went to a birthday party for Emi at Terry and Mari's on Friday. Mari had fixed a very nice dinner with pasta and chicken and an ice cream dessert cake. On Saturday, Michael dropped by and we had a nice visit with him. He brought us some tickets to the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament. After church last night, we went to the Outback with our friends Arlene and Marty for a nice steak and shrimp dinner. Today, after church , we went to the golf tournament and got to see Phil Mickelson in his winning performance.

January 2013

January 29th. We played Cribbage at the clubhouse this morning and neither of us won anything. Well the big moment is here. The play is tonight. We are just hoping to get some laughs from everyone.
January 28th. We've been busy this week getting ready for the play which starts tomorrow. We've had rehearsals most days this past week and the week before. Shirl did a great job as Lay Leader for this past Sunday's service here at the park. Some of the old timers in the park are looking younger every day.
January 20th. Great party at Kerri's last night. Kerri and I selected a necklace for Shirl's birthday which is made up of little mementos of our family life. Barb bought her birthstones of sisters Ada and Leone to add to the outside of the chain.
January 18th. We had a little excitement yesterday when Kerri called us with the news of a water leak on her roof. Fortunately, the problem was easily resolved by turning off the water to the evaporative cooler which Kerri no longer uses. We've had three play practices this week and things were a bit rough today. We'll be getting better during our three practices next week. Tomorrow is Shirl's birthday and we will celebrate it at Kerri's place.
January 14th. The quarterly bladder check at the Urologist last Thursday was clear for the first time. We are both very thankful. Prayer really works.
January 9th. Shirl and I went to see a one woman show this evening. Becky Mendez lives here in the park and is a fantastic singer. She had been down with the flu but was still able to do a one hour and fifteen minute show.
January 5th. Denny came over for lunch today. He'll be heading back to Oregon this coming week for radiation treatment on his throat. When we came home from the grocery store this morning, we saw this trailer abandoned on our street. It is truly Trailer Trash. Trailer Trash
January 3rd. We went to see Jack Reacher yesterday and had our first play practice of the month. We have three and a half weeks to get ready. The play will be held on January 29th and 30th. Today we went to see Silver Linings Playbook.



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