Remember that God allows U-Turns

Month List

December 2015

December 31st For the first time in many years we went to the New Year's Eve Dance at the Clubhouse. We both had a great time and actually stayed at the dance until it was over.

December 25th Christmas Day. We had a nice get together last evening at Mari and Terry's. Mike, Bob, Lori, Brody, Jaidyn, Ella, Emi and Jonathan were all there and we had a ton of food. We watched White Christmas, the movie with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. We had a phone call from Joe and Carol this morning, as well as one from Dave and Denise. Everyone seems to be doing well. Kerri fixed a great dinner at her home and later we went to Barb and Myron's for dessert. Brenda had fixed two delicious pies. All in all, a very pleasant day to celebrate the birth of our savior.

December 22nd We went to Prescott yesterday to do some work for the Forest Service. Special thanks to Susan for lunch at the Palace with her and Gary. We also had a nice visit over coffee with Pete Dressen earlier and on the way home we stopped for a brief visit with Paul and Louise. Overall it was a very pleasant day.

December 19th Yesterday, I had lunch with the SOL group at the Pita Jungle in the Desert Ridge area. Good food and lots of laughs. We had breakfast with Michael and Bob this morning over at Chompies in the Paradise Valley Mall. After we found Chompies, we had a great visit.

December 16th We had our first on-stage run through of this year's play. We are all a bit ragged at this point but the show looks to be fun. This evening we played Hand and Foot at the Zimmermans with them and the Baileys. As usual, we had a good time.

December 14th We had an L Circle block coffee get-together this morning and wouldn't you know, it was rainy and chilly. We went ahead with it anyway and it turned out well. Frank bought over his heater and 23 people showed up and visited for about an hour.

December 12th Shirl got her DNA results back today and it's now been verified that she is 83% Scandinavian and is closely related to Barb.

December 10th We had a fun time playing Hand and Foot with the Baileys and Zimmermans last evening. Ruth made some Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownies. We had our first read through of the play script this afternoon. It should be a funny show once we get our parts lined up properly.

December 7th We had a very nice church service at the clubhouse yesterday. Dr. Young preached a good sermon on God's planning for Christmas. Our greatest gift from God is Jesus Christ. I'm starting to learn my part for the upcoming park play. Fortunately, I have a small part and it should be fairly easy to learn.

December 5th We were able to get a group together to put on a play this year. The play is called At the Border and will be held on January 19th and 20th in the auditorium here in the park. This morning we went to breakfast with Juel, Patti, Ray and Delores at the IHOP on Happy Valley Road.

December 1st Well, the weekend is over and Rick returned to New York yesterday. It was a real pleasure having him here for the holiday. We had some good family times - Mari and Terry had us for Thanksgiving, Lori hosted a tree decorating event at her home, and Chip and Di had us over for pizza on Sunday night where we got to watch the Patriots lose to the Broncos. This morning Carla stopped by on her walk around the park and we had a nice visit with coffee and cookies.

November 2015

November 27th We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Two dinners - one at Myron and Barb's home in Sun City. Rick is in from New York and we had all of the local Jordan family at Mari and Terry's for the afternoon dinner.

November 23rd Had lunch with Arlene, Diane, and Lamar at Applebee's and delivered the food collected at Desert Shadows to the St. James SVdP Pantry. Tomorrow, we will deliver more than 120 Thanksgiving Dinner boxes.

November 22nd Shirl and I went to the dance at the clubhouse last night. We sat with the Cunningham's and had a great time. This morning I was Lay Leader at the Park Church Service.

Advice from An Old Farmer
Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. Keep skunks and bankers at a distance. Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor. Words that soak into your ears are whispered… not yelled. Meanness don't jes’ happen overnight.

Forgive your enemies; it messes up their heads. Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you. It don't take a very big person to carry a grudge. You cannot unsay a cruel word. Every path has a few puddles. When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty. The best sermons are lived, not preached. Most of the stuff people worry about ain’t never gonna happen anyway. Don't judge folks by their relatives. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

Live a good, honorable life… Then when you get older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time. Don ‘t interfere with somethin’ that ain’t bothering you none. Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a Rain dance. If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’. Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.

The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin’. Always drink upstream from the herd. Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment. Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back in. If you get to thinkin’ you're a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else's dog around.. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God..

November 19th Went to dinner with Barb and Myron at Cracker Barrel last evening. Shirl finished second in the Cribbage games today. This evening we went to Old Chicago with Don and Verna and eight others for pizza and wings.

November 17th Shirl and I went to an 80th birthday party for Emma at The Iron Works restaurant. Emma's daughter invited many of Emma's friends from the park. I have a new "First" in my life. This was the first time that a waitress gave me her phone number and asked me to tell her the name of a good plumber. Three additional families have returned to our L Circle within the past day or so - the Carmans, the Brasses and Schifos. Just two or three more and we will all be here again for the season. We sent the DNA kit for Shirl back to Ancestry today. We should get the results in about three weeks.

November 15th Late Friday evening we heard reports from Paris of a massive terrorist attack. A senseless act of violence against innocent people. Our prayers continue to go out to them. Fortunately our friends Francy and Claude are OK. This afternoon we went to Kerri's for haircuts and it turns out that she fixed us dinner as well. Really good.

November 13th Friday the Thirteenth and so far, so good. On Wednesday, Veteran's Day, I bought a new flag and a green bulb for the porch to honor the Vets. We went to the Welcome Home dinner at the clubhouse in the evening. It was very nice and about 150 people attended. This morning we had breakfast with Chip at Denny's.

November 10th We had lunch with Myron and Barb yesterday at the Deer Valley Airport restaurant. Shirl and I went for a bike ride this morning and it was a bit brisk and overcast. Church meeting is today at noon.

November 8th We went to Prescott yesterday to have lunch with Terry and Mari at Murphy's. It was quite a surprise for Mari because she didn't know that we were coming. Terry had arranged it with us earlier. On the way home we stopped to visit Paul and Louise in Dewey and attended the 5 o'clock mass at Our Lady of the Valley. I was Lay Leader at the Desert Shadows Church this morning. Today is Patriotic Sunday and the church was decorated accordingly. Afterwards, we went to see the new James Bond movie, Spectre.

November 6th We went to Old Chicago on Thursday night with about 18 other people from the park. Great service and great pizza but very noisy. The first choir practice of the new church season was held on Friday morning. We are still waiting for a few folks that are not back.

November 4th Went shopping at Fry's this morning and the place is in a state of massive rearrangement. I was fortunate enough to find everything needed except envelopes. After shopping, I went for my normal monthly blood draw. Finished the morning playing Bridge in Sun City with Shirl, Connie and Connie. Connie fixed a nice lunch for us. In the afternoon we got the Bulletins ready for this Sunday's Church Service and filled the car's tires with air due to a warning message. Very soon we will be putting a shopping list together for Thanksgiving Dinner at Mari and Terry's. Shirl and I are excited about having a local family get together and Rick will be flying in to join us.

November 1st The first dance of the season was last evening. Kerri brought us our Halloween costumes which were hospital scrubs, masks and surgical hats. Shirl dressed as Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and I dressed as Dr. Jekyll. There was a church picnic for Our Lady of the Valley today and, although we didn't go, we won a 55 inch TV. After the initial exhilaration of winning, we realized we had a problem trying to figure out how it would fit into our little abode. Howard and Betsy came over and helped us install it.

October 2015

October 30th We went to Banner Thunderbird Hospital this morning with Kerri to watch a Halloween party for the kids with the Glendale Police Department rappelling down a hospital wall with candy for the kids. The Mets won the third game of the World Series today. The Kansas City Royals now lead the Mets 2 games to 1.

As a footnote to this section, the Royals went on to beat the Mets in 6 games. I was rooting for the Mets during the series because they are a National League team, just as the DBacks are.

October 28th We had a dentist visit yesterday and we're both fine for the next 6 months. We had the first park church meeting of the new season and the first service is this Sunday. The Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets 5 to 4 in the 14th inning in the opening game of this year's World Series. This morning we went to breakfast at Denny's and then to Fry's for a few groceries and found that just about everything is moved to a different location in the store. For example, cereal was in Aisle 5 and is now in Aisle 9. Next Wednesday should be hilarious because Seniors get a 10% discount on the first Wednesday of the month. A half hour shopping event may now turn into a two hour ordeal. Even the young people were confused this morning...

October 25th After church this morning we went to IHOP for breakfast. The Patriots beat the Jets today to continue their undefeated season. We went for a bike ride late in the afternoon and stopped to visit several of our friends around the park including some that have recently returned for the season.

October 24th We went to Old Chicago this past Thursday with our friends Don and Verna. It's good to get back into the normal seasonal rhythm. Got the results of my bladder biopsy yesterday. Good news. The test was negative. The Baseball playoffs are over and the Mets and the Royals will play in the World Series starting this Tuesday, the 27th..

October 16th Two doctor appointments this week. We went to see The Martian today. Very good movie. The American League Baseball playoffs start today with the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals. We are getting a good soaking rain here right now.

October 12th Went to the Deer Valley Airport for dinner with members of the St Vincent de Paul Society. We had a nice meal and visited with several people. More people are returning to the park this week. It's still a bit warm for this time of year but is supposed to cool off by the weekend.

October 11th After church we went to the Wildflower Restaurant for breakfast with the Threinens. Lots of sports on TV today with the Cardinals winning big over the Lions in Detroit, the Patriots beating the Cowboys, and four Major League Baseball playoff games.

October 9th We drove up to Prescott yesterday and had a wonderful meal at Murphy's Restaurant. Their bread is warm and excellent. We drove over to Granite Basin after lunch and saw four deer feeding in the woods. We came home by way of Yarnel and Wickenburg because there was major construction on Interstate 17 and the traffic was backed up for miles in the southerly direction.

October 6th We had a fair amount of rain over the past few days and the temperature was in the mid 60s this afternoon. We went to see The War Room, a religious film about a failing marriage. Turned out to be a fairly good movie.

October 3rd We went over to Chip and Diane's to be with the family. Austin and Hannah, Cody and Katie, Bob and Michael, Terry, Mari, Jonathan and Emi were all there. Diane had made a beautiful ice cream dessert. We watched ASU beat UCLA, 38-21. Katie and Shirl won a game of Euchre against Austin and Cody. Wonderful get together.

October 1st Had lunch with Myron, Barb, Kerri, Greg and Brenda at the Black Bear Diner.

September 2015

September 29th We went to see The Intern this afternoon. It's a really good movie that Shirl and I enjoyed very much. Robert De Nero did a great acting job. This evening we went to see the DBacks play against the Rockies. The score was tied at 3 after 7 innings and we left the ball park to finish watching at home. The DBacks won the game in the 11th inning, 4-3.

September 27th Barb had a party at Brothers Restaurant in Peoria in celebration of Myron's Birthday. Lots of family there and we had a very enjoyable time. Myron's sons, Greg and Troy, were in town for the event. In the evening, there was a Blood Moon. The next won't be until 2033.

September 26th Terry's Birthday today. Spoke with Rick this morning. He is home, sounds great and has already gone out to brunch with friends.

September 25th Just spoke with Rick and he is doing well. He is in some pain but has already been walking and will be going home tomorrow. The surgeon told him that the operation could not have gone more smoothly. The Pope is in New York today and is addressing the United Nations Assembly. Fall has finally arrived after a long hot summer.

September 24th Rick had a hip replacement today and we just heard from Geoffrey that the surgery went well and Rick is in recovery as I write this. We thank God for a successful operation. We had breakfast this morning with our friends Don and Verna at Fast Eddies. Watched the DBacks get beat by the Dodgers.

September 21st After church yesterday we watched the AZ Cardinals beat the Chicago Bears. The Cards are now 2 and 0 for this new season. Mike and Bob came up and brought Bert along because Shirl really missed Bert. They bought and brought Popeye's fried chicken for lunch. We had a very nice visit. This morning we went for a bike ride and saw Becky B walking her dog. She is back for the season. People are starting to trickle in. A few Eagles tunes have been added under the music link on the navigation bar.

September 18th Went to Old Chicago last evening with Don and Verna for pizza and wings. We watched the Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Great to be seeing football again. It means that the good weather is soon returning to Phoenix. We've been riding our bikes for the past three days too.

September 17th Watched the Republican Presidential debate last evening. It was entertaining but there were a bit too many personal attacks, especially by Donald Trump. He continues to be the front runner in the Republican race but I think that he's a Democratic plant that says what many conservatives want to hear but there's no way that a rational person would vote for him. Having him run as a presidential candidate would almost ensure a Democratic win. He's a loose canon.

September 14th We watched the AZ Cardinals beat the New Orleans Saints 31 to 19 and had a barbecue at Terry and Mari's yesterday. Nice visit including Bob and Michael. We had breakfast with Chip this morning in honor of his birthday.

September 11th. We went to see the DBacks play the Dodgers this evening. There was a wonderful ceremony before the game remembering 9/11/2001. There were about two hundred marines from Camp Pendleton there and about three hundred school kids that sang the Star Spangled Banner. The DBacks beat the Dodgers 12-4. That was the most enjoyable game that we have seen so far. One more game to go to this month on the 29th against the Rockies.

September 9th. We picked up our friends Don and Verna at the airport and, after taking them back to the park to start their air conditioner, we went to Old Chicago for dinner. Great to have them back from Minneapolis.

September 7th. Labor Day. We've had a nice weekend so far. We had lunch with Mike and Bob on Saturday at Federal Pizza and went to church with Kerri, Barb and Myron in Sun City yesterday. Nice breakfast at JB's after the church service. Brioche breakfast at IHOP this morning. Definitely saving on our grocery bill. We watched the DBacks beat the Giants later in the day and watched a few romantic comedies at home.

September 4th. We went to see Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte this morning. We both liked the humor and the story.

September 3rd. On Tuesday we went to Kerri's for a barbecue and a permanent. We had a great time and watched a funny movie (Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day).We watched Girl on a Bicycle yesterday. I love the French sense of humor.

August 2015

August 31st. Quiet day at home today. There has been a lot of those days lately. We can't wait for the heat to be over and for the winter people to return.

August 30th. Our granddaughter Jaidyn invited Shirl and me to go to church with her today so, after going to Our Lady of the Valley for the 730AM service, we went to the 900AM service at Stone Creek with Jaidyn, Mari and Terry. It is special to us that Jaidyn thought of this on her own.

August 28th. We went to Chase Field last evening and watched the DBacks get beat up by the St. Louis Cardinals again. They swept the four game series. Final score was 5-3 but it was fun being at the ballpark. We enjoyed our dinner at the park. It was a Coldstone Oreo Overload ice cream waffle cone. People are running around on our roof today as they are waterproofing it with an industrial sealant.

August 26th. We had a fun breakfast with Chip this morning. Worked at the Church pantry this afternoon. We watched the St. Louis Cardinals beat up on the Diamondbacks on TV in the evening.

August 24th. Went through the last three days having an ordeal with Windows 10 and have gone back to Windows 8.1. Had to recover all of our applications and files. Was up half of the night on Saturday trying to get back to normal and it wasn't until today that everything is almost back to normal. We are staying away from Windows 10 for the time being. We'll probably wait at least 6 months.

August 21st. Went grocery shopping early this morning and later went to lunch at the Perk Eatery in Scottsdale with Terry and Mari. Very nice place to eat. After lunch we went to the Art Department where Terry works and saw some pretty terrific paintings and frames. Terry does most of the framing there. I've increased the size of the font on the website to accommodate all of us who are getting older.

August 20th. Went to lunch yesterday with Barb and Myron at Cracker Barrel and played Cribbage afterwards. Today we went to Applebees with Arlene, Diane and Lamar. We are really saving a lot on our grocery bill this week.

August 17th. We went to IHOP on Happy Valley Road after church this morning and spent the rest of the day working on a jigsaw puzzle and watching the DBacks beat the Pirates.

August 14th. Went to the Iowa Cafe in Mesa yesterday for lunch and had two Iowa Grilled Pork Chops. Shirl had Loose Meat and Elaine had a Reuben which she said was great. Had lunch with the SOL Group today at Zipp's Sports Grille in Glendale. We had a very good visit. Bob, Tom, Barb, Carol, Gordon and I were there. Very good food. We'll set up another lunch for November at Desert Ridge.

August 12th. Very busy day today. We started by having breakfast with Chip at 730 this morning. We hurried home to wait for our DBacks tickets which were supposed to be delivered from Bell Ford at 9 this morning. They had not showed up by 1000 so I called over and talked with Timothy and told him that we were going to the movies at 1030 and wouldn't be home until about 1PM. He said that was OK because he would deliver the tickets after 2PM. On the way to the movie, Riki and the Flash, we decided to save Timothy a trip and stop by Bell Ford to pick up the tickets, which we did. We didn't open the envelope with the tickets until we got out of the movie at 1PM and discovered that one set of tickets was for today's game which actually started at 12:40 PM. We decided to go anyway and arrived at Chase Field at 140pm in time to see the start of the fourth inning. It was a good game but the DBacks lost 7-6 to the Phillies.

August 11th. We were going to go to Mesa today for lunch at The Iowa Cafe with our friend Elaine from the park but a storm came through at about 10 this morning and nearly took the roof off of our carport. It pulled a roof support loose from the deck. We will now plan go for lunch on Thursday instead because Shirl has never been there and, with her being from Iowa, it should be a pleasant experience. Yesterday I upgraded my Notebook computer to Windows 10 and that was quite an ordeal. Getting the Virus software to show up and do the job took half of the night.

August 8th. We had a problem with the print cartridges at the SVdP pantry this morning and ending up buying a set of three new cartridges. The cartridge that we had filled two days ago didn't work properly so I took it back and the clerk at Costco told me that I should go to a certain website and get some tips on activating a refilled cartridge. I did and the refilled cartridge works but still shows empty. There's a lot that I don't understand about print cartridges.

August 7th. We've been spending a lot of time working on Genealogy over the past few weeks. We've got ancestors dating all the way back to the 11th century on the Bullock side of the family and the 14th century on the Jordan side. We don't have as much information on the Wainwright and Bradley sides. It has been very interesting building up this ancestry tree.

August 1st. Very fine day today. We had breakfast with Mike and Bob at Snooze on Camelback Rd and later went to the AMC Esplanade to see Mission Impossible. Enjoyed both events and the company immensely.

July 2015

July 28th. This morning we did some pantry work over at the church and then went to see Mr. Holmes at the Arrowhead Harkins theater. I enjoyed it. Later, we stopped by to wish farewell to Dorothy, our 97 year old friend, who is moving to California to live with her daughter.

July 25th. We are going to Mari and Terry's today for lunch. Earlier today I picked up my resized wedding ring and it fits beautifully.

July 22nd. We had a small problem with the printer at the SVdP pantry this morning but managed to sort it out. Brody's birthday is today and we will drop off a card for him this afternoon. We are getting ready for a prostrate biopsy soon and not particularly looking forward to that procedure. The management at the park is replacing major sections of road here and it should be interesting getting around for the next week or so.

July 18th. We went to the DBacks game last evening to see them play the Giants. Since it was approaching midnight, we left at the end of the eleventh inning with the score tied at 5. The Giants won in the 12th with a final score of 6 to 5.

July 16th. We had breakfast with Chip this morning at our usual Denny's restaurant. It's pretty quiet around here this week. We paid our yearly lot rent to the office yesterday. It's still a bargain considering what it costs to live in a house or condo, plus you get to meet a lot of very nice people.

July 14th. We went to a small birthday party for Ella on Sunday. She turned five. We got her an interactive pink pony. We finished up our first ever joint jigsaw puzzle project.

July 12th. Had a very nice birthday yesterday. Free breakfast at Denny's. Terry and Mari took me to see Minions.Two beautiful shirts from Rick. Two pairs of shorts from Kerri. A bottle of Iowa red wine from Barb and Myron. Excellent dinner at LW's Hideaway in Peoria with Barb, Myron, Kerri, Mark and Shirl.

July 10th. Took the car to Bell Ford this morning for the recall fix. They were done within the hour. Later went to the church pantry to install the new computer and software. It's up and running now. Still later went to ToysRus to buy a gift for Ella which we will deliver on Sunday. Received two beautiful shirts in the mail from Rick today for my birthday. Really nice and colorful. Mari and Terry are taking me to see the new Minions movie for my birthday tomorrow.

July 9th. We had some terrible news on the 6th - our friend Paul LePage, whom we visited in Maine on our recent road trip, passed away. He had been very ill towards the end of the season here in Desert Shadows and died at a Hospice facility in Maine. He will be greatly missed because he was really a great guy. He had been planning to direct the Park play this coming January. We have been in the process of getting and installing a new SVdP Pantry computer for most of this week. Our older computer bit the dust on Monday, the 6th. The Escape is going in for repair on the recall tomorrow. It shouldn't take too long to correct. Supposedly a computer module adjustment.

July 5th. There's a recall out for our new Escape. Something about a computer module adjustment. We had a potluck yesterday at the clubhouse. About 16 people were there and the food was great. On the 3rd we drove out to Sun City to see Barb and Myron. We brought some red, white and blue flowers in honor of Barb's birthday and had a nice visit.

July 2nd. Drove up to Dewey yesterday to see our friends Paul and Louise. That gave us an opportunity to check out the new car on the highway. It performed very well. We saw our friend Arlene at the church pantry and picked up some hard copy photos of our big trip to put in our new scrapbook before we left.

June 2015

June 29th. We bought a new Ford Escape yesterday and we love it.

June 26th. We've been resting all week. We had a busy day which started with taking Dorothy R. to the Emergency Room to check out the results of a fall that she had yesterday. She has a broken ring finger on her left hand. We went to the movies this afternoon and saw I'll See You in My Dreams with Blythe Danner and Sam Elliot. It was like watching the activity around here during the winter season. Very enjoyable.

June 22nd. Back home after a trip around the country that started on the 4th and ended last evening.

Sunday, June 21st. We decided to head for home and left Denver at 8:05 am. Driving through the Rockies on Interstate 70 the temperature was 65 degrees. At 1:15 pm, as we just got into Utah, the temperature was 100 degrees. Quite a change. We arrived in Phoenix at 9:12PM and discovered that we were locked out because we didn't bring our deadbolt key. We went to the hospital where Kerri works to get key and finally got home at 10:30PM.

A great trip. We were in 28 states and had driven 6562 miles and saw a lot of country and spent many good times with friends and relatives.

Saturday, June 20th. We went to the Frontier café for breakfast. There were a few farmers sitting around a table together. One of them said you must be a stranger here. And it went on from there. He asked if we were sure that we knew where the hell we were. I told him that we got lost and ended up on Rte. 36. We had a good laugh about that. On to Denver and arrived at Dave's at 10:45AM. Went to a BBQ place for lunch and had very good ribs. We saw Evan, Mel and 3 year old Leo after that.

Friday, June 19th. We headed out early to go across Kansas. The part we picked is really unpopulated country. We had the same scenery all the way across - flat roads and wheat fields. Very few motels available. We stayed at the Frontier Motel in Oberlin KS. Old but clean. Good food at the Frontier Café.

Thursday, June 18th. On the road again. We had a BIG RAIN as we approached Indianapolis and had to stop at an underpass. We absolutely could not see the road. This was about 2:30 in the afternoon. We got to Springfield, IL at 6pm and went to Liz and Larry's. They have a lovely Senior Living apartment. We ate dinner at the Brickhouse bar and grill and played cards at their home. We stayed at a Sleep Inn. We were upset about a dirty bedspread.

Wednesday, June 17th. Drove to NYC to see Rick. We were surrounded by yellow cabs. Had brunch at the Café Cluny with Rick. Rick gifted Shirl with chocolates, which she ate along the way on the rest of the trip. Leaving the city, we went by Penn Station and Madison Square Garden and out of town through the Lincoln Tunnel. We stayed in Somerset PA at a Comfort Inn. It was good.

Tuesday, June 16th. On the road to Maine. We met Carla at Denny's in Auburn and went on to Lewiston to see Paul in the hospital. He was very ill. We didn't stay but headed south again. We got wine at the NH State Liquor store and stayed at the Best Western in Hartford, CT. This was the best hotel of the trip. We had an excellent dinner at the Chowder Pot next to the hotel. Excellent meal. Chick had tilapia. Afterward, we had wine at the motel and a good sleep.

Monday, June 15th. We had a gentle rain all day. Went to a diner at Tyngsboro, MA had a good lunch and a beautiful drive. Joe fixed lobster for dinner. Shirl had tilapia. We all enjoyed our dinner.

Sunday, June 14th. We needed a lube job so we tried Wal-Mart. This was not a good experience. Our clerk was totally tied up with a young woman THINKING about buying tires and the conversation went on and on. The service tech came in during this and said that he was taking a break and we would have to wait until his break was over and he had installed the tires on the woman's car to get our Lube Job. Enough was enough, so we left and found our way to Jiffy Lube. Went to Embers for dinner and a drive around Lunenburg. Shirl had a nice Sloppy Giuseppe sandwich.

Saturday, June 13th. Arrived at Cousin Alice's home at 10AM. We went to the rehab center to pick up David. Dave and Alice took us to lunch and then we went to Bristol, RI to see Aunt Doris. Everyone was so happy to see each other. We were not far from Joe and Carol, so we went on and stayed with them that night.

Friday, June 12th. Drove to Neff's in Dallastown, PA. This is beautiful country with steep rolling hills. Marlyn was in hospital with chest pains. Arlene fixed a good lunch and we went on to Connecticut. We had dinner at the Windmill restaurant in Danbury. At bedtime in our motel room, some guy called asking for cigarettes. Very odd.

Thursday, June 11th. Headed North up I95. North Carolina had beautiful daffodils all along the interstate. We finally got a picture of them at a rest area. We made it to Fredericksburg, VA and stayed at a Super8 motel. We were in 5 states today on I95 north. Florida, Georgia, SC, NC, and Virginia. Today is our church wedding anniversary. We went to dinner at Logan's and the host announced our anniversary to the whole restaurant.

Wednesday, June 10th. Deb and John took us to dinner with Nancy at a great seafood place. It was really nice seeing all three of them again.

Tuesday, June 9th. Left Daphne at 4:45AM and headed for Deb's. Arrived at 1230. John fixed Hamburgers for dinner.

June 8th, Monday. We left Jim and Karen's at 6am. Had a 30 minute delay about 30 miles from Shreveport LA. Water across highway in two places near Bossier City due to all the rains. One side of the roadway was closed and we saw trucks with sandbags and a police escort heading for the scene. We drove through shallow water twice but made it OK. In Shreveport, Chick made a wrong turn and readjusted our route. GPS was quick to reroute and the new route was perfectly fine. We stayed in Daphne, AL.

June 7th, Sunday. Went for a drive and saw some Longhorns. We noticed that Texas has had way too much rain. On the drive we went to the DFW airport observation area to watch the planes come and go. A loudspeaker played the interaction between the planes and Air Traffic Control. This was a real treat.

June 6th, Saturday. We all went to see the movie "Spy" starring Melissa McCarthy. This is a very funny movie. Enjoyed the day sitting around the pool.

June 5th, Friday. We went on into Texas. Along the way, Shirl complained about not being able to see the words on a sign. I told her "No wonder, there's nothing on that sign". We were impressed with the diversity of industry in Texas - Oil, cattle, agriculture, mining and wind farms. Near Fort Worth, the traffic at 130 in the afternoon came to a crawl. We arrived at Jim and Karen's in Flower Mound at about 2:30PM. We had a great visit with good conversations.

June 4th, Thursday. We left Phoenix at 4:30 am to start our road trip. We had breakfast in Marana AZ at McDonalds. We spent the night in Hobbs, NM at the Econolodge. Very Nice motel. While we were filling up with gas, we had a wind of 30 mph. My hair was blowing all over and my jeans kept sliding down as I cleaned the windshield. The "problem" is that I've lost 17 pounds and the jeans are too big. We bought another pair of jeans later in Dallas.

June 3rd. The doctor's office called this morning to let us know that the biopsy was negative. Praise and Thanks to you Lord!

June 2nd. We went to Kerri's today for haircuts. The doctor's office called and told me that they had sent the biopsy request to the wrong Lab, so we have to wait for the results.

June 1st. We had lunch with our friend Arlene at Applebees today. They have excellent chicken wings. Did some bookkeeping at the pantry for SVdP. We haven't got the biopsy results yet.

May 2015

May 30th. We went to Hailey's Graduation Party this evening. Nice to see the people there.

May 27th. We visited the Urologist this morning for a Bladder Biopsy. We will hear the results in a few days. Shirl and I went to lunch with Mari at Culvers on Deer Valley Rd this noon. We bumped into Arlene at Walgreens and set up a lunch date for next Monday. We are going to have the tires rotated tomorrow (interesting, huh?).

May 25th. Nice quiet weekend. We watched a few DBacks games, the Indy 500, and the Coca Cola 600. That's my redneck side coming out. We went for a walk this morning and took a photo of the new sign announcing vehicle sales at the "old" Activity Office.

May 23rd. We provided donuts for coffee at the clubhouse this morning. We are having very small crowds this year. Later in the morning Chip and Di came over to visit and deliver a new computer. Really nice HP Pavillion unit and accessories. This evening the Diamondbacks lost to the Cubs 9-6.

May 21st. We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel last evening with Barb and Myron. We had some bad news yesterday. Phyllis Brandt from the park passed away and our friend Paul LePage is in the hospital in Maine. Our Family Genealogy book arrived yesterday. It is the story of the Jordan Family starting with Rev Robert Jordan who arrived in America in 1640.

May 20th. We got the new glasses for Shirl but they haven't helped much. Disappointing! We had breakfast with Chip yesterday and stopped by Pioneer to check on a problem that they were having. All is well now. Last evening we spotted two adult coyotes and four pups living on a porch behind our home. Tried to get a photo but they were too quick for me. This morning, I was standing out back and one of the adult coyotes came out from the home beside us and stood on the driveway behind us. He didn't see me until I turned on the camera and then he scooted off. That is the closest that I've ever been to a coyote.

May 18th. Shirl's new glasses should be ready very soon. We were expecting to hear something about them today but have not. We played Bridge at home this morning and, as usual, we had a few laughs. Later in the day we watched the DBacks win (finally) their game against the Marlins and then we sadly watched Mountain Ridge High lose to Sandra Day O'Connor High in the Ladies state championship game.

May 17th. Today is the feast of the Ascension of our Lord. The church bulletin cover was especially attractive. We went to a great birthday party for Rick Riley last evening over at Oscar and Niki's home. We visited with many relatives and had a nice time. I had a bladder check last Thursday and there is a red spot which needs to be rechecked in two weeks. Dr. Benson put me on an antibiotic to see if it clears up.

May 11th. After a flow test this morning at the Urologist, I went to Pioneer RV Park to work on a computer issue which is now fixed. Later Shirl and I went to the bank to get a safe box for our important papers and then on to Costco to order Shirl a new set of eyeglasses. By the time we got home for lunch, the roast in the crock pot had dried out so we looked to Google for tips on making it moist again. After that it was time for a nap.

May 9th. Kerri took us out to dinner last night at the Texas Roadhouse as an early Mother's Day for Shirl. She also gave Shirl several very nice gifts. Today we went out to see Barb and Myron in Sun City. Barb has not been feeling well for a long time. She seemed happy to see us. We've added a recording of our wedding ceremony (Click Here) and our favorite songs on this website.

May 7th. We walked a mile for the second day in a row. We haven't done that since early last summer before Shirl got sick. This morning we stopped by the Bailey's place to chat a bit. They are leaving for the summer today. We promised to get together for Hand and Foot when they return in November.

May 5th. Four more of our friends have left for the summer. Paul and Carla left yesterday and we took Don and Verna to the airport this afternoon. We went for our morning bike ride and the park is really getting very quiet. It'll be like this until the winter residents return in October and November.

May 1st. It's hard to believe but today is Global Love Day and tomorrow is World Naked Gardening Day.


April 2015

April 28th. Shirl had an early morning dental touch up today. This is the first dental office that I've ever been to where they sell eggs. It's nice to live in the desert. On the way home we saw a bumper stickers that said: "Insured by the Mafia. You hit us, we'll hit you." Our singing mechanical bird has lost its voice - sad, but we haven't had any love sick birds trying to nest on the porch lately. Today we will be going to see Cinderella with Mari. She's convinced that we will like it.

April 24th. More and more people have left the park for the summer. We had our usual Thursday night dinner at Old Chicago last evening with Don, Verna, Bob, Phyllis, Eleanor and Juel. Just got a final report of all the findings from my Wellness Check and it seems that I'm OK. This past Tuesday we went to see McFarland USA with Mari at the Desert Ridge AMC Theater. It is a very good movie.

April 17th. Another visit to Old Chicago with our friends Don and Verna last evening. Shirl and I had dental appointments early this morning and we are both doing well. Recheck in six months. A Mourning Dove made a nest on our porch. We think that she was attracted to the 97 cent singing bird that Kerri bought for us and clipped to our porch birdhouse. Ain't love grand?
This evening we visited Jim and Betty T. to view the pictures from their one month cruise to South America. The pictures were awesome and we played cards and ate watermelon after viewing the pictures. Nice time.

April 15th. We went to the movies yesterday to see Woman in Gold. We both liked it very much. Today I had my annual wellness check and blood draw. The results should be coming in a few days. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

April 12th. We got around to picking and trimming the Grapefruit tree yesterday with major help from Kerri and our neighbor Brian. After mass last night, we went to Chili's and were disappointed with the menu options. This may be the end to our standing date at Chili's on Saturday evening. Today is the seventh anniversary of our first date. We had lunch at Chili's that day.

April 9th. We took Mari to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes yesterday and had a great visit. This morning, during our bike ride, we stopped and said farewell to Len and Ruth Roose. They will be moving to an assisted living home in Colorado and will be missed. The usual Old Chicago dinner this evening with friends Don and Verna.

April 7th. Good month so far. On the 2nd, SVdP filled Easter Dinner boxes for families in our area. The 4th was our 6th Wedding Anniversary and we had a wonderful day. Barb, Myron and Kerri came for dinner on Easter. Kerri bought us a new blue bird for our outdoor "bird boxes". This one chirps whenever you walk near it. Yesterday we went to the movies for the first time this year - The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel . We would not recommend it to anyone.

March 2015

March 31st. Mari stopped by yesterday and we had a really nice visit. We had breakfast with Chip this morning and, as usual, we had a great time.

March 29th. Today's church service was good and was the last one for this Church year at Desert Shadows. Afterwards, Shirl and I went to Barb and Myron's for lunch. Myron's son Greg and Brenda are here for a week or so, so Barb hosted a lunch for them and we had a nice time. Carol and Jim were also there and are leaving soon to go back to Missouri.

March 27th. We had a busy week. Shirl had a Eye appointment which we thought would lead to cataract surgery but the doctor felt that the cataracts were not bad enough. We had our last Church meeting and Bible study for the season this week. Had breakfast with Len and Ruth on Thursday, Kathy's birthday party on Friday and lunch with Larry and Marianne today at Applebee's.

March 22nd. Went to Fast Eddies for breakfast with Paul and Carla after Church this morning. Our friend Arlene was there as well as several people from Desert Shadows. It was like old home week. Myron and Barb came over for a visit this afternoon and we had coffee on the deck. The weather today is beautiful.

March 20th. Shirl has had a busy week visiting doctors for check ups and all seems to be going well. The Desert Talent Show video came out today and we have uploaded this year's skit to You Tube.
Foster and Shirl 2015

March 15th. This morning, after the church service, we went to Brunch with Roger and Arlys Withee at the Deer Valley Airport. Very enjoyable time together. This afternoon there was a Going Away Party for Len and Ruth Roose at the clubhouse. Shirl and I were blessed to do a tribute to them.

March 12th. We are going out for dinner with our friends Paul, Carla, George and Audrey. It was exactly one year ago that we went to dinner at the same place as we are going to tonight - The Shanghai Grille.

March 11th. We went to the Phoenix Theatre this evening and saw a fantastic production of Anything Goes. We had dinner downtown and totally enjoyed ourselves.

March 8th. Today at Church I sang Amazing Grace as a solo. I was more nervous about doing that than as I was doing the Foster Brooks routines. After church we went to brunch with Patti and Juel. Tonight there is a Church Concert at the clubhouse and the choir will be singing as well as the attendees.

March 5th. When we got up yesterday our Mister Coffee pot failed. It had been in use for many years but finally bit the dust. After we had breakfast with Chip we stopped by Walmart and picked up a new Black and Decker pot for less than $18 and we are back in business. This evening we went to Old Chicago with Don and Verna and stopped by their place afterwards for coffee and cake.

March 2nd. We had an excellent Church service at the park yesterday and had breakfast afterwards with Paul and Carla at Fast Eddies. We expected a major rain storm but it hasn't arrived yet. Oh, here it comes. It's a good size storm accompanied by a chilly wind. Next Sunday I'll be singing Amazing Grace at the church service.

February 2015

February 28th. This past week was very busy. We had a dress rehearsal for the Talent Show on Monday evening and the public performances on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Mike, Bob, Mari, Terry, Jonathan and Emi came on Tuesday and Barb Myron, Jim and Carol came on Wednesday. A lot of people in the park came down with respitory problems. We have several folks in the hospital. Things began to settle down toward the end of the week. We were a bit exhausted from all the activity.

February 22nd. Very nice Church service this morning. Great music and sermon. Shirl and I went for breakfast at IHOP afterwards. We are going to a friend's house this evening for a potluck with other SVdP folks and then Talent Show rehearsal later.

February 21st. Church this afternoon and dinner at Chili's. We had the Baby Back ribs with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce. Yum.

February 20th. Our friends Bobbi and Warren were here from Iowa for the past three days. We played cards a lot and took a ride to Sedona with them on Wednesday and went to Myron and Barb's on Thursday for an early evening meal and visit. Shirl and I auditioned for the Talent Show this morning after Choir practice and this noon I went to lunch with a group of ex-Bull friends.

February 16th. Today is the 25th Wedding Anniversary for my daughter Mari and Terry. Check out the 25th Anniversary video that Emi put together. Shirl and I had our hair done yesterday at Kerri's in preparation for this year's Talent Show on the 24th and 25th. Bobbie and Warren are arriving from Iowa tomorrow and we'll be spending three days together. We had lunch with our friend Arlene today at Applebee's at the Happy Valley Mall and then went to Arlene's for a homemade piece of Lemon Meringue pie. She has a Lemon tree that is overloaded this year. Shirl had an eye test later this afternoon and she has cataracts that need to be removed. We will be taking care of this as soon as possible. We watched an Amazon Video Original series called Bosch based on the novels of Michael Connelly. We watched the final chapters late this evening and really enjoyed it.

February 13th. Friday the Thirteenth has been a good day so far. Shirl finished second in Bridge this morning and second in Cribbage yesterday. Barb, Myron, Jim and Carol came by the house for a visit yesterday and we went to Old Chicago with Don and Verna for some great pizza.

February 11th. We had breakfast with Chip yesterday, followed up by Coffee and Donuts with Terry and Mari at Lamar's. It was Mari's birthday and in the evening we had stuffed clams with their family. Bridge this morning at our home and Bible Study this afternoon are keeping us busy today.

February 4th. We were supposed to have breakfast with Chip this morning but he wasn't able to make it. We went to WalMart at Happy Valley, ate at McDonald's and bought some groceries. Pretty exciting, right?

February 2nd. Great day for Patriots' fans yesterday. They won Super Bowl XLIX, beating the Seahawks 28-24 in one of the better Super Bowl games. After church, we went to Jerry and Kathy's for a Pre Super Bowl brunch and then came home and watched The Eagles Farewell 1 Tour DVD prior to the big game. This morning, Dorthy and Bill hosted a brunch and Bridge party. We had a really good time.

January 2015

January 30th. Sitting at home on a nice rainy day. Shirl won at Bridge this morning while I practiced with the choir and went over to the SVdP Pantry to do the bookkeeping. Great day for a nap.

January 29th. Breakfast with Chip this morning at Dennys. Cribbage this afternoon and we are expecting some rain overnight. We went to dinner at Old Chicago with Don, Verna, Bob and Phyllis. The rain started while we were eating and continues as we get ready for bed.

January 26th. Shirl hosted the Ladies Bridge group today while I worked on our Federal Tax return. Afterward, we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then over to the SVdP pantry for book work.

January 25th. Spent a quiet day at home today. We watched a few movies on Amazon and Netflix. This evening, the Pro Bowl is being played here in Glendale. It's a bit boring because nothing really is at stake for the players. There's great anticipation in the area for the Super Bowl next week here with the Patriots and the Seahawks.

January 23rd. Yesterday, we had lunch at Alexis with Barb, Myron, Carol, and Jim and then the guys went to play Cribbage at the Clubhouse while the ladies went to Norterra to shop. Good times for everyone. Today was Choir practice for me and Bridge for Shirl. She won the pennies today. We are getting ready for the Talent Show at the end of next month. Shirl and I are planning to do our seventh year comedy routine.

January 21st. Wonderful news this morning at Shirl's Doctor visit. Her CT Scan was great, with no problems showing. The doctor ordered a follow up in one year just to be sure that the lung problem is behind us.

January 20th. We went to Barb and Myron's for a birthday party for Shirl today. Linda made a beautiful birthday cake for Shirl and we had a terrific lunch. Yesterday, Shirl was a model at the Annual Desert Shadows Fashion Show. I stayed home and started painting a barn scene.

January 18th. The Church Service at Desert Shadows went well this morning. I was fortunate to serve as Lay Leader with Dr. Young. Mari, Terry and Kerri came to the service and later we went to brunch at Cracker Barrel. The Packers and Seahawks played today for the NFC Championship and the Seahawks pulled off a victory in overtime after being behind almost the entire game. The Patriots blew out the Colts in their AFC Championship game in Foxboro. The Pats and Seahawks will now come to the Super Bowl here in Glendale on February 1st.

January 16th. We had breakfast at Denny's this morning and then went shopping at Fry's for a few groceries. Later this morning, we played Bridge at the clubhouse and Shirl took first place. We picked up tickets for a Ventriloquist Show and Dance later this month.

January 14th. Shirl has a follow up CT Scan today to see if there are any remaining issues from her surgery last June. On Monday we took Arlene out for her birthday to Times Square. It seems like we never have time to go to a movie anymore.

January 10th. We had a good report from the Urologist on Thursday. The bladder still looks clear. We had breakfast at Denny's with Chip on Friday. The Desert Shadows Choir is working on a few songs that will be fantastic when we sing them at Church. Jim Bontrager does a fantastic job as Choir Director.

January 5th. It's finally warming up and we are in for a series of days in the 70s. That's the best of Arizona weather. Well, the Cardinals blew it completely and lost their playoff game. They had the lowest number of offensive yards gained in the history of the NFL. We had a great visit with Barb, Myron, Jim and Carol this weekend. We went to the Royal Cafe in Sun City for brunch and then over to Barb and Myron's for dessert.

January 2nd. We are having a cold snap in Phoenix. Of course, people in other parts of the country would laugh at us when we have a high of 57 for the day and say that it's cold. We had a very nice New Year's Day. Breakfast with Mari and Terry at Cracker Barrel, a wonderful Turkey dinner at home with us and Kerri, and a night of pizza at Old Chicago with Don, Verna, Bob and Phyllis.



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