Remember that God allows U-Turns

Month List

December 2014

December 31st. We're having a nice rainy day on this New Year's Eve and are enjoying staying inside. This past Monday, the 29th, we went to a Holiday Party for the SVdP people at Irene M's home. Wow, does she do up the Christmas decorations. They are everywhere inside and outside of her house. The potluck was fantastic and we came home stuffed. Speaking of eating, tomorrow we will be roasting a Turkey Breast. We haven't had enough yet this season.
December 28th. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve get together at Terry and Mari's and another wonderfulEatsget together at Barb and Myron's on Christmas Day. Well, the Cardinals blew anther game and lost to the 49ers 20-17.
December 23rd. Picked up our pies from Village Inn today while Shirl and Kerri went shopping. Shirl bought me a very nice blue robe. My first robe in years and I really appreciate it. Shirl got three beautiful new outfits, including one from Kerri as a Christmas gift and they really lifted her spirit. Shirl and I had the low scores at Bridge today so we replenished our penny supply (Low scores get pennies as prizes).
December 22nd. It has been a busy time for us during this Christmas Season. Today we (SVdP) delivered 58 Christmas Dinner boxes to needy families in the surrounding area. Thanks to our conference president, we were also able to find 60 Sponsors for additional families. The Desert Shadows Church Choir put on a Candlelight Service yesterday in the Auditorium which was well attended and very spiritual. We should have been praying harder for the Cardinals because they lost to the Seahawks big time (35-6). They are now 11 and 4 for the season. Next up, the 49ers.
December 13th. Today is Saturday, 12/13/14. That's the last time this millennium for a sequential month, day, and year. The Cardinals managed to squeak out a win against the Rams on Thursday (12-6). It's a good thing that they have a good defense because we don't have much of an offense and we lost another quarterback to injury. We took the shirts back to Stein Mart but it took us two trips. We got there the first time and, due to a comedy of errors, we thought that we had forgotten them at home. So, we went home and when we got out of the car, we saw that they were on the floor in back seat area. The second time back worked just fine and we returned them. We stopped at Kohl's on the way back home and as Shirl was looking for a new pair of black pants, I met a man from Iraq, who had moved to the United States. He loves it here and we had a nice visit. Shirl never did find a pair of pants that she liked, so we left empty handed but with an interesting new acquaintance.
December 9th. After our bike ride this morning, we went shopping at Stein Mart and WalMart and wore ourselves out. The shirts that I bought didn't fit well so now we have to bring them back. We played bridge this afternoon and that was enjoyable but now we are pooped.
December 7th. We went to the dance last night. Exit 40 was the band and we were able to dance to them quite easily. We had a new Pastor this morning at the Desert Shadows Church Service and he spoke on the importance of prayer and the patience required to be effective. After the service we went to Cracker Barrel. It had been a while since Shirl had had a Pecan Pancake and she really enjoyed it. She was kind to me and let me have a small piece. . The Arizona Cardinals played the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon. They squeaked out a victory, thanks, in most part, to the defense (17-14). They are now 10 and 3 for the season but don't look much like a Super Bowl contender. The offense doesn't seem up to it.
December 4th. It rained most of last night and this morning. Very pleasant. We had breakfast with Myron and Barb this morning at Alexis. After Cribbage we went out to dinner with Don and Verna at Old Chicago.

November 2014

November 30th. We went to brunch at the Paradise Cafe today after the church service with Roger and Arlys Withee. The Cardinals lost today to Atlanta 29-18. Very sad. They are now 9 and 3 for the season. They have lost the last two weekends. It's hard to believe that December will be here tomorrow.
November 27th. Thanksgiving Day! We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Shirl is still recovering from her Lung Operation and is almost back to normal after more than five months of healing. We were finally able to get a small vacation in during the early part of October and saw friends and family back east. We will be having two dinners today. One dinner will be at Rick and Norene's and the other at Chip and Di's. It's wonderful to have two sides of our family living in the valley. The Seattle Seahawks beat the Cardinals last Sunday, 19 - 3.
November 20th. When we woke up yesterday we thought that we were in for an easy day. However, when Shirl did the breakfast dishes the garbage disposal starting leaking vigorously. We already had purchased a new faucet earlier because it was leaking as well, so I made another trip to Home Depot to get a new disposal. Later in the morning, Tony B. came over to install both the faucet and the disposal. That took most of the daylight hours as these things are not that easy to replace in a park model. Forgot to mention that we had to make two extra trips to Home Depot and two to the BMO Harris bank. The Church mailbox key that we had made didn't work and the Lava Rock that we bought didn't match our front yard. The bank trips were made to get the Church Debit card activated. Quite an ordeal.
November 18th. This past Saturday I joined the Desert Shadows Church choir. My voice is a bit froggy but hopefully will get stronger. Maybe someday I'll be able to read musical notes. Our friend Marty Martin died early Sunday morning. He had been ill for a long time. We had many fun lunches with him and his wife, Arlene. The Cardinals beat the Lions this week 14-6 and are now 9 and 1 for the season. My son Michael now has a website displaying his photos. Take a look at SpareJordan for a tour of his photos. Now both Rick and Mike have sites to display their talent. Check Rick's site out also.
November 12th. We had a busy day today. Breakfast with Chip at 7AM. Bridge at 9AM. SVdP book work after lunch. We had a play meeting this afternoon at 3PM. We are short about four actors and a director in order to put on this year's play. We're meeting next Wednesday at 3PM to decide whether we will have enough people to put the play on. There is a welcome home dinner for park residents at 5:30 this evening and an Honorarium Mass for several SVdP members at 7PM this evening. .
November 9th. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel two days in a row and split the Apple Cider BBQ Chicken Breast with Apple Chutney both times. It's a very good choice. Today is Patriotic Sunday at Desert Shadows Church and I was the Lay Leader. The Cardinals beat the Rams today 31-14 after being behind 14-10 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. They are now 8 and 1 for the season.
November 5th. We had breakfast with Chip this morning at Denny's. It's always a treat. Later, we gave a Bridge lesson to Kathy and Dorthy and declared them ready to play at the clubhouse. This afternoon there was a "Block Coffee Party" at the Native New Yorker for the Main Street people. There were about 30 of us. We were invited as guests and had wings and flatbread. Lots of fun.
November 2nd. Opening day for the Desert Shadows church. The new Pastor, Nova Forrest, did a fine job with a sermon about grace. The Cardinals beat the Cowboys today 28-17 to go 7 and 1 for the season.
November 1st. It has been quiet for a few days. We went out for pizza on Thursday evening with the Ulricks. That's always fun. No one came by for a Halloween trick or treat last night.

October 2014

October 29th. Great game 7 in the World Series between the KC Royals and San Francisco Giants this evening. We would have liked to see KC win but, alas, they did not. Final score 3-2 Giants. Earlier today we went to see St. Francis with Bill Murray. Really a good movie.
October 27th. Breakfast after church yesterday with Barb, Myron, Norene, Rick, and Kerri at the Black Bear. The Cardinals played a cliff hanger with the Philadelphia Eagles but pulled off a victory in the last two minutes of the game 24-20. We played Bridge with friends Bill and Dorthy last evening while we watched the KC Royals lose game 5 of the World Series. SF Giants are now up 3-2 in the series. This morning, Shirl is hosting The Water Gang bridge ladies while I play around with the computer.
October 24th. We had an interesting day yesterday. Problems with the reservation requests at Cotton Lane, problems with the service at Old Chicago, and up until 12:30AM working on the Cotton Lane Reservation page. Must have been due to the Solar Eclipse that we had yesterday. This morning we went to breakfast at IHOP with Mari and Emi and then shopping at WalMart. We bought one of those rolling carry-on suitcases with 4 wheels.
October 21st. Shirl played Bridge on Monday with the Water Gang and this morning we played Bridge with Connie and Elaine. We had lunch at Dillon's Barbeque restaurant and this evening Ray and Delores took us out to dinner at Valle Luna. Michael called and is getting us four tickets to the final of the Charles Schwab Championship tournament on November 2nd at the Desert Mountain Golf Course..
October 19th. We went to mass yesterday at St. James and attended a 50 year Anniversary celebration after the mass for Nick and Carla Gonzales in the church auditorium. Their children had really put together a wonderful party for them with dinner, a cake, and a champagne toast. This morning we dropped by to see Mari and Terry to see Emi's stained glass art project. She's really a good artist.The Arizona Cardinals beat the Oakland Raiders today 24-13.
October 17th. We had breakfast with Chip and Di this morning at Mimi's in Desert Ridge. Very nice visit! Wow, since Wednesday, people are pouring back into the park for the winter season. It's really nice to see the activity picking up and the chance to catch up with old friends.
October 14th. Went to see The Judge yesterday. Great movie with terrific acting. Mari stopped by after work and we had a nice visit. She's having Terry frame the wedding invitation of my parents.
October 10th. Just arrived back home today after a wonderful quick trip to New England to see family and friends. We spent two days with Dave and Alice in Connecticut and two days with Joe and Carol in Massachusetts. We had a fantastic time in both places . The fall foliage was incredible to see and we had great visits with everyone. We drove down to Bristol and Warren RI to see Auntie Doris. We were so happy to get to visit with her for a while and had lunch at the Wharf Tavern. Alice and David's daughter Sandy and her husband Tom were great hosts for our Connecticut visit.
October 4th. Good week for Bridge playing. We had another session yesterday. This morning Ebelio and his wife washed the park model so we have a nice looking clean home. We are off to New England in the morning.

September 2014

September 30th. We played Bridge this morning with Elaine and Connie and then went on to lunch at Culver's with Mari. Nice day,
September 28th. Myron's Birthday is today so we went to the Royal Cafe for breakfast to celebrate. They have really good blueberry and strawberry crepes. Peach Cobbler for desert back at Barb and Myron's. I've had sufficient servings of fruit today and don't think that there will be any need for eating this evening.
September 27th. Very serious storm hit the park today. Heavy wind and rain. The storm tore down the carport of the Activity Director's park model. This year's monsoon season has been very active. Breakfast with Chip at Denny's on Friday and lunch with the Bull SOL Gang at Dillon's on 59th Avenue. Always fun to be with those people. Great Pulled Pork sandwich.
September 25th. We went to see Memphis at the Phoenix Theatre last evening. Wonderful show with a great cast of very talented singers and dancers.
September 23rd. When we woke up this morning we thought that the only thing we had to do was to dispose of a 42 inch fluorescent bulb that had burned out. Well, as the day unveiled itself, we ended up doing some shopping, visiting the SVdP pantry and taking a nap. Isn't that exciting? People will be returning soon and the days of summer will soon be over and the park activity picking up. The Coyotes have been active recently. For the last two days we've found quite a few droppings in L and M Circles and tonight they made two kills in our area. It's tough to listen to the rabbits scream. People need to watch their small dogs and cats. Here's a photo of the old mailroom. It's going to be replaced by a fountain.
September 22nd. Went to the movies yesterday with Kerri and her friend Charlene. We saw A Walk Among the Tombstones with Liam Neeson. Very intense movie and we all liked it. Lunch at Islands afterwards. They resurfaced some of the streets here in the park yesterday. Mari and Terry arrived home safely from their New England trip.
September 18th. We had a Skype call with Mari, Terry, Alice and David this morning. The tablet performed well. It was great to see them all. Today I'm going to an Old Timer luncheon for retired Honeywell/ Bull folks.
September 17th. We had a big storm predicted for today but it looks like it's going off to the east. Thank goodness because last week's storm was the worst since I've lived in Arizona.
September 15th. Great day for Arizona sports yesterday — Cardinals beat the Giants and the DBacks beat the Padres. Bonus win, in that the Patriots beat the Vikings. Sorry Don and Verna. The Phoenix Mercury are also celebrating their WNBA championship. Here's a picture of the Birdhouses that Kerri arranged on our shed. Pretty neat. Just got a call from the Urologist's office and the bladder biopsy that they took last Thursday is negative for cancer. Thank you Lord!
September 11th. Today was my day for a doctor visit. The Urologist took a biopsy of an area inside my bladder. Follow up on October 2nd. This evening we are going for pizza with Don and Verna at Old Chicago.
September 9th. Shirl had a good report from the doctor yesterday and doesn't have to go back until January. We had heavy rain overnight on Sunday. It was the heaviest rain that I've seen since moving here in 1985. 4.3 inches in Desert Shadows park. Phoenix made the national news with closed Interstates and flooded vehicles. Last evening our SVdP group had dinner together at Times Square restaurant. Good time!
September 5th. Mari came over for lunch yesterday to eat some "must goes". We had a pleasant visit. Don and Verna are back from their Minnesota vacation. They are the first of many that will be returning soon.
September 2nd. Yesterday was Ruth Roose's 96th birthday and we went out to dinner with her and Len at the Red Lobster. She is amazing and very full of life. Today we had lunch with Roger and Arlys Withee at Applebee's in Arrowhead. Great seeing them again.

August 2014

August 31st. We drive up to Pine yesterday and had a fun day up in the mountains with
Shirl's family.

August 26th. We had a nice breakfast after church on Sunday with Kerri, Barb, Myron and Marion at the Royal Cafe in Sun City. Sally, the waitress, was hilarious and the food was excellent. Shirl had Crepes and they were the best that she has had since Paris. We've started a project in the carport to paint birdhouses on the shed door. This project was initiated by Kerri to keep me from being bored while Shirl is recovering.
August21st. Went to see Magic in the Moonlight today. A Woody Allen film set in the roaring twenties in the south of France. Not bad.
August 20th. Breakfast with Chip this morning. The rains over the past few days have been heavy and delightful here in the park. Yesterday, however, there was serious flooding just north of here. Even Interstate 17 was closed because of flash flooding. Multiple rescues occured around the city because of the flooding.
August 18th. This image was produced when gasoline prices went from $1.80 to $2.00. It's even more appropriate these days.
August 17th. We went to three movies this past week: The Hundred Foot Journey, Calvary, and Expendables 3. In order they were "delightful", "heavy", and "fun". On Friday we had lunch with Barb and Myron at Alexis Restaurant. Yesterday we went to the 4 o'clock service at American Lutheran Church in Sun City, followed by a great dinner at the Shanghai Grille and cards with Barb and Myron afterwards. This morning we went to the 7:30 service at Our Lady of the Valley chuch, followed by our first breakfast at Crazy Otto's restaurant. Lunch today at Mimi's Cafe with Kerri after the movie. Oh, at Ross, we found the dining room chair cushions that we had been looking for.
August 11th. After church yesterday, we stopped by Terry and Mari's and they invited us over for dominoes and spaghetti. We enjoyed our visit and also watched Hell on Wheels with them, This morning we went for a walk and saw this sunrise.
August 8th. We are having lunch with Mari today.
August 5th. Today we had an enjoyable breakfast with Chip and later went to see I Wish I Were Here. Don't waste your money on this movie. The park management has bought more permanent signs for the days when they turn off the water on Thursdays from 9 to Noon. There are at least five of them scattered around the park.
August 2nd. This evening, after Mass, we went to Chili's for dinner and a Margarita. That's the first for Shirl since she got sick. It was kind of funny. We ordered the Triple Dipper and one of her Sliders came with a piece of hamburger about the size of a quarter. Our waitress, Jen, brought us a replacement. It seems that they have a new worker in the kitchen who may not last very long. He's slow and inaccurate.

July 2014

July 31st. We went to see And So It Goes with Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. We enjoyed it very much, as would most of us with a few years under our belt.
July 30th. Today we saw Dr. Porvin for a review of Shirl's pain situation. He told us that this level of pain is common at this point in her recovery. We had a great visit with Deb who came in from Florida and left yesterday. Barb and Myron hosted a brunch on July 26th for her grandson Shane and his family who came from Iowa.
July 25th. July has turned out to be a recovery month. Shirl continues to improve but not at the rate that she would like. We've gone to the Arrowhead Mall a few times to walk around in the air conditioned environment. This morning the air conditioner woke us up making funny noises. Hopefully, we won't be overwhelmed by the cost to fix it. Deb is arriving from Florida today and plans to stay until this coming Tuesday. My brother-in-law Carl passed away on July 17th. He had been suffering from Alzheimers disease for many years.
July 12th. Went to breakfast and had a very nice visit with Mike and Bob this morning. Ella's birthday is today and we had a party for her this afternoon. Lots of kids and much fun.
July 11th. Breakfasts are becoming very interesting. Today we went to breakfast with our friends Ruth and Len. Ruth accidentally spilled her water glass with her menu and we had a small pool of water on the floor around us. Yesterday we went to the Times Square restaurant for breakfast at 7:30AM. When we pulled into the lot, we saw that it was mostly pickup trucks parked there. When we went inside, there were about 26 men and Shirl was the only woman there except for the waitress. Very unusual situation but breakfast was good and we escaped unharmed.
July 4th. We had a pretty good sized storm come through last evening. Major dust and heavy rain. We visited the surgeon yesterday morning and Shirl got a good report. There will still be some pain and weakness as she recovers but we were told that is normal.

June 2014

June 25th. Yesterday was a very good day for Shirl but she is a bit down today because she is not improving as quickly as she would like. The nurse came by and looked her over and Shirl is actually doing quite well. Next week there are follow up visits scheduled with the Primary Care Physician and the Surgeon.
June 21st. This is Shirl's third day home and she continues to improve. They sent her home with oxygen to keep her level above 90. The Home Care Nurse, Melinda, came by yesterday and gave us some good tips about caring for the wound from her surgery. She also suggested that Shirl wean herself slowly off the oxygen so that she won't become dependent on it. We've been trying that during the day and she is staying at or above 90%. Last night, we put her back on the oxygen so that would we sleep well. Her appetite is slowly coming back and she was able to eat a good breakfast this morning.
June 18th. All of the tubes have been removed from Shirl and she walked 4 times yesterday. She came home today. She is still very weak and we should wait a few days before visitors.
June 15th. Shirl continues to improve. They walked her three times yesterday. Her color is good and her voice continues to get stronger. She's a bit disappointed that she isn't recovering as fast as she would like, but all of the nurses tell her that she is doing better than most people at this stage of her recovery. They have moved her from Intensive Care to Intermediate Care, which is like a half way stop on her way back to the Surgical Recovery Ward. She's still in some pain due to the drainage tubes but she has an Epidural tube delivering her pain meds.
June 13th. The Empyema/Decortication surgery was done this morning. It was successful and her lung has started to reinflate and will continue to do so as she recovers. Shirley is in her room in the Intensive Care Unit and is resting at this time. The anesthesiologist told us that she is in better shape than we are and he did not have to leave a "breathing tube" in her throat. She is breathing well on her own. She is in quite a bit of pain yet but they are getting it under control. She will have to have drainage tubes in her for up to three days. After they are removed, she will be able to come home. That will likely be next Tuesday or Wednesday.
June 12th. The doctors gave Shirl an anti fungal drug (Diflucan) last night and she seemed much better this morning. Her color was good and her voice is stronger. The surgeon came in around 8:00AM and recommended that we go ahead with the surgery to clear out the junk from her lungs. That surgery will happen sometime tomorrow. She should be able to come home by next Tuesday.
June 11th. We had some great news yesterday. No cancer cells were found in the biopsy, so we were quite relieved. Unfortunately, there is an ongoing problem in her lung and the thoracic surgeon needs to decide whether to operate to clear the problem. We continue to hope for good results. Here's a picture of the flowers that people sent to the hospital for Shirl.
June 9th. Monday has come and gone and still there is no word on the results of the tests that were submitted last Friday. Shirl is still having a problem breathing without pain and it is difficult to continue to wait for the test results because we are all nervous that they may be serious. She looks better and is able to eat a bit more than she has been eating. Surely the test results will be back tomorrow and we can decide on the next steps for her treatment. It is frustrating to see someone as healthy as Shirl being hit with this problem so quickly and without warning.
June 6th. Shirl had a Bronchoscopy today and they are keeping her at the hospital for the weekend because the results of the testing won't be available until Monday.
June 4th. We were getting ready for a trip back east today when Shirley had a fainting spell. She was taken to John C Lincoln Hospital for tests and they found something in her right lung that they want to check so they are keeping her overnight. Needless to say, we have to postpone our trip and pray that the health problem is not too serious.
June 2nd. Busy morning at the SVdP Pantry today. Activity is picking up again as more people need help just getting by.

May 2014

May 31st. We know that summer has arrived, at least as far as the heat is concerned. Yesterday morning we had breakfast with Barb, Myron and Greg at The Black Bear. They have the greatest spicy pork sausage, which they make themselves. This morning, we provided the donuts at the clubhouse. We'll do that one more time during this off season.
May 18th to 30th. We've been busy for the last 13 days. We drove straight back from Denver on Monday, the 19th. Sort of tired out after a 14 hour driving day. We're glad we did that though because on Tuesday, the 20th, there was a fire in Oak Creek Canyon and an RV fire on I-17 which closed the road. We missed all of that. Syd's graduation party was on Wednesday at the Desert Ridge Apartments and we got to see a lot of family that were in from out of town. On Friday, we went to a "Pre Wedding" dinner at Rustler's Rooste. On Saturday, we went to the wedding rehearsal for Austin and Hannah and then to Orange Tree Golf Resort for the rehearsal dinner. We had biscuits and gravy at Barb and Myron's on Sunday morning and went on to the wedding location. We were one of the first ones there and before too many people came, I took a fall and skinned my knee and ruined my suit pants. We decided to go home and repair the damage, so we missed the actual wedding. On the 26th, we went to see Moms Night Out, which is hilarious. Afterwards, we went to Terry and Mari's for a Memorial day Barbecue. Lori and the kids were there. We had a great visit with them and played Mexican Train dominoes. Yesterday, we had Breakfast with Chip and went on to Lamar Donuts to order two dozen for Saturday Donuts at the Clubhouse. Afterwards, we took a drive up to Happy Valley to the Nationwide Vision store and got Shirl's money back for her glasses. She originally had an eye exam on the 16th of April and when they arrived at the end of April, the glasses weren't as good as her current ones. The store people sent them back to be repaired on the 1st of May and they were not back yet. In the evening, we went to Old Chicago with the Ulricks for pizza. This morning, we met Barb, Myron and Greg at The Black Bear for breakfast. Now, we are at home resting for the rest of the day.
May 17th. Drove to Denver to see Dave and Denise. Dave's birthday is this weekend. We stopped in Rifle, CO on Friday and had Ribs at the Rib City Grille. This is always a treat. We had a nice visit and also got to see Evan, Melanie and Leo.
May 14th. Blood test results from the Annual Wellness check were good.
May 11th. We went to Barb and Myron's for Mother's Day. Kerri bought a beautiful pink sweater and shoes that really looked great. She also gave Shirl a flower charm addition to Shirl's Locket
May 10th. We went to Syd's Spring Concert last night. This was her final concert in High School and she was a bit teary eyed. We are looking forward to the summer as we hold hands looking out to sea. Can't wait to get back to San Diego.
May 9th. Went to lunch with Mari at Olive Garden. Way too much food but very good soup and salad.
May 8th. Pretty scary time for Emilee this week. She had an episode with her heart and they finally did an ablation to get her heart back to a normal rhythm. She was happy to get it done and went home this evening. She should not have the problem anymore. Thank the Lord! Good news from the Urologist from today's Systoscopy. The bladder is clear for the third time in a row. Next check will be in August. Also had my annual wellness check yesterday and am still breathing.
May 7th. We had breakfast with Chip this morning because he forgot us yesterday. My annual wellness check was today and everything seems to be working fine.
May 4th. Shirl and I have been under the weather for the better part of two weeks and haven't felt very much like doing anything.
May 1st. The prescription glasses that Shirl got were actually worse than the ones that she had, so we returned them today. Nationwide kept them and will make a new pair.

April 2014

April 23rd. After breakfast with Chip, we went to see Draft Day yesterday. We both enjoyed it quite a bit. We had a very enjoyable Easter, going to both a sunrise service and a 9:00AM service at the American Lutheran church in Sun City.
April 19th. Went to the cardiologist on Tuesday and had a good report. Next checkup in six months. Shirl's wellness check went well on Thursday, so we are in good shape as we approach the summer activities.
April 15th. The last four days of this past week were spent close to the porcelain throne. Never figured out what started it because I felt well enough otherwise. Shirl and Kerri went to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly Glass exhibit. They loved it.
April 7th. At the dance on Saturday we reminisced about the fact that we were married five years ago in that very room. People still have fond memories of that day, as do we. We played around with the new backup camera that we installed on our car on the first and think that we finally have a spot for the monitor.
April 4th. We quietly celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary at home. Time is definitely flying by. Our friends Bill and Dorthy came over for Bridge and Dessert. They'll be heading north shortly. We are seeing lots of changes and new people in the park and that's a good thing because the place seems more alive.
April 2nd. Chip is back from New York and we had breakfast with him yesterday at Denny's. He had a wonderful time with Rick and Jason and his family. Last evening we had a very nice visit with Graham and Susan Ford. The park is really winding down for the summer and most people will be gone by the end of the month.

March 2014

March 29th. We had a fantastic time last night thanks to Bill and Dorthy Zimmermann. They took us and the Carman's to George and Son's Chinese Restaurant. Good food, company and lots of laughs. Today we went to see Noah with Barb and Kerri. The film makers really took great liberties with the Bible account, including "Transformer" like monsters called "The Watchers". Shirl and Barb were very disappointed in the movie.
March 27th. We went to the movies yesterday and saw God's Not Dead. We were surprised to see an almost full theater at 3:00 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. We really enjoyed the movie.
March 24th. Yesterday Barb, Myron and Kerri came to church at Desert Shadows and then we went to the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant for brunch. Most of the food was cold, so they gave us a discount. We've been having bad luck with restaurants lately.
March 20th. Many folks are getting ready to leave for the summer. That translates into lots of opportunities to eat excessively. On Tuesday, the Carmans hosted a Dreamsicle party with food and drinks. At Cribbage today, my partner got a 29 hand. That's the first that I've seen in an actual game. This afternoon we had a street potluck dinner with lots of good food. March 16th. The "band" at the dance last night was not good for us, so we left early and watched Blue Bloods on our DVR.This morning after Mass and Desert Shadows Church service we went to a brunch co-hosted by Bonnie Moore and Shirlene Ankrum. Shirlene had made some awesome biscuits and gravy.
March 13th. Shanghai Grille We went to the Shanghai Grille with our friends George, Audrey, Paul and Carla last evening. The hostess took this picture and we had a meal that was almost impossible for the 6 of us to eat. Really great food.
March 10th. Went to see the LA Dodgers and Oakland Athletics play a spring training game today. A very nice young man gave us two tickets in Row 3 of Section 4. Final score was 8 to 8.
March 8th. At last, the play activities are over for the season. Life gets back to normal. It won't be long now before most of the snowbirds head North for the summer. We are planning on attending our first spring training game on Monday at the LA Dodger's park against the Oakland A's.
March 5th. The play went very well last evening; much better than we thought. This morning, Shirl and I went shopping for a Wi-Fi connector and new Monitor for the SVdP pantry computer. Giovanni helped with the installation.
March 4th. We are having the Park Play tonight and tomorrow night. It's called The Town Meeting and it's a comedy about a presidential debate. Last night, we had a dress rehearsal and we all stumbled over our lines. Hopefully, we'll be better in front of a live audience.

February 2014

February 27th. Shirl and I went to the Native New Yorker for dinner this evening. Great wings and a Meatball Sandwich, along with a drink called Sexy on the Beach. Preparations continue for the park play next Tuesday and Wednesday. We have been practicing every day this week.
February 23rd. We went to a very nice 50th wedding anniversary party at our friends, Phyllis and Bob's, home. Phyllis made a lot of the food herself and the food and company was terrific.
February 20th. It's been a busy week and a half, getting ready for the "Talent" Show and other activities. On the 13th, we had an L Circle Coffee party in our driveway. It's always nice to get to know the neighbors. On Sunday, the 16th, after church there was a 50th anniversary party for the Cramers at the clubhouse. Starting that evening, we rehearsed for the Talent Show two nights in a row and then on the 18th and 19th, we did the live show. We always enjoy doing our comedy act for the great people here at Desert Shadows. Now it's time to get ready for the play that we'll be doing on the 4th and 5th of March.
February 10th. We had a wonderful Olympic Sunday service yesterday at the park. Very patriotic. This morning we went to see Monuments Men at the AMC Theater and enjoyed it. In the evening, we took Mari and Terry to dinner at Carrabas in honor of Mari's birthday. Very good meal as usual.
February 8th. Now that we have the blinds, the ripple effect starts. We needed new valances. So innocently enough, we went to Walmart at Happy Valley Rd to have some breakfast at McDonald's (cheap enough at $3.66) and found some valances that we liked. Unfortunately we needed six and the store only had four. We checked at the Customer Service desk and were told that the Walmart at 83rd and Union Hills had nine of them, so off we went. Upon arrival, we discovered that there were none there and the clerk wasn't very helpful so we decided to try the Walmart at 59th Avenue and Bell. When we got there we discovered that they didn't have this particular valance either. We asked customer service to locate a store that had some and they sent us off to the store at 56th Ave and Northern because their inventory showed nine. Off we went and would you believe it? They didn't have them either. At this point, we gave up and went home. Four WalMarts visited in one day - a new record for me. When we got home, Shirl decided that we could live with the four that we had - in fact, she only used three and she is happy. Now we have to make a trip to Walmart to return one.
February 6th. Early morning bladder check with Dr. Benson. We are thankful to the Lord that the bladder is still clear. We played Cribbage in the afternoon and Shirl won first place. For dinner we went to Old Chicago with Don and Verna for half price pizza night.
February 5th. Yesterday, we had our new blinds in the living room installed and today was very busy. We started the day with Breakfast with Chip. Bible study at 2:00 and Play Practice at 3:15. We went to see Ain't Misbehavin at the Phoenix Theatre in the evening.
February 2nd. The park church was honored to have Rev. Wade McKinley do the Sunday service. He is both funny and reverent.

January 2014

January 31st. Mari hosted a party for Lori at her home and we had a great time celebrating Lori's birthday.
January 30th. Movie Night at Paul and Carla LePage's home with George and Audrey as well. They are fun to be with. We watched The Heat and The Butler. Yesterday, we went to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit at the theater.
January 28th. Don and Lynn Cunningham along with Jim and Barbara Porter hosted an outdoor Luncheon in the East Ramada. Many thanks to them for a wonderful time.
January 24th. Deb had surgery on her foot today and that seems to have worked out well. Shirl and I had a great lunch visit with Mari at the Olive Garden.
January 22nd. Chip and I had breakfast together at Denny's. Shirl and I went to the Bible Study in the afternoon and went to see the Bruce and Betsy Mullen show at the clubhouse in the evening.
January 20th. Shirl was a model in the fashion show today while I went over to Tom Grace's home to do an audit on the SVdP financials for the last fiscal year.
January 18th. Shirl got a perm this morning at Kerri's and this evening after Mass, we went to Chili's and had their Triple Dipper, along with the usual Margueritas.
January 16th. We had an L Circle block coffee this morning in Tony and La Vina's driveway. Good turnout! The next one will be in our driveway in February.
January 15th. We had the carpets cleaned this morning and then we had a meeting at the clubhouse to determine if we would put on a play in the park this year. We have enough people to do a show. We will be doing The Town Meeting, which is about a comedy about a presidential debate. In the evening, we had a celebratory birthday dinner with Marty and Arlene at Carabbas.
January 14th. Breakfast with Chip at Denny's at 7:30 and then we went to Kerri's to wait for the furnace repairman. Her problem was a blown capacitor which kept the heating unit from functioning.
January 11th. We had a good report from Dr. Benson on the results of my prostate procedure. The flow test looked very good. Next month we'll have a Systoscopy to see how things are going inside the bladder. We played Cribbage and Bridge this week so things are back to normal activities. Thursday we went to Old Chicago with Don and Verna and shared a pizza and dessert.
January 5th. Happy New Year to all! Just now recovering from the New Year's Eve dance. We danced just about every number and woke up on New Year's Day hardly able to walk. Back ache, leg ache, and very stiff all over. This morning things seem back to normal. Last Friday, we went to Padre Murphy's with George, Audrey, Paul and Carla for Fish - it was really very good. Dr. Wright was back as our pastor this morning. He was in good spirits and has recovered fully from his dehydration of two weeks ago.
January 1st. Recovering from the dance last night.



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