Remember that God allows U-Turns

Month List

December 2016

December.. The Desert Shadows Theater group got together on the seventh to start practice for the play which will be at the end of January. We had a nice Christmas Eve family get together at Mari and Terry's, The following week we had our living area covered with porcelain tiles. It looks good but the grout job is not up to par. We had twelve chiropractor sessions this month to fix my stiff neck but that did not work. Next try is Physical Therapy.

November 2016

November 28th Had my first acupuncture to see if we could alleviate my stiff neck. It didn't work...

November 24th Thanksgiving. We had our first dinner at Norene's daughter Lana's home and our second dinner later in the afternoon at Terry and Mari's. We were rather stuffed but had a wonderful day...

November 18th to 22nd We had a block part coffee on the 18th and took Don and Verna to the airport on the 21st. They will spend Thanksgiving with their kids in Minnesota. On the 22nd our St Vincent de Paul conference packed and delivered more than 116 Turkey Dinner boxes to local area people who are having a difficult time financially. ...

November 16th Dental appointments today and then later we went and picked out some tile for the living room. Looks like it will be installed during the week of December 5th

November 13th Today is Patriotic Sunday and I was the Lay Leader at the Church service. We have decided to put tile on our living room floor and will contact Kerri's contract, Lonnie, to get an estimate.

November 12th Breakfast with Mike and Bob at a new place for us called El Postino. Excellent breakfast and wonderful visit....

November 9th We had the Porters and Mary Lou over for a viewing of the Eagles Farewell 1 Tour DVD. We had wine and snacks and a very enjoyable evening....

November 1st We had our first Church committee meeting of the season today and the first service is this coming Sunday. We are operating with a small staff since the President is back yet, nor is the Vice President and the new Treasurer is unable to start her duties. Things should get better in December.

October 2016

October 21st to 31st. Spent the latter half of October trying to get a new toilet installed. What a comedy of errors. Finally found a replacement toilet in Kentucky that took forever to get here and even after it was installed we had another small leak around the base of the toilet. Our plumber said that he had never before had a new toilet seal leak... well, now he has.

October 18th to 20th Cribbage has resumed for the season and I was fortunate enough to win the pot on the 18th. On the 19th we went to have breakfast with Chip at Denny's but he had already been there because I had invited him for Thursday instead of Wednesday. Oops. My mistake. This morning, the 20th, we were supposed to start the infusions but the nurse suggested that we hold off for another week because I have a slight problem in my bladder system.

October 2nd through 16th. We took a trip to Globe on the 3rd with Don and Verna and stopped at the casino there for lunch. I won five dollars in the penny slots. We came back home by way of Roosevelt Lake and Fountain Hills. People are pouring back into Desert Shadows for the season. It's really great to see their familiar faces. The biopsy results turned out to be good - no cancer cells. The Urologist does want me to take a series of infusions as a preventive measure to keep cancer cells from returning. The SVdP group from St James had a luncheon for its members at Times Square on the 10th. It was really a great time.

October 1st Mike and Bob took us to the OdySea Aquarium along with Lori, Brody, Jaidyn and Ella. What a great time we had. Very unusual to have an aquarium in the desert. Here is picture of a Lion fish that is there....

September 2016

September 14th through the 30th. On the 14th we had breakfast with Chip for his birthday and lunch with Arlene, Diane and Lamar. Stopped my warfarin on the 16th to get ready for bladder biopsy on the 21st. The results will be known on October 6th. We attended a communion service led by Terry at the Stone Creek Church on Sunday the 25th. Been doing a lot of work at the pantry updating spreadsheets to get ready for the SVdP quarterly and yearly reports. Saw Bridget Jones' Baby on the 27th. It seemed that everyone in the cast including the kids were obliged to say the "F" bomb at least once. Finished up the month on the 30th by going to see The Magnificent Seven. Lots of action and not as much profanity. The weather has turned nice and people are returning to the park for the winter season..

September 4th through the 13th. We spent a quiet Labor Day hanging around home. On Tuesday the 6th we went out to Sun City with our friends Don and Verna to visit with Jewell. She was pleased to see us and it really made her day. On Thursday the 8th we went to our usual dinner at Old Chicago and on Friday we went to see the movie Sully. It was another really good movie. All during this period we were having an interesting problem with our toilet. We had a plumber in to fix a leak in the bathroom and we asked him to install a new flapper. We had been trying to find one that would work for about two weeks. Anyway, he installed it but it didn't drop properly into place. After buying three flappers and two flush assemblies we finally got it to work reasonably well today, the 13th.

September 3rd We went to see Hell or High Water yesterday. It was a very good movie, one of the best that we've seen in a while.

August 2016

August 29th We had a leak around the toilet and had a plumber come in to repair it. We also were having trouble with the flapper not sealing properly, so we fixed it with two paper clips and some duct tape.

August 26th Shirl's new glasses came in today and she is extremely pleased. We had a good time with Don and Verna at Old Chicago last evening.

August 24th Breakfast with Chip this morning and a very nice lunch at Kerri's with Barb and Myron. Kerri also made a wonderful peach cobbler.

August 21st Shirl made a wonderful peach cobbler that we took to Barb and Myron's place. We have had a few good rainstorms over the past several days. Spoke with Jim on his birthday.

August 18th We went to Lake Havasu City with Don and Verna. We had lunch at Barley Brother's Restaurant overlooking London Bridge. We stopped at the Blue Water Casino on the way home and I deposited $7 in the slot machine.

August 17th Shirl had her eyes tested for new glasses. We ordered a pair and they should be ready later this month.

August 13th Mari and Terry came over for dinner and cards. They brought Chili that Terry had made. It was good. We played Finch and then we played Password.

August 9th We had breakfast with Chip this morning.

August 3rd We went to Prescott today with Don and Verna. We dropped them off at Bucky's Casino and we went on to visit with Paul and Louise for an hour. We had lunch at The Golden Corral and then we drove around to all of my volunteer sites in the Prescott Forest.. We came back home by way of Yarnell and Wickenburg.

August 2nd We got the results of my stress test today. Dr. Damian told us that there is no heart damage as he thought from looking at the last two EKGs. Very good news. All of our medical tune ups are now complete except for getting new glasses for Shirl.

July 2016

July 30th Shirl's partial is working very well and she got a clearance from the eye surgeon that the second eye is healing well. I had a bit of a scare this week because of some bladder bleeding so we went to see Dr. Benson on Thursday. He said not to worry because that is very normal after the cauterization that he did in June. Today we went to see Jason Bourne with Mike and Bob. We really enjoyed the action although one of the car chases seemed to go forever.

July 26th We had an early morning dental visit for Shirl to get her partial updated.

July 24th We had a great breakfast visit with Michael and Bob today at Chompie's.

July 23rd Patti and Juel came into town for the weekend. They went with us to church and then on to Chili's for a fun time with them and Don and Verna. We are sad that they have bought a new park model and will be leaving L Circle in the fall.

July 20th Shirl had the cataract removed from her right eye today.

July 14th This morning I had a nuclear stress test but won't know the results until August 2nd. Shirl had her final check on the left eye and it appears to be OK.

July 11th We checked into the Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak on Saturday the 9th for a fun filled weekend with the kids in honor of my 80th birthday. This was the best birthday that I ever had. Thanks to everyone that participated and a special thanks to Rick who coordinated the event. We had a wonderful dinner on Sunday evening and just a great time overall.

July 7th. We went to see the Radiation Oncologist, Dr Patel, and she gave me a clear bill of health on the lymphoma. She wants us to keep watching it and if it comes back she is confident that she can take care of it. Shirl went to the eye doctor for a follow-up exam on her left eye and all is well.

July 6th Shirl's cataract surgery was today. We had an interesting experience at the facility where the operation was done. While we were waiting for Shirl to go in for surgery, the alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. This included about 10 patients that were in various stages of cataract surgery laying on the operating carts. The fire department came after about 15 minutes and gave the all clear.

July 4th Spent a quiet day at home and watched Independence day celebrations and fireworks on TV from Boston, New York and Washington DC.

June 2016

June 30th We went to Old Chicago with the Ulricks for the first time in quite a while.

June 29th Blood draw at 8AM and Shirl had a perm at Kerri's. We picked up prescriptions in preparation for Shirl's cataract surgery.

June 28th The Ulricks arrived home from Minneapolis and we were happy to pick them up at the airport and go out for lunch with them.

June 27th We went to the movies with Kerri yesterday and saw Independence Day - Resurgence. Lots of action and once again the planet was saved. Shirl had some dental work done today and is recovering nicely.

June 21st We had the car serviced today at Bell Ford. The heat continues. Today we finished the jigsaw puzzle that Kerri gave us to keep from getting cabin fever. This afternoon we visited an oral surgeon for Shirl. She will have a toot extraction next Monday.

June 19th Cody's birthday today. It's hard to believe that he is 24 already. We rented and watched Bridge of Spies yesterday. Very good movie with Tom Hanks in the lead. This morning after church we had breakfast at Denny's. Mari, Lori, Michael, Rick and Jim have all contacted me today to wish me a happy Father's day. Here's me with my Dad in 1937. ....

June 18th It looks like we are in for a long spell of hot weather. The forecast is for excessive heat for the next week or so. Fortunately, this morning, we were able to do our bike ride early when the temperature was on 79°. The palm tree trimming is complete and Ebillio and Jesse did their usual great job.

June 14th It has been an adventure getting the new phone to work. At first, I couldn't download Apps from the Google Play Store. After spending two very long unproductive sessions online with the Straight Talk technicians, I finally figured out on my own what to do. The only exciting activity in the park this month has been the street re-paving and the palm tree trimming. We watched Brooklyn tonight. Really great movie about an Irish girl that comes to America, leaving her mother and sister in Ireland.

June 10th Recovering from the Cystoscopy that was done on Wednesday at the hospital. Mari and Emi stayed with Shirl during the procedure. We won't know the results for a few weeks. Dr. Benson did remove a small growth from the inside of my bladder. We had fun at WalMart yesterday shopping for a toilet seat and an upgrade package for the smart phone that Kerri gave me. We are finally moving into the 21st century.

June 7th We've had quite a few very hot days in a row and it looks like the trend will continue. We went to see Love and Friendship and I enjoyed it but Shirl didn't particularly care for it. Dry English humor.

June 2nd Breakfast with Chip yesterday and then we went on to the "First Wednesday of the Month Senior Discount Day" at Fry's market. Mari was feeling better yesterday. We've started a jigsaw puzzle to prevent cabin fever this month. We are expecting a very hot few days this weekend.

May 2016

May 30th We are sorry to hear that Mari isn't feeling well today. We were going to have a barbecue at the Amerines'.

May 27th We went to Old Chicago last evening for pizza and wings. This noon we went to Times Square with Barb and Jim Porter to celebrate her birthday. They serve the best Creme Brulee there and, of course, we shared one. My last radiation treatment was today.

May 25th Had to go to the cardiologist yesterday for clearance for the bladder biopsy. He cleared me but scheduled me for a nuclear stress test. We went to Cracker Barrel this morning and Shirl bought me breakfast. Just two more radiation treatments to go.

May 23rd We have a busy week. Yesterday, we went to Orangewood for the morning service with Roger Withee and then had brunch with him and Arlys. Wellness check for me this morning and radiation later. This week should close out the radiation treatments.

May 21th Rick posted a nice tribute to Bunnie today. It would have been her 80th birthday. We woke up early and went to breakfast at Denny's, did some grocery shopping, stopped by the bank, rode our bikes and went to see Kerri's new tile floor. Later, we went to 4 o'clock mass and then to Chili's for dinner.

May 19th Visited Dr Benson this morning and the biopsy came back negative. He still wants to do additional biopsies and plans to do them in the Outpatient Center, possibly on June 3rd. After the appointment we went to WalMart and bought some clothes for me.

May 17th The DBacks beat the Yankees 12-2 last evening. There was only one client sheet completed yesterday. That's the first time in the 15 years that I've been involved that there was just one call to service. Later I went to the DMV office to renew my driver license.

May 16th We spent a quiet weekend at home watching the DBacks lose to the Giants and Jason Day winning the Player's Golf championship. This morning I had a blood draw in preparation for my wellness check next Monday. Radiation treatments will continue through this week and next.

May 13th Breakfast with Chip this morning. During our bike ride we checked on Ruth's refrigerator to make sure that it didn't have perishables in it. We called her and let her know that everything was OK. Later, we went with Kerri to pick out tile for her home and then had lunch at Popo's Mexican restaurant. We all would recommend it.

May 12th We went for a bike ride this morning and it is getting a lot warmer. We will be starting earlier from now on. The print cartridge needed to be replaced at the SVdP Pantry this afternoon. My 11th radiation treatment was this afternoon. Four more to go.

May 9th We had a nice Mother's Day dinner at our place and Mari, Terry, Jonathan and Emilee came over later for a visit.. We had a good time. Kerri provided the roses. This morning Kerri took Deb to the airport and we took Dave and Denise. This afternoon I had my 8th radiation treatment and Dr Patel said that it's looking very well.

May 7th Yesterday, Kerri took Dave, Denise and Deb up to Wickenburg for the day. Today we had a family get together at Kerri's. Rick, Noreen, Kathy, Jerry, Myron, Barb and Brenda came over. We watched the Kentucky Derby. Later, the DBacks beat the Braves while we ate chicken tenders from Cane's.

May 5th Cinco de Mayo. Yesterday we visited the Urologist for the regular three month checkup. He's looking at a red spot that he saw and we'll see him in a few weeks to get the result. Dave, Denise and Deb have all arrived for Mother's Day weekend. Great to see them all.

May 2ndToday was my Third radiation treatment and the doctor checked on me afterwards. There's a couple of spots outside the radiation area that look new and she will be monitoring those.


April 2016

April 28th Shirl and I had our dental checkups yesterday and we are doing well. Today I had my first of 15 radiation treatments. Went to Old Chicago in the evening with Don and Verna for pizza and wings.

April 26th Went to the Arizona Broadway Theatre last night and saw The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. We have to say, it was very different. Had my monthly blood draw this morning.

April 23rd We had breakfast with Chip yesterday and today went to Barb and Myron's to see Stacy and Tricia who are visiting from Iowa. Stacy made this fantastic Caramel Banana cake.

April 21st Busy doctor day today. We had an eye appointment for Shirl at 8:30 and a Radiation Oncologist appointment for me at 10. The doctor set up radiation treatments for me over the next four weeks to get rid of the cutaneous B Cell Lymphoma on my back. The prognosis is very good that this will cure the problem. In the evening we went for our usual outing to Old Chicago and had nice visit with our friends.

April 20th Ray and Delores took us out for breakfast at Jimbo's. For $5.00, you get a drink and breakfast. I had a Bloody Mary and Shirl had a Mojito. This was our first time there and it was quite the experience.

April 19th We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Mari, Emi and Ben this morning.

April 17th Erik and Anne Marie dropped by for a visit. Erik is Shirl's cousin who came from Denmark and now lives in North Carolina. Erik and Anne Marie are driving cross country and back. Barb and Myron came over with Brenda and Greg.

April 14th Shirl and I went to Old Chicago tonight and visited with Rollie, Connie, Don, Verna and Bob. We had quite a few laughs and a very enjoyable meal. Had a CT Scan earlier to see if there are any problems developing from the rash on my back.

April 12th Today is the 8th anniversary of our first date. We went to Chili's for lunch,....

April 10th We went to church last evening with Don and Verna and then went to Chili's for dinner. We all had a taste of Molten Chocolate Lava cake for dessert. Yum... This morning we went to church service at Orangewood and afterwards went to the Panera Bread restaurant for breakfast with the Withees and the Carmans. It was better when it was Paradise Bakery.

April 8th We took Lorraine Sanford to the airport yesterday and "summerized" her car....

April 6th The Diamondbacks have started their season losing two of three games to the Rockies. We had all of our rugs cleaned today and are pooped from moving the furniture around. We lost a great country music start today. Merle Haggard died on his 79th birthday.

April 4th Celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary today. We had a very relaxing day at home. Kerri brought us the makings for a wonderful Italian dinner. We had drinks with our friends Jim and Barb Porter and they took us to dinner at Carrabba's, which is one of our favorites for special occasions....

March 2016

March 31st Last evening we played Hand and Foot at Bill and Dorthy's. This is the last of the season because they are leaving on the first. Today we played Cribbage at the clubhouse. There were only four tables of players as the season is winding down...

March 29th Shirl had her Annual Wellness check yesterday and, according to the doctor, is boringly healthy. We like to hear that prognosis. Today we went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding II with Mari and Emi and enjoyed it a lot.

March 27th Easter dinner today is at Terry and Mari's. We had a beautiful Easter service at the park church this morning as our final Sunday of this season. We will start up again on the first Sunday in November. Last evening, we were invited over to Lorraine Sanford's home for dinner and Bridge. A good time was had by all.

March 26th The park had a "Elvis" performer and his friend on Wednesday evening. They were OK.

March 22nd We had our last church staff meeting of the season today. Terrible news today from Brussels. Terrorists attacked at the airport and a subway station. At least thirty people are dead and over 200 hurt. ISIS has claimed responsibility. This evening we played Hand and Foot with Bill, Dorthy, Bob and Ruth.

March 19th Shirl and I went to the dance this evening and had a great time. I had popped some corn for a snack and really enjoyed it because I had not had any for a very very long time.

March 17th At 10 o'clock this morning all of the Irish people and all of the non Irish people with golf carts made a parade around the park with festive Irish decorations adorning their vehicles. I dressed in green (including a silly hat) as well and rode my bike in the parade too.

March 15th We had a very nice get together at the Zimmerman's last evening with the Cunninghams, Bontragers, and Carmans. Today's church meeting will be the next to last of the season. We have our final church service on Easter, the 27th. Next season our church duties will be a lot less.

March 14thth It's Rick's birthday today. Hard to believe that he is now officially a senior citizen. Last night there was a Choir Concert at the clubhouse and there was a very good turnout. Everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot.

March 12th Jana, Brent, Carson and Maggie were in from Iowa and Kathy had a party at their new home for them. After we stopped in there, we went to Chip and Di's to see Katie and Cody, who were in from Illinois. Hannah, Austin and the new baby Hudson were there as well. We had a great dessert and watched a few Euchre games. This morning we had a nice breakfast with Mari, Terry and Jaidyn at Cracker Barrel.

March 10th We had breakfast with Chip this morning. Yesterday we had a play meeting to decide what we would be doing for the 2017 Play in the park. We selected No Body Like Jimmy and will devote it to Paul LePage's memory. Patti and Juel had a Dreamsicle Party at the East Ramada on Tuesday. They are very generous people.

March 7th We had a great trip to Sedona on Saturday with Michael and Bob to visit the Jordan Family Farm. Our breakfast at the 4B's Restaurant in Black Canyon City was quite an experience. A single pancake was the size of a small tire and delivered hanging over the arm of the tattooed waitress. The coffee was an odd colored gray and tasted very much like dishwater. One sip was quite enough. The visit to the outdoor toilet was also interesting. The rest of the day was fun. We had lunch at the Cliffside Restaurant in Sedona and stopped for pies at the Rock Springs Cafe. Yesterday I was Lay Leader for the church service at the park.

March 3rd We got back into our regular Wednesday night game of Hand and Foot last night. This afternoon, L Circle had a potluck with more than 30 people. Shirl made meatballs. I ate them.

February 2016

February 27th The Talent Show is behind us now. The Withees really enjoyed the show. Most people thought that, overall, this was the best Talent Show yet. Many thanks to Jim Bontrager for his directing talents. We had potato pancakes and played Bridge at Lorraine Sanford's home this evening. The pancakes were delicious and the Bridge was very good. Mari called from the Renaissance Festival and put me on with one of the performers while she was on stage. It was fun.

February 24th Well, we got through the first night of the Talent Show and people seemed to like it. Rev Withee and his wife Arlys are coming over after Bible Study to hang out with us until we all go the show this evening.

February 22nd We had our first run through of the talent show yesterday. It looks like a pretty good show overall this year. The choir sounds very good with the opening number (Good Old Gospel Singing). The dress rehearsal is this evening.

February 20th Mike and Bob came for breakfast this morning and we had a great visit discussing our genealogy. Michael has done a tremendous amount of work on our family history. We are waiting for his DNA results to come back so we can find out additional information.

February 18th We went to lunch with Terry and Mari this noon over to Jason's Deli in Scottsdale and this evening we went to Old Chicago with Don, Verna and Bob for pizza and wings. We received a nice note from Marlene and James about their visit here to Phoenix.....

February 17th We went to breakfast with Chip yesterday and we talked about a series of sermons about the fruits of the spirit. We watched the one about Peace when we got home. It was excellent.

February 15th We went to the Valentine's Dance on Saturday evening and had a nice quiet day at home yesterday. We had our first audition for the Talent Show this afternoon. We have been accepted into the show.

February 13th On Thursday we went to lunch at the Olive Garden with Shirl's relatives Marlene and James from Iowa. Afterwards, we came home for a nice visit with them. They are here with their daughter Theresa to see their granddaughter Lauren's soccer tournament. Yesterday I bought my first pair of $200 shoes so that my feet won't hurt from the bunion on my right foot.

February 10th Mari's birthday today. Mari was too sick to take out for lunch so we took Kerri to Chili's. Bible study this afternoon and Hand and Foot this evening. We will be meeting with relatives from Iowa tomorrow for lunch. Preparation for the Annual Talent Show continues.

February 8th The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl yesterday and Hideki Matsuyama beat Rickie Fowler in the Phoenix Open. This morning we had breakfast with Chip and gave him some Peeps candy, which he loved as a kid (and still does).

February 6th We went to Old Chicago on Thursday night for pizza with Don and Verna and Bob Brandt, Don and Lynn Cunningham showed up. Very enjoyable time. Friday we played Bridge at the clubhouse but did not do well. Today, Kerri gave us haircuts and we watched the top 50 Super Bowl commercials over the past 50 years.

February 3rd Juel and Patti took 8 of us to dinner at George and Son's last evening. Great time with lots of laughs. They are such generous people. Tonight we played Hand and Foot with the Baileys and Zimmermans and, as always, we had a good time.

February 2nd We had a wonderful visit with Kerri, Brenda, Myron and Barb at Kerri's last evening. Kerri had made a Peach Cobbler and an Apple Crisp that were both great. We played a card game called Shanghai that was fun. A very enjoyable evening.

January 2016

January 30th Shirl placed first in bridge at the clubhouse yesterday while I placed fifth. Oh well... We are going out to lunch today with Barb and Myron and will be going to the dance this evening.

January 28th Six of us went to dinner at the Black Angus last night to celebrate Bob Bailey's birthday. Afterwards, we went back to our place and played a game of Hand and Foot. The ladies won handily. Dorthy made a birthday cake for Bob which was absolutely delicious. Good news from the Urologist this morning. The quarterly inspection went well and I am still clear. Thank you Lord!

January 26th We went to the dance on Saturday night and had a wonderful time. Sunday's church service was nice with Dr. Terry Young. He gives great sermons, although sometimes a bit too long for some of the congregation. This morning, we had breakfast with Chip at our usual Denny's.

January 22nd So many days have passed and so many things have happened since our last entry. We celebrated Shirl's birthday with lunch at Brothers and had Myron, Barb, Greg, Kerri, Jim and Carol over in the evening. We had many rehearsals of the play leading up to a dress rehearsal last Monday and shows for the Desert Shadows people on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here's a picture of me as Lou, the Janitor. Our next project is getting ready for the "Talent Show", which will happen in late February. We had a beautiful sunset this evening.

January 11th Well, things are progressing with the play preparation. We'll be having a dress rehearsal one week from today. We had breakfast with Mike and Bob on this past Saturday at The Original Breakfast House. It's always fun being with those two guys. After breakfast, Shirl went to lunch with Kerri, Barb and Brenda at Manuel's. The choir at our park church service was excellent yesterday and the message was good - "Follow Jesus".

January 3rd We had two dry runs of the park play yesterday afternoon and I think that the play will be ready by the 19th. We will be practicing three times a week for the next two weeks. We had a nice church service at Our Lady of the Valley last evening and a really good service this morning at the park church.....

January 1st We had breakfast at Denny's this morning. We spent the rest of the day recovering from last night's dance.



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